M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentMeirson Gleb
SubjectManufacturing of Polymeric Membrane by Melt Extrusion
DepartmentDepartment of Chemical Engineering
Supervisors PROFESSOR EMERITUS Yachin Cohen
DR. Dmitry Rein
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In recent decades, membranes and membrane separation techniques have grown from a simple laboratory tool to an industrial process with considerable technical and commercial impact. Today, membranes are used on a large scale to produce potable water from the sea by reverse osmosis, to clean industrial effluents and recover valuable constituents by electrodialysis, to fractionate macromolecular solutions in the food and drug industry by ultrafiltration and microfiltration. One of the ways to make membrane process even more economical is by reducing membrane production costs. In this work we introduced a novel method for microfiltration (MF) polypropylene (PP) membranes manufacturing. Pores can be created between α and β crystalline phases. Nucleated PP was extruded and then biaxially drowned, and then flux and rejection of resulting membrane was measured.