Subject: Subject Sylbus: Differential and Integral Calculus 2T - 104013

Differential and Integral Calculus 2T - 104013
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and a final examination.

Prerequisites: ( Algebra 1/Extended 104016
and Calculus 1M 104031 )
or ( Algebra 1/Extended 104016
and Differential and Integral Calculus 1M 104018 )
or ( Calculus 1M 104031
and Algebra Am 104166 )
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Calculus 2M 104032
Mathematics for Life Science 2 104092
Infinitesimal Calculus 2 104281
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Incorporated Courses: Methods in Integration 104001
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General Term Series, Functions Series, Power Series. Functions of Several Variables, Basic Differential Calculus of Such Functions. Sequences and Series of Functions, Power Series. Taylor'S Formula, Local and Global Extrema, Implicit Functions, Transformations in Rn. Multiple Integrals, Line Integrals, Surface Integrals, Vector Valculus.

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Semester Current Semester information 01/2021 2021/2022 Winter Semester
Semester Previous Semester information 02/2020 2020/2021 Spring Semester

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