Subject: Subject Sylbus: Research in Creativity and Entrepreneurship - 096818

Research in Creativity and Entrepreneurship - 096818
Will not be given the year
  Lecture Exercise Laboratory Project or
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and the submission of the final thesis

Prerequisites: ( Introduction to Psychology 095605
and Organizational Behavior 096600 )

Creativity and Entrepreneurship Are Essential for Economic and Societal Growth. During the Course, Research Methods Will Be Taught for Studying Creativity and Discuss Characteristics of Innovative Individuals, Teams, and Organizations: Stages in the Entrepreneurial Process: Motivation to Innovative: and the Impact of Leadership, Culture, and Social Networks on Innovation. at the End of the Course the Student Will Be Able to:
1. Understand and Use Research Methods, Tests, and Measures of Creativity.
2. Crituqe Articles and Evaluate Their Quality of Research on Creativity.
3. Integrate Theories on Creativity and Identify New Research Questions.
4. Design a Study to Identify New Factors That Affect Creativity and Entrepreneurship.
5. Present and Communicate Research Knowledge on Creativity and Entrepreneurship to Others.
6. Identify and Analyze Individual Characteristics That Contribute to Creativity and Entrepreneurship.
7. Recommend How to Build Teams and Establish Team Processes to Improve Innovation.
8. Understand the Importance of Motivation and Creative Self- Efficacy, as Well as How to Establish Them Among Individuals and Teams. Personal Tolerance for Mistakes. 10. Understand the Impact of Leadership, Culture, and Social Networks on Creativity and Entrepreneurship. 11. Develope Complex and Paradoxical Thinking That Contributes to Creativity.

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