M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentDoron Gilad
SubjectA Reciprocating Wind Energy Generator Driven by Flow Control
DepartmentDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
Supervisor PROF. David Greenblatt
Full Thesis textFull thesis text - English Version


This research describes progress in the development of a new concept in wind energy generation.

Unlike conventional wind turbines, the present system utilizes active boundary layer control over a finite-span cylinder to generate oscillatory loads that drive a large pendulum in reciprocating motion. In principle, this allows for the drive-train and generator to be located close to the ground in order to facilitate inexpensive installation and maintenance. Experiments were performed on a finite-span cylinder under super-critical conditions where boundary layer control was achieved by enforcing separation using small spoiler-flaps. Integral lateral and drag forces as

well as circumferential surface pressure distributions were measured. A one-degree-of-freedom numerical model of the system was developed. It was initially validated and then used to make predictions of a full-scale system for wind speeds in the range 3m/s to 8m/s. The maximum predicted power coefficient for the system was 7%. This can be significantly increased by using more aggressive boundary layer control, such as slot blowing, and by adding an additional degree of freedom to the system.