Subject: Subject Sylbus: Quantum Theory 2 - 114204

Quantum Theory 2 - 114204
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Possibility to guided reading

Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and a final examination.

Prerequisites: Quantum Theory 1 114203
Incorporating Courses: Quantum Physics 2 115204
Identical Courses: Seminar on Selected Topics in Physicsw 116028
Seminar on Selected Topics in Physics (Spring) 116030

Total Angular Momentom (Orbital+Spin), Addition of Angular Momenta, Examples: Fine Structure and Hyperfine Structure, Zeeman Effect. Scattering Theory: General Description, Scattering Amplitude and Cross Section. Time Dependent and Stationary Description of Scattering Theory. Born Approximation. Partial Wave Method. Phase Shift. Resonances. Charged Particle in a Homogeneous Magnetic Field. Aharonov Bohm Effect. Time Dependent Perturbation Theory. Fermi'S Golden Rule. Interaction Between Matter and Radiation. Absorption, Emission and Quntun Transitions (Dipole and Others). Identical Particles. Fermions and Bosons. Helium Atom, Periodic Table. Electron Gas in a Metal. Professor'S Choice: Measurments in Quantum Mechanics. the Epr Paradox and Quantum Reality.

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