Subject: Subject Sylbus: Computational Modelling in Biology - 138042

Computational Modelling in Biology - 138042
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and the submission of the final thesis

Prerequisites ( Differential and Integral Calculus 2 104004
and Linear Algebra M 104019
and Introduction to Computing with Matlab 234127 )
Identical Courses Computational Modelling in Biology 136042

This Course Will Review Computational Methods Employed in Modeling Biological Systems. the Emphasis Will Be Placed on Case Studies and Classical Biological Modelling Problems. Incidentally, the Students Will Be Introduced to the Process of Formulating Hypotheses in Quantitative Terms. the Course Will Rely on Hands-on, Problem Solving Approach. All Models Will Be Implemented in Matlab. Lerning Outcomes:
1. Familiairty with Diffrent Types of Modelling Approaches Used to Study Biological Systems.
2. Use of Matlab for Interactive Calculations, Implementing Models and for Graphical Representation.
3. Numerically Solve Systems of Ode in Matlab. Implement Stochastic Models Using the Gillespie Algorithm.
4. Formulate Macroscopic and Microscopic Models for Diffusion.
5. Implement Reaction-Diffusion Models for Pattern Formation.
6. with Classic Dynamic Models: Michaelis-Menten, Hill Hodgkin-Huxley, Turing.

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