M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentCohen Omer
SubjectScanning Micro-Mirror Designing and Modeling
DepartmentDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Supervisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Yael Nemirovsky


In a world of knowledge and information an electronic display is every day necessity, a basic tool we all need for sharing information with others. Technology enables to load more are more information into mobile consumer electronic devices, information that has to be displayed in various situations. The micro display is a small volume portable device that enables displaying an image which is usually larger than the device itself. Micro display can be adapted into a mobile consumer electronic device such as cellular phone enabling the user to share the information with few other people by projecting an image on the nearby wall.

Micro-mirror optical scanners are optical devices fabricated with MEMS techniques and incorporating a mirror that can be operated in consecutive (analog) mode. Micro-mirror optical scanners are suitable solution for many applications. Among them micro-mirror optical scanners are applicable for scanning micro-displays. Although micro-mirror optical scanners are not the only available technology for micro displays they have the potential to be the most compact and low cost solution in foreseeable future.

Optical scanners and micro-mirrors were subjects of many researches in the past. This work is about exploring novel architectures of micro-mirror optical scanners for micro-display applications. It includes an extensive literature review, design of various devices of different architectures, fabrication and measurements of the devices. This work is mostly an experimental work.

Among the major achievements of this work are the following:

·        Design of micro-mirror devices in 4 different architectures.

·        Three of the above architectures are novel.

·        One of the architectures is a dual axis compact micro-mirror device.

·        Design and modeling are verified by experimental work.

·        Proposing and demonstrating a novel trimming process applicable for resonators and springs.

·        Proposing and demonstrating a novel wet etching comb drive actuator fabrication process.

Parts of this work were presented in:

·        Conferences - 4 papers were presented.

·        Journal papers - one paper is in preparation (we intend to prepare one more).

·        Patents - one patent (provisional) was written. One patent in preparation.