M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentAtalla Ihab
SubjectComparison of Methods to Evaluate the Demand for New
Transport Public Systems
DepartmentDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Supervisors PROF. Joseph Prashker (Deceased)
PROF. Yoram Shiftan


Predicting demand for different kinds of transportation means is very essential for the transportation planners and the decision’s makers.


The current research studies the influence of the existing transportation means used by individuals on their tastes and choice behavior. In general, the difference in tastes in the population, which can be explained by independent variables, should not raise any essential problem to the model’s structure. This is because when calibrating models, we may include in the model specification independent variables, which can explain tastes difference. However, the case is more difficult when the difference in tastes is a result of the transportation means used by the traveler. The difficulty is caused by the fact that the difference in taste is a function of the dependant variables. The purpose of this investigation is to examine whether the variation in tastes is actually dependant on the mode of travel used by the individual.  


We recognize the existence of tastes differences after calibrating separate models for the car and the transit passengers. The results of the calibration show that the difference of tastes could be significant for some of the variables’ parameters and less for others. However, based on statistical tests the two models must be treated as different.


The results of the research show that at least in the sample used, there are clear tastes differences between private vehicle users and public transportation users.