M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentPeleg Miriam
SubjectThermal Performance of Light and Transportable Buildings
DepartmentDepartment of Architecture and Town Planning
Supervisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Edna Shaviv


This work focuses on the thermal performance of light and transportable buildings. These buildings are factory produced, transported to the site by a truck, and anchored by a lever. Today with the mass immigration, the solution to use these buildings for temporary housing is advisable.

These buildings are different from the heavi1y-constructed buildings regularly used in Israel, in terms of production positioning and thermophysical performance.

The aim of this research is to bring these light and transportable buildings to optimal thermal performance, without increasing its cost or production time. In achieving this aim, there is a reduction in the use of mechanical systems that consume considerable nonrenewable energy, and consequently, solar energy is used optimally.

This thesis deals with sensitivity analysis of the buildings’ thermal performance as a result of various design parameters for two climatic zones: Tel Aviv (hot-humid), and Jerusalem (temperate). The parameters that were tested, as to their sensitivity to changes in thermal conditions and energy performance, are: insulation, color, window size, infiltration, night insulation on windows, orientation, night ventilation, shading and thermal mass. The evaluation indicates the relative importance of various design parameters tested for each zone.

The building was checked as a single unit, for one-family dwellings, and deals also with the climatological problems that appear when the unit is a part of a complex structure, and how it influences the thermal performance of the unit.

Finally, the aim of this work provides the design guidelines for the light and transportable buildings for two climatic zones: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. These design guidelines are aimed for the manufacturer, for the designer of the site, and recommendations for the tenants on how to use the residential unit correctly.