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General Chemistry + Lab - 125011
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and a final examination.

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Introduction, Atomic and Molecular Weight, Concentration Units, Stoichiometry. Atomic Spectra. the Bohr Model for the Hydrogen Atom. Particles and Waves, the Schrodinger Equation, Particle in a One-Dimensional Box. Atomic Orbitals, the Periodic Table of the Elements. Ionic and Covalent Bonds, Lewis Structures Dipole Moment, Structures of Molecules. Gases, Ideal Gases, the Kinetic Theory of Gases. Liquids, Vapor Pressure, Boiling, Properties of Liquids. Solids, Crystal Lattices, Ionic Crystals. Dynamic Equilibrium, Phase Diagrams. Thermochemistry, Internal Energy, Enthalpy, Hess Law. Chemical Equilibrium, Equilibrium in Heterogeneous Systems, Le Chatelier'S Principle. Electronic Solutions, Insoluble Salts and Solubility Product. Acids and Bases. Oxidation, Reduction, Electrochemical Cells, Batteries. the Laboratory Will Illustrate the Material Presented in the Lectures and Provide Basic Practical Experience with Chemical Processes and Systems. the Laboratory Excersizes Will Demonstrate Material from the Lectures, and Will Provide a Basic Acquaintance with Chemical Systems and Reactions. Note: the Scope of the Lab Is 3 Weekly Hours Once Every Two Weeks.

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