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M.Sc Theses

DepartmentIndustrial Engineering and Management
Department Web Site iew3.technion.ac.il

No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Ron Malka Naveh Eitan2019 Abstracts  Employee Safety Priority: When is the Rate of Work-Related@Driving Accidents Lower?
 2 Ivet Yehuda Davidov Yechiam Eldad2019 Abstracts  Are Bubbles Driven by Effort Gaps Between Buyers and@Sellers? Experimental Intervention in Asset@Markets
 3 Hely Golan Parush Avi2019 Abstracts  The Effect of Team Display on Situational Awareness,@Performance and Mental Workload
 4 Shay Nachum Schuster Assaf

Etzion Opher
2019 Abstracts Theses Detection in the Dark-Exploiting XSS Vulnerability in C&C@Panels to Detect Malwares
 5 Inbal Berkovitz Parush Avi2019 Abstracts  The Effect of Spatial Cognition and Context on Robot@Movement Legibility in Human-Robot Collaboration
 6 Yosef Dahari Gal Avigdor2018 Abstracts Theses Model Synthesis in Process Mining
 7 Avshalom Vaknin Kliger Doron2018 Abstracts Theses The Disposition Effect under the Magnifying Glasses of@Priming
 8 Ron Kahana Tedorescu Kinneret2018 Abstracts Theses Distinctive Mind Wandering States and Creative Thinking
 9 Kim Laronne Shalev Edith2018 Abstracts Theses Did not Expect It from You! The Effect of Source Typicality@on Perceived Message Originality, Persuasion and@WOM
 10 Igal Shprincis Kurland Oren2018 Abstracts  Studying The Cluster Hypothesis using Fine Grained Analysis@of Relevant Documents
 11 Segev Shlomov Mytnik Leonid2018 Abstracts Theses Interacting Particle Systems with Rapid Stirring
 12 Gilad Bar Levev Peled Dan

Bental Benjamin
2018 Abstracts Theses Why Do Academics Apply for research Grants?
 13 Roman Shpiegelman Missing advisors 2018 Abstracts Theses Approximation Algorithms for Multicast K-Tree@Routing Problem
 14 Shiry Varem Naseraldin Hussein

Ben-Tal Aharon
2018 Abstracts Theses A Robust Approach to the Integrated Inventory Replenishment,@Lateral Transshipments, and Routing in a@Single-Commodity Supply Chain
 15 Sapir Golan Gal Avigdor

Hazan Tamir
2018 Abstracts Theses Duplicate Representative Problem in Probabilistic Entity@Resolution
 16 Ron Kerbs Meir Reshef2018 Abstracts Theses Experimental Analysis of Choice of Routes in Congested@Traffic Networks
 17 Guy Rotman Reichart Roi2018 Abstracts Theses A Deep Multimodal Multilingual Approach for Text@Processing via Deep Partial Canonical@Correlation Analysis
 18 Liron Berko Liniado Ackerman Rakefet2018
 The Role of Visual Cues in Meta-Reasoning Judgments@Regarding Nonverbal Problems
 19 Dean Peer Erez Miriam2018 Abstracts Theses Culture-Dependent Meaning of Creativity and its Impact@on Creative Outcomes
 20 Nimrod Raifer Kurland Oren

Tennenholtz Moshe
2018 Abstracts Theses Information Retrieval Meets Game Theory: The Ranking@Competition Between Documents Authors
 21 Alon Lekhtman Gal Avigdor2018 Abstracts Theses Efficient Probabilistic Top-K Query Answering Utilizing@Database Indices
 22 Jonathan Svirsky Gal Avigdor2018 Abstracts Theses A Generic Model for Incremental Entity Resolution
 23 Ori Dar Parush Avi2018 Abstracts Theses Aware and Confident: Relations between Situation@Awareness, Metacognition, Team communication, and@Teamwork
 24 Alexander Tuisov Domshlak Carmel2018 Abstracts Theses Search Techniques for Online Planning with Simulated@Action Models
 25 Itai Levy Herer Yale

Shtub Avraham
2018 Abstracts Theses Intergrating the Simulation-Based Training Approach@with Teaching Supply Chain Management
 26 Denis Solan Shtub Avraham2018 Abstracts Theses Project Management Simulation-Based Training and Simulation-@Based Training Combined With Gamification
 27 Galia Bar Rafaeli Anat2018 Abstracts Theses "#YourServiceSucks": Apologies in Online Text-Based@Customer Service Interactions
 28 Monika Westphal Rafaeli Anat

