Ph.D Thesis

Ph.D StudentPetrank Yael
SubjectEchocardiographic Methods for Evaluation of Left Ventricular
Function and Perfusion during Coronary
DepartmentDepartment of Biomedical Engineering
Supervisors PROFESSOR EMERITUS Rafael Beyar


Successful percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) of a stenosed coronary artery does not necessarily indicate the status of myocardial perfusion and function. The aims of the current study were: 1) to examine different methods that may provide on-line information regarding myocardial perfusion and functin immediately after the PCI and 2) to utilize a speckle tracking (ST ) algorithm on native and contrast enhanced echocardiographic images. The study group consisted of patients with a single significant coronary artery stenosis undergoing PCI. Pre and post PCI coronary flow, myocardial perfusion Pre and post PCI coronary flow, myocardial perfusion and function at baseline and after adenosine induced coronary vasodilation were evaluated using flow wire, myocardial contrast echocardiography (MCE) and ST, respectively .

Immediately after the procedure there was an improvement in coronary blood flow and myocardial perfusion, indicated by a significant increase in coronary flow reserve and in myocardial enhancement by the echo-contrast. In contrary the ST results did not demonstrate immediate post PCI functional recovery .