Subject: Subject Sylbus: Social Computing Models - 097246

Social Computing Models - 097246
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and the submission of the final thesis

Prerequisites: ( Data Structures and Algorithms 094224
and Probability (Ie) 094411 )
or ( Data Structures and Algorithms 094224
and Probability (Advanced) 094412 )
or ( Introduction to Algorithms 094226
and Probability (Ie) 094411 )
or ( Introduction to Algorithms 094226
and Probability (Advanced) 094412 )

The Course Will Present the Principles of Emerging Interaction Models in on-Line Social Environments, Emphasizing Algorithmic Aspects. in Particular, the Course Will Discuss the Topics of Sharing Economy, Trust Systems, Trust-Based Recommendation Systems, Strategic Aspects of Influencers Selection and Influence in Networks, Algorithms for Social Contexts Which Prohibit Payments, Strategic Aspects of the Wisdom of the Crowd, and Strategic Aspects of Crypto-Currency Systems. at the End of the Course the Student Will Know:
1. How to Implement Basic Algorithmic Mechanisms for Emerging Multi-Agent Interaction in the Internet.
2. How to Use Basic Algorithmic Mechanisms for on-Line Social Collaboration.
3. How to Apply a Strategic and Axiomatic Perspective to Data Science in Multi-Agent Context.

2010cambridge university pressdavid easley and jon kleinbergnetworks, crowds, and markets
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