Subject: Subject Sylbus: Advanced Cell Biology - 138041

Advanced Cell Biology - 138041
Will not be given the year
  Lecture Exercise Laboratory Project or
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and the submission of the final thesis

Prerequisites ( Introduction to Biochemistry and Enzymology 134019
and Molecular Biology 134082
and Cell Biology 134128 )

Theoretical and Practical Knowledge in Cell Biology, as Well as Research Approaches and Techniques. Description of Cultured Cells and How to Prepare Them and the Differences Between Cancerous and Normal Cells and Adaptation to Research Questions, Methods for the Introduction of Genes Into Cells, Methods for Analysis Cellular Response at the Whole Cell Level as Well as at the Level of Protein Modifications and Their Subcellular Localization. the Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions Via Biochemical Methods and Microscopy, Monitoring of Cell Cycle Progression by Quantifying Dna Levels and Cell Size, Whole Tissue Histology and Identification of Proliferation and Differentiation Markers. the Lectures Will Include the Theoretical Background of the Biological Process, Research Approaches from the Classic to Advanced Methods and Microscopy Theory. in the Lab Section Students Will Gain Experience in a Variety of Approaches Complementing the Theoretical Part of the Course. at the End of the Course the Student Will Know:
1. How to Implement Theoretical and Practical Knowledge in Advanced Techniques in Cell Biology in His Own Research.
2. How to Utilize State of the Art Biocehmical Approaches in Order to Investigate Mechnisms of Cellular Signaling and Protein - Protein Interactions.
3. How to Use Various Microscopes.
4. How to Analyze Images Using Available Software and Understand How Each Microscope Works.
5. How to Implement the Most Suitable Approache to Solve a Bioological Problem in Their Own Research. in Their Own Research.

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