Subject: Subject Sylbus: Transport of Mater and Charge in Solids - 118028

Transport of Mater and Charge in Solids - 118028
Will not be given the year
  Lecture Exercise Laboratory Project or

Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and a final examination.

Prerequisites: ( Statistical and Thermal Physics 114036
and Solid State Physics 116217 )
Identical Courses: Solid State Physics 114217

Types of Point Defects: Atomic Point Defects-Neutral and Charged, Electrons and Holes. Equilibrium Between Defects, Mass Action Law and Deviations from the Mass Action Law. Association of Point Defects. Effect of Extrinsic Impurities on Defects Concentration. Effect of the Surrounding on Defects Concentration. Defects Near Free Surfaces, Interfaces and Dislocations. Oxidation - the Theory of Wagner. Diffusion of Neutral Specie Under Different Boundary Conditions. Solution of the Diffusion Equation. Ionic Motion. Diffusion of Charged Particles in the Presence of An Electric Field. Doping of Semiconductors by Diffusion. Example Doping Si with Li. Devices for Energy Conversion, Energy Storage and for Reducing the Green House Effect. Switching Devices for Computer Memory.

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