M.Sc Thesis

M.Sc StudentFarah Haneen
SubjectImpact of Infrastructure Characteristics on Road Crashes
DepartmentDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Supervisors PROF. Abishai Polus
MR Moshe Pollatschek (Deceased)


In every road crash there are three main factors that impact the probability of its occurrence: human behavior, infrastructure elements and vehicle factors.  Till today there was no research that quantified the impact of road infrastructure as a contributing factor to road crashes.

The main purposes of this research are:

1.       To examine if there is a significant statistical relationship between crash rates and infrastructure characteristics;

2.      To find out what is the infrastructure contribution to crash occurrence probability;

3.      To develop an infrastructure coefficient that could be used as an independent variable in a crash-prediction model. 

The data included 28 rural two-lane road sections that were selected randomly from northern Israel.  Three different and independent statistical analyses were conducted.  For each analysis method a crash rate predicting model was developed.  These models can be used to evaluate alternatives for new highways or in improving the alignment and road features of existing highways.

It was concluded that the three independent different analytic methods gave similar results.  That is, the infrastructure explains approximately between 42%-56% of the crash rate variability.

In addition, t-tests were conducted in order to compare between two crash rate means of two road section populations.  From these tests it was found that at 95% confidence level, good infrastructure reduces the crash rates by an average of 50%, and at 99% confidence level, good infrastructure reduces the crash rates by an average of 44%.