M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentRen Yi
SubjectExample-Based Image Synthesis via Randomized Patch-Matching
DepartmentDepartment of Computer Science
Supervisor PROF. Michael Elad
Full Thesis textFull thesis text - English Version


Image and texture synthesis is a challenging task that has long been drawing attention in the fields of image processing, graphics, and machine learning. This problem consists of modelling the desired type of images, either through training examples or via a parametric modeling, and then generating images that belong to the same statistical origin. 

This work addresses the image synthesis task, focusing on two specific families of images -- handwritten digits and face images. This paper offers two main contributions. First, we suggest a simple and intuitive algorithm capable of generating such images in a unified way. The proposed approach taken is pyramidal, consisting of upscaling and refining the estimated image several times. For each upscaling stage, the algorithm randomly draws small patches from a patch database, and merges these to form a coherent and novel image with high visual quality. The second contribution is a general framework for the evaluation of the generation performance, which combines three aspects: the likelihood, the originality and the spread of the synthesized images. We assess the proposed synthesis scheme and show that the results are similar in nature, and yet different from the ones found in the training set, suggesting that true synthesis effect has been obtained.