Subject: Subject Sylbus: Ordinary Differential Equations/H - 104131 (Current)

Ordinary Differential Equations/H - 104131
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and a final examination.

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Introduction. Applications of Ordinary Differential Equations (Ode). First Order Ode: Separation of Variables, Linear, Ad Hoc Methods. Existence and Uniqueness Theorem for Initial Value Problems. Second Order Linear Ode: Basis of Solutions, Wronskian, Equations with Constant Coefficients, Inhomogeneous Equations, Comparison of Coefficients, Variation of Parameters. Systems of Equations, Inhomogeneous Systems. Basic Qualitative Theory: the Concept of Stability, Phase Plane, Power Series Methods. Laplace Transforms, Existence and Applications.

המקצוע הנ"ל אינו מיועד לסטודנטים
מהנ.חשמל,פיסיקה ומדעי-המחשב
סטודנט שירשם למקצוע זה י ב ו ט ל
ע"י המערכת.
תרגיל 24 בוטל עקב מיעוט נרשמים
מי שמעוניין להשתבץ במועד זה יוכל
להצטרך לתרגיל ,14 או לבחור מועד אחר.
מועדי ההרצאות ללא שינוי.
מתרגלת אחראי: מר רועי בר און.

Times and places of examinations 02/2017 2017-2018 Spring Semester
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Timetable to semester 02/2017 2017-2018 Spring Semester
507Fishbach10:30-12:30MondayDoctor Krush-Bram MarinaLecture1011
303Ullman10:30-11:30ThursdayDoctor Pogrebnyak ElenaExercise11
507Fishbach10:30-12:30MondayDoctor Krush-Bram MarinaLecture1012
503Ullman10:30-11:30ThursdayMr. קליס אולגExercise12
507Fishbach10:30-12:30MondayDoctor Krush-Bram MarinaLecture1013
303Ullman14:30-15:30WednesdayMr. Bar-on RoiExercise13
507Fishbach10:30-12:30MondayDoctor Krush-Bram MarinaLecture1014
302חומרים15:30-16:30WednesdayMs. Litvinov GalinaExercise14
1ח.בניה12:30-14:30MondayDoctor Simanovski IlyaLecture2021
501Ullman08:30-09:30WednesdayMr. Abraham GershonExercise21
1ח.בניה12:30-14:30MondayDoctor Simanovski IlyaLecture2022
502Ullman12:30-13:30ThursdayDoctor Pogrebnyak ElenaExercise22
1ח.בניה12:30-14:30MondayDoctor Simanovski IlyaLecture2023
204Ullman11:30-12:30Tuesday Exercise23
1ח.בניה12:30-14:30MondayDoctor Simanovski IlyaLecture2024
  15:30-16:30Wednesday Exercise24
305Ullman12:30-14:30TuesdayDoctor Cohen JosephLecture3031
602Ullman14:30-15:30SundayDoctor Pogrebnyak ElenaExercise31
305Ullman12:30-14:30TuesdayDoctor Cohen JosephLecture3032
503Ullman09:30-10:30WednesdayMs. Gruzd MarinaExercise32
305Ullman12:30-14:30TuesdayDoctor Cohen JosephLecture3033
501Ullman12:30-13:30ThursdayMs. Aviram EfratExercise33

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