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General Chemistry - 125001
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Determination of the grade according to the final examination.

Overlapping Courses Chemistry for Physicists M 124107
Chemistry for Physicists 124108
Principles of Chemistry a 124117
Principles of Chemistry B 124118
Incorporated Courses Chemistry 1B 124002
Chemistry 1 for Medicine Students 124051
Inorganic Chemistry 1 124104
General Chemistry + Lab 125011
Incorporating Courses Chemistry 1 124001
Chemistry 1a 124010
Chemistry 11 124011
Principles of Chemistry 124114
Principles of Chemistry a 124115
Principles of Chemistry B 124116
Principles of Chemistry a 124117
Principles of Chemistry B 124118
Principles of Chemistry 124120
Laboratory in Principles of Chemistry 124122

Introduction, Atomic and Molecular Weight, Concentration Units, Stoichiometry. Atomic Spectra. the Bohr Model for the Hydrogen Atom. Particles and Waves, the Schrodinger Equation, Particle in a One-Dimensional Box. Atomic Orbitals, the Periodic Table of the Elements. Ionic and Covalent Bonds, Lewis Structures, Dipole Moment, Structures of Molecules. Gases: Ideal Gases, the Kinetic Theory of Gases. Liquids, Vapor Equilibrium, Phase Diagrams. Thermochemistry, Internal Energy, Enthalpy, Hess Law. Chemical Equilibrium, Equilibrium in Heterogeneous Systems, Le Chatelier'S Principle. Electronic Solutions, Insoluble Salts and Solubility Product. Acids and Bases. Oxidation, Reduction, Electrochemical Cells, Batteries.

הר 20- לוותיקים שאצלם המקצוע בחירה
מתוך רשימת מקצועות. הרישום על בסיס
מקום פנוי.
הר 10- ברישום המוקדם מוצעת לסטו.מ-
הנ.אוויר', חומרים-פיסיקה,ביו-רפואה,
ביורפואה-פיסיקה וביואינפורמטיקה.
הר 30- ברישום המוקדם להנ.אזרחית -
מוצעת לסטו. ממסלולי הנדסה אזרחית.
הר 30- ברישום מוקדם עבור סט'
מהנ. מכונות ומסלול חינוך מכונות.
קבוצה 86 מיועדת לבינלאומי.
קבוצת תרגול 34 נסגרה, הנכם מתבקשים
להצטרף לקבוצות האחרות בקורס.

Times and places of examinations 01/2022 2022/2023 Winter Semester
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Timetable to semester 01/2022 2022/2023 Winter Semester
250דייויס09:30-11:30SundayProf. Adir NoamLecture1011
708Ullman14:30-16:30SundayProf. Baranovsky Elina
Mr Yu Michael
250דייויס09:30-11:30SundayProf. Adir NoamLecture1012
707Ullman12:30-14:30MondayMs. Levy RomyExercise12
250דייויס09:30-11:30SundayProf. Adir NoamLecture1013
708Ullman12:30-14:30TuesdayMr Yu MichaelExercise13
250דייויס09:30-11:30SundayProf. Adir NoamLecture1014
603Ullman14:30-16:30WednesdayMs. Levy RomyExercise14
1Sego16:30-18:30MondayDr. Meltzman ShaiLecture2021
604Ullman14:30-16:30SundayMs. Yucknovsky AnnaExercise21
1Sego16:30-18:30MondayDr. Meltzman ShaiLecture2022
805Ullman12:30-14:30MondayMs. Yucknovsky AnnaExercise22
1Sego16:30-18:30MondayDr. Meltzman ShaiLecture2023
805Ullman12:30-14:30TuesdayMr Tarabeh TarekExercise23
1Sego16:30-18:30MondayDr. Meltzman ShaiLecture2024
805Ullman14:30-16:30WednesdayMr Tarabeh TarekExercise24
233אמדו09:30-11:30SundayMs. Shapira ReutLecture3031
705Ullman14:30-16:30SundayProf. Ianovici TomerExercise31
233אמדו09:30-11:30SundayMs. Shapira ReutLecture3032
603Ullman12:30-14:30MondayMs. Suissa MaayanExercise32
233אמדו09:30-11:30SundayMs. Shapira ReutLecture3033
801Ullman12:30-14:30TuesdayMs. Suissa MaayanExercise33
233אמדו09:30-11:30SundayMs. Shapira ReutLecture3034
  14:30-16:30Wednesday Exercise34
    Prof. Adir NoamLecture6069
  09:30-11:30SundayDr. Marx AilieLecture8086

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