M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentFeigenbaum Eyal
SubjectColored Solitons Interactions
DepartmentDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Supervisor PROF. Meir Orenstein


Interaction of colored solitons is of much interest in long haul wavelength division multiplexing optical communications systems. In the communications link - the inter-channel interaction should be minimized, while in the signal processing phase -interactions of data and control streams should be maximized. The current study gives a comprehensive description of the impact of colored optical soliton interactions for both regims.

An incoherent interaction of colored solitons is examined and used to derive a particle-like model. In this model the solitons intensity, color and central position are described as mass, velocity and location of equivalent Newtonian particles. Due to chromatic dispersion the colored solitons propagate with different group velocities. However, mutual attraction may cause capture of the solitons. Solitons escaping mutual capturing are re-colored. In order to be captured, the solitons should overlap substantially in spectrum, regardless on fiber parameters and solitons intensity. This makes the possible direct exploitation of this effect to be very implausible, so we applied a synchronized modulator to enhance the capture phenomenon.

Accounting for the coherent nature of interaction, phase dependent force is revealed as well as a particle-like damping source term, allowing capture of solitons having higher frequency difference and faster damping of captured solitons location oscillations. An intensity instability mechanism is revealed for equal intensity solitons with the same phase. For non equal solitons additional interaction results were revealed.