Subject: Subject Sylbus: Ability Testing in Interactive Systems - 097136

Ability Testing in Interactive Systems - 097136
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and the submission of the final thesis

Prerequisites: Introduction to Psychology 095605
or The Human Factor in Data Collection 096275

Testing Usability and User Experience with Interactive Systems as Part of the Product Life-Cycle. Testing Techniques Are Divided Into: Evaluation Without Users and Empirical Testing with Users. a Distinction Is Made Between Formative and Summative Evaluation with the Following Activities: Test Plan, Setup, Running, Analysis, and Report.

Learning Outcomes
At the End of the Course, the Student Will Be Able to:
1. Define and Explain Fundamental Concepts in Usability and User Experience Testing.
2. Define and Explain Metrics of Usability and User Experience.
3. Explain and Manage the Process of Planning and Conducting a Usability Test.
4. Given a Product, Analyze Users and Usage, and Conduct a Usability Test.
5. Identify and Explain Scientific Aspects of Usability Testing.

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