Subject: Subject Sylbus: The Resonance Phenomena in Nature - 127435

The Resonance Phenomena in Nature - 127435
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and the submission of the final thesis

Prerequisites: ( Quantum Physics 2 115204
and Quantum Chemistry 1 124400
and Quantum Chemi.and Applications 124408 )

Topics: Quantum Description of Decaying Meta-Stable States with Applications in Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering: a Survey of Resonanace Phenomena in Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. Feshback Type Resonances and Shape Type Resonance, Methods for Observing Rersonance in Hamiltonian Quantum Mechanics, Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics, Analytic Continuation of the Hamiltonian and Compex Scaling Methods, the Advantages of Studying Resonances by Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics. Computational Methods and Algorithms for Evaluating Resonance Energies and Lifetime. Applications of Nonhamiltonian Quantum Mechanics to the Study of Resonances in Atomic, Molecular and Laser Driven Systems. Applications to the Transmission Light through Otical Waveguides. Applications of the Theory to Different Fields of Natural Sciences.

2011cambridge university pressn. moiseyevnon-hermitian quantum mechanics
1998world scientifc, singapurea. m. perelomov and b. yakov a. m. perelomov and b. yakovquantum mechanics - selected topics

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