M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentGoldbaum Mark
SubjectDesign and Analysis of an Axial Turbine for a Miniature Jet
DepartmentDepartment of Aerospace Engineering
Supervisors PROFESSOR EMERITUS Yeshayahou Levy
DR. Amiram Leitner
Full Thesis text - in Hebrew Full thesis text - Hebrew Version


The main purposes of this work were to gain the knowledge and the ability to design high performance axial turbines, achieve a better understanding of the existing turbine and to build a one-dimensional (Mean Line) and three-dimensional (CFD) models of this turbine.

The work consisted of aerodynamic design and analysis calculations of a high performance, single stage axial turbine for a miniature jet engine. The work was performed using advanced commercial software package and consisted of both one dimensional (Mean Line) and three-dimensional (CFD) calculations. Also, an extensive literature survey was performed with the aim of learning and concentrating the theoretical knowledge needed to perform axial turbine design.

The literature survey resulted in gaining the necessary understanding of topics of basic principals and terminology, non dimensional parameters and their use, preliminary stress assessments, failure mechanisms, one dimensional loss modeling, airfoil design, and 2D and 3D flow calculation. Also, a thorough understanding was achieved of the iterative aerodynamic design process of an axial turbine and the tools and considerations involved. 

One Dimensional (Mean Line) and CFD Calculations where performed for two turbine configurations.

 Some results of the one dimensional (Mean Line) and CFD calculations where compared to the available experimental data and to each other. . The CFD model was used to examine the flow filed of the turbine. The Mean Line model was used to perform off design turbine performance calculations and build the turbine map. In addition, the Mean Line model was used to examine several options for turbine optimization.