M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentHollander Yaron
SubjectDetermining the Desired Amount of Parking Using Game Theory
DepartmentDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Supervisors PROF. Joseph Prashker (Deceased)


This research thesis describes the development of a mathematical tool, which is aimed to help in determining the amount of parking in an urban center. By setting this amount, governmental authorities wish to encourage public transport ridership and to strengthen the urban center. In order to achieve their goals, the authorities need to influence passengers’ choices of transport mode and destination; the passengers are not motivated by the same objectives, and hence it is proposed to analyze the derived decision-making situation using Game Theory concepts. Two different games are developed, attempting to use similar game formulations to those that can be found in transportation literature. One is a game between the government and a single passenger, where it is easier to express the player’s objective, but harder to consider the diversity of choices among different passengers. The other game is between the government and the whole passenger population; such a definition enables representation of complex choice distributions, but then a formulation of a virtual objective of the whole population is required. The two games are presented and analyzed, and it is concluded that the second formulation represents better a realistic choice mechanism. Solutions of the chosen game are calculated in 24 different scenarios of transportation and urban conditions. It is recommended to use the presented game when determining a parking policy, and to proceed developing tools that use behavioural models as input for optimal quantitative decision making.