M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentRiechstien Riki
SubjectMeasuring Consensus in Decision Making
DepartmentDepartment of Quality Assurance and Reliability
Supervisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Amos Notea


The study presents an evaluation methodology for consensus in decision-making among distinct groups of participants. It permits measurement and analysis of group opinions, and the involved process makes for improved quality control in the organization as a whole.

 The above process is effected under two approaches, namely that of the mean consensus and that of the median consensus. Both approaches involve the weighted model, whereby the group can be characterized by the degree of agreement/disagreement vis-à-vis the others.

  The degree of disagreement was examined here in the context of ranking of alternatives, the latter being the quality criteria in evaluation of an academic course. The participants’ population was a class attending a Quality Engineering course under the auspices of the QA&R Committee, the latter representing the service organization and the students - the customers.

  The proposed methodology, proved by means of questionnaires, indicates the path to be followed, from setting of the goal and the evaluation indices to the conclusion stage. All stages are implemented through work with student teams with different backgrounds and levels of experience, with a view to evaluating the consensus among them in ranking the quality indices in the order of their importance.

  The goals of the study were examined in an experiment at a Technion class comprising 47 undergraduate and graduate students.

  The methodology developed is a suitable tool for analysis and feedback, and its general nature enables the leader to resort to specialized tools adapted to the problem in question.