M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentAltmann Talia
SubjectA Model for Estimating the Potential of "Energy Towers" in
A GIS Environment
DepartmentDepartment of Agricultural Engineering
Supervisors PROFESSOR EMERITUS Dan Zaslavsky (Deceased)
PROF. Yohay Carmel
DR. Rami Guetta


"Energy Tower" is a technology for producing renewable and clean electricity by means of cooling large masses of hot and dry air, which is continuously supplied to arid lands. The power production of an ET depends on the properties of the surrounding air and the site's topographic location, consequently, the Energy Tower’s performance varies greatly between different locations.
The goal of the research is to incorporate the important parameters that affect the power production of an Energy Tower into a model capable of evaluating and mapping of the “Energy Tower potential".
The application of the model was made for the Australian continent and consists of simulations for the Tower’s outputs four times a day during the whole year 1993.
The frame of this thesis may be summarized in two main steps, these are the formulation of a highly simplified model for the evaluation of the produced output power, and the processing of a dataset detailing the model’s topographic and climate input parameters across the continent. Model output was time-series maps of Gross Power, Pumping Power, and Net Power for Australia. Analysis of the outputs characterized specific regions of interest and provided overall ranking of sites in terms of net power production and energy cost.
In Summery, the model developed and applied for the evaluation of the “Energy Towers potential” enables the mapping and analysis of the Tower’s outputs and electricity costs under several topographic and upper meteorology air parameters, which are time and space depended