Subject: Subject Sylbus: Methods of Accounting Control for Business Administration - 098811

Methods of Accounting Control for Business Administration - 098811
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and a final examination.

Prerequisites: ( Introduction to Economics for Industrial Management 1 095500
and Introduction to Economics for Business Administration 2 095510
and Introduction to Accounting for Business Administration 096811
and Introduction to Cost Accounting for Business Administration 096812 )
Overlapping Courses: Reporting and Analysis of Financial Stat 098785

Purpose of the Course: to Provide Advanced Material to Supplement That Covered in the Prerequisite Courses in Elementary Accounting and Introduction to Cost Accounting. the Course Is Designed to Provide An Opportunity to Apply Basic Accounting Methods in the Areas of Finance and Management from the Viewpoint of the Manager, and Includes Problems and Methods of Budgeting as Well as Financial Analysis.

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