Subject: Subject Sylbus: Patents in the Field of Chemistry - 127100

Patents in the Field of Chemistry - 127100
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and a final examination.

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Intellectual Property - the Legal Protection of Knowledge Resources 098724
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Stategies for Managing a Patent Portfolio.
7. Recent and Important the Course Will Cover General Intellectual Property (Pi) Related Topics with a Special Focus on Patents, Which May Be of Particular Interest to Academic Professionals in the Area of Chemistry. the Course Will Provide An Overview of the Essence of Patents, the Procedures to Obtain Them, Patent Rights and Ways of Enforcing These Rights. the Coursewill Further Address How Patents Can Be Used as a Business Tool to Commercialize New Technologies and Innovation in Modern Economy from the Perspective of Inventors, Enterpreneurs and Investors. Additionally, the Course Will Explore Recent Law Cases with Focus on Chemistry and Biotechnology and Consider the Related Technological, Legal Normal and Ethical Aspects. at the End of the Course the Students Will Know:
1. What a Patent Eligible Invention Is What Patent Are, When and How They Are Filed.
2. Main Patent Laws in Israel and Around the World.
3. How2 to Prepare a Patent for Filing and What the Inventor'S Role Is in the Process.
4. How Patent Prosecution Is Conducted in Israel and Worldwide, How Patent Opposition Is Conducted, Under What Circumstances a Patent Term Can Be Extended.
5. What Patent Infringement Is.
6. International Strategies for Managing Patent Portfolio.

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