Ph.D Thesis

Ph.D StudentShahaf Goded
SubjectFundamentals of the Psychobiological Transform - Theory
and its Demonstration in a Model System
DepartmentDepartment of Medicine
Supervisor PROF. Shimon Marom


  The aim of this work is to present a preliminary system analysis of behavior in its entirety.  That is, to establish basic principles, which could be utilized in a straightforward manner, to achieve an optimal analysis of behavior.  This complex task is based upon rather elementary psychobiological intuitions. 

  These elementary intuitions are combined to form the fundamentals of the psychobiological transform - a one-to-one mapping, to a good enough approximation, between the behavioral phenomena and their underlying biological phenomena.  The purpose of the first chapter is to introduce the transform.

  For the sake of clarity, it is of value to demonstrate the feasibility of the transform as a theory.  A simple psychobiological model system, an in-vitro neural network, is a suitable means for this end.  The purpose of the second chapter is to show that this illustrative model behaves in accordance with the transform principles.

  The established transform leads to comprehensive conclusions about the nature of psychological understanding, and about the nature of the work required to attain it.  The purpose of the last chapter is to draw these conclusions.