M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentMaayani Shai
SubjectElectro-Mechanical Oscillator which Controls Nanometric
DepartmentDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Supervisor DR. Yuval Yaish


Micro and nano electro-mechanical systems (NEMS, MEMS) converts electrical signal to a motion and vice versa. The system's components can be of few nanometers (NEMS) or micrometers (MEMS). Additional external signals can be added in order to modify the basic parameters of the oscillator - resonance frequency and quality factor. In this work the oscillator is based on a double clamped beam, which has the ability to bend, due to capacitive attraction.  In the middle of the beam there is a nano-gap junction that was made by electro migration technique. The motion of the beam causes a change in its resistance, due to a change in the junction width and the vibrational modes can be detected. The major advantage of this idea is its high sensitivity, simplicity and the small dimensions of the oscillator. Currently, it is challenging to detect high resonance frequencies   without utilizing an optical detection scheme.  Our method is strictly electrical, and therefore can be very effective in small dimension. Additionally, a molecule can be placed at the beam center and measure its electrical conductivity under different stress and strain conditions. Along this thesis, we will present a mechanical and electrical model for this electro-mechanical device.