Subject: Subject Sylbus: Statistical Population Genetic - 138043

Statistical Population Genetic - 138043
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and the submission of the final thesis

Prerequisites ( Introduction to Computing with Matlab 234127
and Computer in Medicine 274121 )
or General Genetics 134020

Course Objectives: the Basics in Statistics and Modeling. the Course Begins with Application to Populations. These Skills Will Be Used to See How the Evolutionay Process (Mutations,Natural Selction,Drift,Distribution Reproduction Processes)Creates and Affects the Genetic Variation, and Vice Versa, How to Understand and Erconstruct Evolutionary Processe. According to Genetic Variation. the Course Wil Focus Mainly on Non- Sexual Prokaryotic Population. Topics: Introduction to Statistics and Prbability: Distributions, Errors and Statistical Tests. Factors Influencing Genetic Variation: Mutation, Selection, Drift. Genetic Diversity in Population and Hardy-Weinberf Equilibrium. the Effect of Selection Type and Random Factors on the Level of Polymorphism. the Neutral Theory and the Molecular Clock. Efistasis. Genome Wide Association Studies (Gwas)Signals for Selection. Phylogenetic Trees. Understanding the Mechanisms of Genetic Variation While

Learning Outcomes
Upon Competition of This Course It Is Intended That the Student Will Be Able to:
1. Apply Basic Principles in Statistics to Population Genetics.
2. Write and Investigate Simulation Models for Genetic.
3. Understand How Drift-Mutation Balance Affect Genetic Diversity.
4. Understand How Selection-Mutation Affect the Rate of Evolution and Genetic Diversity.
5. Understand Advancer Topics Such as Epistasis and Its Effect on the Evolutionary Process. Signals for Selection. Phylogenetic Trees.

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