Subject: Subject Sylbus: Data Analysis - 046193

Data Analysis - 046193
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester.

Prerequisites: ( Signals and Systems 044130
and Introduction to Probability H 104034 )
or ( Signals and Systems 044131
and Introduction to Probability H 104034 )
Identical Courses: Data Analysis 046202

Of Statistical Inference
Parametric and Non-Parametrics Estimation, Hypothesis Testing. Data Preprocessing. Feature Selection. Dimensionality Reduction: Pca, Svd, Nonlinear Extensions. Distance and Similarity Measures. Clustering Algorithms. Frequency and Association Mining. Outlier Analysis. Representative Applications. Introduction to Data Mining Methods and Unsupervised

Learning Outcomes
Upon Completing the Course, Students Will Be Able to:
1. Explain the Basic Issues of Data Analysis.
2. Explain and Implement Statistical Methods for Parameter Estimation and Hypothesis Testing.
3. Explain and Implement Basic Approaches for Feature Selection.
4. Explain and Implement Algorithms for Data Dimensionality Reduction.
5. Explain and Implement Algorithms for Frequency and Correlation.
6. Explain and Implement Algorithms for Data Clustering.
7. Explain and Implement Algorithms for Outlier Detection.

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