Subject: Subject Sylbus: Introduction to Psychology - 095605 (Current)

Introduction to Psychology - 095605
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Prerequisites: Introduction to Statistics 094423
Overlapping Courses: Selected Topics in Industrial Psychology 099636
Introduction to Psychology for Business Administration 099690
Incorporated Courses: Int. Experimental Psychology 095604
Selected Topics in Industrial Psychology 095677

This Course Examine If There Could Be An Engineering Model That Allows the Prediction of Human Behavior in Work and Training Environments. for This Purpose, We Review the Basic Experimental Methods, the Classical Experimental Findings and the Accepted Theoretical Approaches in the Social and Behavioral Science. Reviewed Models Include Those That Predict Behavior at the Group and Individual Level. We Also Discuss the Possibility of Externally Modifying Human Behavior by the Use of Practice and Incentives. the Grade Will Be Based on a Test and a Final Project.

Times and places of examinations 02/2017 2017-2018 Spring Semester
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  Wednesday 04.07.2018 א
  Thursday 11.10.2018 ב

Timetable to semester 02/2017 2017-2018 Spring Semester
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151 בלומפילד 10:30-12:30 Monday Doctor Erev-Yehene Vered Lecture 10 11
215 נהול 12:30-13:30 Sunday Mr. Altman Daniel Exercise 11
151 בלומפילד 10:30-12:30 Monday Doctor Erev-Yehene Vered Lecture 10 12
153 בלומפילד 10:30-11:30 Tuesday Mr. Cohen Doron Exercise 12

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