M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentDavidi-Kunda Sigal
SubjectThe Levant Fair 1934 and the Promotion of Modern
Architecture in Eretz Yisrael
DepartmentDepartment of Architecture and Town Planning
Supervisor PROFESSOR EMERITUS Robertmaurice Oxman


On April 26th, 1934 the sixth Levant Fair was officially opened in Tel Aviv. This was an international exhibition with the object of creating economic and trade ties between countries all over the world and in particular between them, the Middle East and Palestine. An area of about one hundred dunams, north of the city between the Yarkon river and the sea, was selected as the site for the fair. The site was built according to a master plan and was an important design and urban-planning event. Thirty countries participated in the exhibition which was a great economic success.
The modern, western aspect of the fair was intended to demonstrate to the world the nature of the Zionist enterprise in Palestine with the modern architecture being central to this presentation. All the buildings were designed specifically according to International Style principles and were an explicit statement that these design principles had penetrated the architectural scene of the country by the early 1930’s.
The 1934 Fair demonstrated innovation and modernity in presentation, content and design with the aim of establishing the image of the Jewish society in Palestine as such. The architects of the fair were openly dedicated to the principles of the new modernism in Europe while at the same time having ties to the pioneering Zionism of the country starting from the early 1920’s. The architecture of the fair was important in demonstrating the cultural and social values of the Jewish Yishuv.