Subject: Subject Sylbus: Data Structures and Algorithms - 094223

Data Structures and Algorithms - 094223
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and a final examination.

Prerequisites ( Discrete Mathematics (for I.E) 094344
and Introduction to Systems Programming 234122 )
or ( Introduction to Software Systems 044101
and Discrete Mathematics (for I.E) 094344 )
or ( Software Engineering 094219
and Discrete Mathematics (for I.E) 094344 )
or Introductio to Data Science 094201
Overlapping Courses Int. to Data Structur and Algorithms 044268
Data Structures and Algorithms 094224
Data Structures 1 234218
Graph Algorithms 234246
Algorithms 1 234247
Incorporated Courses Data Structures and Algorithms 094224
Incorporating Courses Introduction to Algorithms 094226

The Purpose of the Course Is to Introduce the Students to the Concepts of Abstract Data-Structures, Algorithms and Complexity. the Data-Structures Which Will Be Described Are: Stackc, Queues, Priority Queues, Heaps, Hash-Tabels, Trees, Balanced Trees and Graphs. the Algorithms Which Will Be Taught Will Be: Sorting, Searching, Hash-Functions and Several Algorithms in Graphs. Among Them Depth First Search, Breadth First Search, Minimum Spanning Trees Shortest Paths, Topological Sort and Strongly Connected Components.

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