M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentElport Oleg
SubjectDust Collection in the Cyclone-Type Concentrators
DepartmentDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
Supervisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Michael Shapiro
Full Thesis text - in Hebrew Full thesis text - Hebrew Version


Cleaning industrial waste gases from dust particles requires expensive equipment and technology. Dust concentration in cyclones may be used for improving the efficiency of collection and decreasing expenses. The method proposed divides the dusty gas volume in two parts: a smaller part, where most of the dust mass is collected in and the remaining major part of the gas flow, cleaned to a degree that answers the environmental standards. Cleaning of the minor part of the gas volume involved much lesser expenses. In this work experimental results are reported on the applicability of this principle with the concentrator device based on a reverse flow cyclone. The goal of the experimental work was to explore the influence of different values of the minor part of the gas volume and inlet dust concentration on efficiency of collection in cyclone-type concentrator. We investigated the efficiency of collection in all experiments by two methods: in first we used Impactor device, in second we measured weight of dust before and after the experiments. The results revealed that with increase of minor part of the gas volume the efficiency of collection improved, and with increase of inlet dust concentration the efficiency of collection was decreased. By using cyclone-type concentrator we reached improvement of outlet dust concentration (emission rate) by 60%. Results of the investigation may help to improve the design of cyclone-type concentrators.