Subject: Subject Sylbus: Chemistry 1 - 124001

Chemistry 1 - 124001
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and a final examination.

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Chemistry 1 for Medicine Students 124051
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Principles of Chemistry 124120
Incorporated Courses General Chemistry 125001
Incorporating Courses Inorganic Chemistry 1P 124105
General Chemistry + Lab 125011

Chemical Formulas and Composition. the Structure of Atoms: Atomic Orbitals, the Structure of Many-Electron Atoms, the Periodic Table of the Elements, the Chemical Bond, Molecular Structure and Geometry. the Solid State: the Gaseous State, the Liquid State, the Phase Diagram of a Pure Substance. Chemical Thermodynamics. the Equilibrium Constant of Reactions in the Gas Phase: Ionic Solutions, Ph, Solubility Product. Representative Examples Will Be Drawn from Various Engineering Disciplines. the Laboratory Will Illustrate the Material Presented in the Lectures and Provide Basic Practical Experience with Chemical Processes and Systems.

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