M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentHadas Orly
SubjectPlanning Gvidelines for a Mixed Neighborhood in Jaffa
DepartmentDepartment of Architecture and Town Planning
Supervisors PROF. Adam Mazor (Deceased)
PROF. Arie Gonen


The research deals with mixed Jewish and Arab residence in a neighborhood in the middle of Jaffa. Its purpose was to study the social re1ations in the neighborhood, the degree of mix existing in various areas of the residential situations and the residents’ attitudes regarding that mix.

We have found that there are tranquil neighborly relations and a lack of disputes between the Jewish and Arab residents, but there are only few close relations. On the other hand, close friendly relations have been created among the children.

Unlike the Jews, the Arabs report neighborly relations and many more of their and their children meetings with Jews.

The asymmetry in resident readiness for social contact and mix is also expressed in their attitudes. Most Jews are ready for contact with Arabs only in neutral areas, such as playgrounds, and oppose mixing in areas of a social-cultural character, such as living quarters and formal and informal education. On the other hand, the Arabs support mixing in these areas but prefer numerical equality in the neighborhood and separation in the educational system. It seems that the relatively tranquil atmosphere in the neighborhood, normal social relations among the children and the common use of many services, would not have been possible if the Jews had not separated between their isolationist aspirations and their daily behavior.

The Jews and Arabs are also different in evaluating the neighborhood. While most Arabs are satisfied with it, most Jews are not satisfied and they remain there because of economic constraints. Nevertheless, the main shortcomings that the Jews find in the neighborhood are not connected with its being mixed, and planning intervention may improve the neighborhood social relations significantly and contribute to the residents’ satisfaction, and therefore also to population stability.