M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentGrinshpun Yonatan
SubjectTransportation Tactics in the Presence of Improvised
Explosive Devices
DepartmentDepartment of Applied Mathematics
Supervisor PROF. Boaz Golany


In recent years, many military conflicts are asymmetric in the sense that a relatively large, organized, trained and well equipped government force is confronted by a relatively small, loosely organized and poorly equipped insurgency. The insurgents, realizing that direct confrontation may lead to their demise, use guerrilla tactics to attack the government force. As demonstrated in Southern Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, one of the most popular and most lethal weapons used by insurgents against government forces, is improvised explosive devices (IEDs), planted along roads with the objective of inflicting maximum causalities on government forces that traverse along these roads. In this thesis, we develop continuous and discrete time Markov chains models that capture key aspects of convoys dispatching on roads infested with IEDs in order to obtain some tactical insights regarding the effect of various operational parameters on the outcome of dispatching procedures in the presence of IEDs. A unique feature in this research is the trade-off analysis between the damage caused to the supply convoys vs. the damage caused by letting the inventory in the frontal bases dwindle below critical levels.