Subject: Subject Sylbus: Big-Data in Behavioral Science Research - 096692

Big-Data in Behavioral Science Research - 096692
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and the submission of the final thesis

Prerequisites: Introduction to Psychology 095605
Overlapping Courses: Project in Big-Data and Behavior 095290

Tools and Methods for Social Science Research Using Data Available Online (Big Data). We Will Survey Finding, Retrieving and Analyzing Such Data, Designing Research Using Such Data and the Benefits of Such Research. the Final Course Product Will Be a Research Project Examining on Behavioral Science Question Using Big Data. :Semoctuo Gninrael Atad Enilno Dnif Ot Sdohtem Dna Sloot Esu Ot Elba Eb Lliw Stneduts Hcraeser Laroivaheb Dna Laicosp Gnisserdda Rof Tnaveler Era Taht .Snoitseuq Enilno Esu Taht Sngised Hcraeser Poleved Ot Elba Eb Lliw Stneduts Hcraeser Lanoitazinagro Ro/Dna Laicos Lufesu Sserdda Ot Atad Questions. Students Be Able to Conduct a Project That Uses Online Data to Study a Useful Social / Organizational Research Question. Students Be Able to Develop Conclusions About the Designated Question from the Data Analysis They Conduct.

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Semester Previous Semester information 01/2020 2020/2021 Winter Semester

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