Ph.D Thesis

Ph.D StudentRazansky Daniel
SubjectAnalysis and Synthesis of Acoustic and Electromagnetic
Power Deposition Models
DepartmentDepartment of Biomedical Engineering
ASSOCIATE PROF. Pinchas Einziger


Many therapeutic modalities make use of acoustic, radio frequency (RF) or light power absorption mechanisms in biological media in order to deliver thermal energy to the thermally treated tissue. Various absorption considerations are also important in applications like biological samples processing, rapid and uniform warming of cryo-preserved cells and tissues as well as in some highly sensitive diagnostic and bio-sensing procedures. From the dosimetric perspective, many concerns arise regarding the possible thermal and non-thermal effects of electromagnetic fields and waves on living tissues, in both the macroscopic and the microscopic scale.

The research goal was to establish a solid theoretical basis for attaining conditions that allow for optimal absorption of either acoustic or electromagnetic radiation in living tissues, biological suspensions, and some synthetic media. Particular effort was invested into development and experimental validation of various strategies involving creation of contrast absorbing medium by means of microbubbles or solid nanoparticles, leading to dramatic improvement of the effectiveness of hyperthermic and ablation treatments. Other research's findings have also led to the introduction of a new family of highly sensitive and robust biosensing (refractometric) methods, based on high-Q excitation of layered absorbing structures.