M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentGloberman Oded
SubjectLateral and Vertical Organic Thin Film Transistors
DepartmentDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Supervisor PROF. Nir Tessler


Organic electronic and organic displays are going to gain part at the future electronics. The next generation of large flat panel display will be based on organic semiconductor materials. Today, huge efforts in organic transistors are concentrated on improving their performance, which are still poor compare to silicon transistors, and hence can not be incorporated with organic displays.

Our research was aim to improve organic thin film transistors (OTFT) performance, targeting the need for driving the future organic flat display.

The research focuses on fullerene “Bucky-ball” (C60) active semiconductor material, and includes two parts:

1.  Lateral “standard” OTFT structure. We inspected the effective mobility coefficient as variation of the contact types. Several organic insulators types were used, leading to triple the effective mobility coefficient up to world record for C60 OTFT.

2. Vertical OTFT. We proposed “novel” vertical OTFT using block co-polymer nano scale bottom up patterning technique in order to solve one of the vertical TFT obstacle. This vertical OTFT structure should boost the transistor performance closer to driving organic displays.