M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentNess Gal
SubjectNon-Adiabatic Optical Transport of a Quantum Degenerate
Fermi Gas
DepartmentDepartment of Physics
Supervisor ASSOCIATE PROF. Yoav Sagi
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Shortcuts to Adiabaticity (STA) refers to a class of schemes enabling the fast variation of a system Hamiltonian while still reaching a specific target state. They derived by cleverly tailoring the fast driving protocol such that the system attains the desired final state without being adiabatic. However, the experimental implementation of STA for rapid atoms transfer suffers from an inherent problem arising from the fact that these driving profiles are suited for the atoms trajectory as in practice the trap coordinate is the controlled one. In this thesis, the experimental realization of these STA schemes will be presented for optical transfer of ultracold fermionic atoms. I will show that in order to lift conflicting boundary conditions it is necessary to increase the number of degrees of freedom in the trajectory, develop and demonstrate two complementary methods to achieve this; the first acts as a ``correction'' to the original trajectory, while in the second approach the trajectory is redesigned to account for all boundary conditions. Using both methods, we demonstrate successful transports of cold atoms in the highly non-adiabatic regime. Then, a quantum description for this non-adiabatic transport process is derived. This formalism treats the motion-resulted excitation in the fermionic many-body state as a bosonic mode. By this, it connects the experimental fermionic many-body problem to the STA single-body solutions.