M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentGat Gilad
SubjectStable and Robust Vehicle Steering Control Using
an Overhead Guide in Greenhouse Tasks
DepartmentDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Supervisors ASSOCIATE PROF. Amir Degani
Full Thesis text - in Hebrew Full thesis text - Hebrew Version


This paper describes the design of a vehicle steering control using an overhead guide. The main purpose was to develop a vehicle to help with harvesting and spraying tasks in greenhouse and thereby to alleviate the problem of shortage of workers. The control algorithm was developed for a two-dimensional kinematic vehicle model which was found to be valid for low-speed vehicles. The steering control was examined by numerical simulation in order to investigate the effects of parameters such as control-point location on stability deviations of the vehicle path. The asymptotic stability of the system was verified analytically and confirmed by numerical simulations. The control system was then simulated using a multibody dynamics simulation in conditions that better simulated an agricultural environments, thus confirming that the control system also maintained stability under rough conditions. Finally, in accordance with the control algorithm and the simulations, an optimal controller and a prototype of the vehicle were developed and tested.