M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentIerushalmi Niv
SubjectPhysics beyond The Standard Model and Flavor
DepartmentDepartment of Physics
Supervisor PROF. Yael Shadmi
Full Thesis textFull thesis text - English Version


This work studies models of Flavored Gauge Mediation (FGM), where the flavor structure is generated by a horizontal symmetry that controls both the standard model Yukawa matrices and new messenger-matter couplings.

We study the squark flavor structure of FGM models with up-type messenger-matter mixing, including RGE effects, and look at the resulting phenomenology.

The models we show feature large splitting in the squark sector with one or two light squarks, some have large squark stop-scharm mixing or right-left stop mixing.

LHC bounds on a single light squark are less stringent than for degenerate squarks, and stop-scharm mixing can significantly lower the bounds on stop mass.

Despite the non-trivial flavor structure, these models agree with current bounds on flavor and CP violating processes, as well as the relevant LHC searches.

Another result of the squark spectrum in some of these models, is a 125 GeV Higgs mass with a light 1 TeV squark, where the Higgs mass is pushed up by the stop A-term, or by a large stop mass.