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Principles of Chemistry - 124114
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and a final examination.

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Incorporated Courses General Chemistry 125001
General Chemistry + Lab 125011
Incorporating Courses Principles of Chemistry a 124115
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Principles of Chemistry 124120

The Atomic Theory, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures. Solutions and Concentrations. Atomic and Molecular Weights. Mole. Isotops. the Chemical Equation, Stochiomentry. Gases: Partial Pressures, the Equation of State, the Kinetic Theory, Temperature, Real Gases. the First Law of Thermodynamics, Thermochemistry. the Second Law, Entropy Ans Free Energy. Atomic Emission Spectrum, Bohr Model. the Quantum Model, Wave Function and Quantum Numbers. Atomic Orbitals, Electronic Configuration, the Periodic Table, Electro-Negativity. Bonds: Ionic, Covalent, Polar. Lewis Structures, Resonance, Spatial Structure, Hybridization, Molecular Orbitals. Intermolecular Forces, Liquids, Phase Diagrams. Chemical Equilibrium: in Water Solutions, Solubility Product, Acids and Bases, Ph, Hydrolysis, Buffer Solutions, Titrations. the Reaction Velocity, Reaction Mechanism and Reaction Order, Activation Energy, Catalysis. Oxidation States, the Electrochemical Series. the Nernst Equation, Potentiometric Titration, Batteries and Fuel Cells.

1995מרכז לחינוך טכנולוגיע. מנזורלהעקרונות הכימיה מהדורה שניה
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