Subject: Subject Sylbus: Cell Biology - 134116

Cell Biology - 134116
Will not be given the year
  Lecture Exercise Laboratory Project or
4       2

Determination of the grade according to the final examination.

Prerequisites ( Molecular Biology 134082
and Metabolic Pathways 134113 )
Linked Courses Regulation of Gene Expression 134119
Overlapping Courses Cell Biology 1 134029
Cell Biology 2 134053
Cell Biology 134128
Incorporated Courses From Cells to Tissues 134056

The Plasma Membrane-Bilayer Structure, Composition and Physical Properties. Membrane Protein-Anchoring Mechanisms, Transmembrane Domains-Structure and Functions. the Cytoskeleton-Cytoskeletal Proteins and Their Cellular Role, Polar Cells and Intercellular Junctions. Cellular Organelles: the Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi and Endosome Systems, Mechanisms of Vesicular Transport. the Nucleus-Structure, Transport of Proteins and Nucleic Acids through the Nuclear Pores. Transport of Proteins to Mitochondria. the Cell Cycle-Molecular Mechanisms, Role of the Ubiquitin System. Apoptosis. Tissues: Cell to Cell and Cell-Matrix Adhesion. Signal Transduction Mechanisms-Receptors and Major Transduction Pathways. Regulation of Cellular Proliferation and Mechanisms of Malignant Transformation.

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