M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentTuller Tamir
SubjectApproximation of Communication Channel by Finite-State
Model, and Universal Decoding
DepartmentDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering


One form of nondestructive testing technique is the method of acoustical holography. In spite of its wide use and success in industry and medicine, there hasn’t been any implementation of the acoustical holography technique to quality evaluation of fresh food products, especially for fruits and vegetables.

The purpose of this work is to explore the feasibility of the application of this method of holography for quality evaluation of fruits and vegetables. The mathematical analysis of the liquid surface holography method is presented in the work. Several chapters are dedicated to the analysis of parameters that influence the effectiveness of quality estimation of agricultural products, using the liquid surface method.

The potential of scanning acoustical NDT method for quality evaluation of agricultural products is also examined in this study. The mathematical description of the point-by-point acoustical scanning by mixing an object acoustical beam and an electronic beam, is presented. The mathematical description of the algorithm explains the acoustical imaging formation by numerical reconstruction of the information it includes in the signal scattered from the observed object.

Nowadays, computer progress is causing an increasing use in numerical reconstruction of acoustical holography for the goal of acoustical imaging. A team from Poland developed the acoustical fingerprint camera. The camera is based on scanning acoustical holography, and is explained in this work. Gooseberry is tested with the acoustical camera. The acoustical images of these tests were presented in this work. Summary and conclusions about the potential of NDT of agricultural products by scanning acoustical holography are presented.