M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentKhazin Alexander
SubjectElectromagnetic heating and reconstruction of lossy
layer in a closed cavity
DepartmentDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Supervisor ASSOCIATE PROF. Pinchas Einziger
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RF heating is a process in which a high-frequency harmonic electromagnetic field transfers its energy into lossy material. It has been utilized in a variety of distinct applications, such as: food heating, oil industry, microwave ovens, and medical applications, e.g., cancer treatment and organs thawing after cryopreservation. RF heating is a well-known problem, thoroughly discussed in both recent and past scientific literature. Unfortunately, most of the scientific research contains either experimental reports or numerical simulations. Evidently, these reports contain neither insight regarding the heating mechanism, nor explicit closed form analytic expressions associated with physical processes. In this paper, we consider a simplified RF heating model that is capable of analytically expressing the electromagnetic heating process, and thus giving an option to overcome both the experimental and numerical reports' deficiencies. Furthermore, since variety of loads (lossy layers in the closed cavity) is admissible for the heating process, a preliminary reconstruction of these loads is essential for successful execution of efficient heating process. Closed-form novel analytic expressions will be represented for both the RF heating and the reconstruction schemes. Indeed, these expressions enable insight into the heat distribution, heat uniformity, and reconstructing both the electric and the geometric parameters of the lossy load, leading to an efficient heat transfer.