Yom-Tov Galit
2018 Abstracts Theses An Experimental Study of Customer Patience and Abandonment@in Online Customer Service
 29 Ilan Torgovitsky Ackerman Rakefet2018 Abstracts Theses Metacognitive Perspective on Strategic Allocation of Time@Across Items
 30 Tatyana Guryev Kliger Doron2018
 Negative Bias and Economic Decisions
 31 Gili Baumer Bogomolov Marina2018 Abstracts Theses Discovering Replicated Findings Acros Several Studies@of High Dimension
 32 Zohar Gilad Levontin Liat2018 Abstracts Theses The Impact Factor: The Effect of Information about Previous@Donation Impact on Recurring Donations
 33 Meiran Rubinstein Reichart Roi2018 Abstracts Theses Automatic Selection of Accutate Image Captions
 34 Haneen Matar Shalev Edith2018 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Power on Judgments of Conflict and Similarity
 35 Chaim Salzer Yechiam Eldad2018 Abstracts  Is There No Bad Publicity in Politics? Negative@Valence and Attention on Twitter
 36 Aviad Dagan Kliger Doron2018 Abstracts  Economists and Decision Making
 37 Ivan Strygacz Shtub Avraham2018 Abstracts Theses Combining Simulation-Based Training and Flipped Classroom@in Project Management Learning
 38 Ori Ronen Erez Miriam

Goldschmidt Gabriela
2018 Abstracts Theses Take Your Time, Structure the Problem: How and When@Worktime and Problem Structuring Affect Creativity
 39 Yair Nof Strichman Ofer2018 Abstracts Theses Real Time Solving of Discrete Optimization Problems
 40 Ayala Shahaf Shalev Edith2018 Abstracts Theses When Power Increases Susceptibility to Influence: The Case@of the Outsider Influencer
 41 Adi Soria Ackerman Rakefet2018 Abstracts Theses Peer Performance as Harmful Information for Meta-@Reasoning
 42 Danit Geva Kliger Doron2018 Abstracts  The Effect of Priming on Home Bias Puzzle
 43 Lior Farbman Bental Benjamin2018 Abstracts Theses Tranactions Costs and the Bureaucratization of the British@Civil Service in the 19th Century
 44 Maher Zoubi Kaplan Todd

Qadan Mahmod
2017 Abstracts Theses Retail Investors' Demand for Information and Market@Performance - An International Perspective
 45 Moran Lazar Miron-Spektor Ella2017 Abstracts  The Effect of Knowledge Utilization and Coordination@on Team Performance: The Mediating Role of@Credibility and Helping Behavior
 46 Sari Stein Levontin Liat2017 Abstracts Theses More than just green: The Influence of a Complex Message@on Pro-Environmental Products' Perceived@Attractiveness
 47 Tali Zeitler Yom-Tov Galit2017 Abstracts  How to Utilize Callbacks: Time-Varying Queues with a Call@Back Option
 48 Tal Solomon Parush Avi2017 Abstracts Theses Situational Awareness in Multi-Casualty Incidents:@Simulator-Based Training
 49 Doron Cohen Erev Ido

Naveh Eitan
2017 Abstracts Theses Risk Compensation, Over-Regulation, and the Effect of@Experience
 50 Eliyahu Aizner Rafaeli Anat2017 Abstracts Theses Maybe Others in My Situation but Not Me!@Discrepancies between Self and Other in Rewarding@Customer Anger
 51 Lihi Cohen Emek Yuval

Louidor Oren
2017 Abstracts  Exploring an Infinite Space with Finite Memory@Scouts
 52 Raya Rogov Gopher Daniel

Ron Tepper
2017 Abstracts  Interactive-Active versus Separate Training in Obstetrics@Ultrasound
 53 Gal Danino Arieli Itai

Smorodinsky Rann
2017 Abstracts Theses Privacy Protection and Welfare in Online Advertising
 54 Yael Zaidberg Miron-Spektor Ella

Erez Miriam
2017 Abstracts  Starting-up: When Team Self-promotion Contributes@to Entrepreneurial Success in Pitching Events@(and When it Does Not)
 55 Yael Lustig Domshlak Carmel2017 Abstracts Theses Machine Learning Framework for Crowdsourced Natural@Image Labeling
 56 Noa Nissinboim Naveh Eitan2017
 Process Standartization and Error Reduction: A revisit@from a Choice Approach
 57 Iftah Peretz Reichart Roi

Silberstein Mark
2017 Abstracts Theses GPU Based Parallelization of the Chu-Liu-Edmonds Algorithm,@for the Dependency Parsing Problem
 58 Dmitry Gaidar Etzion Opher2017 Abstracts Theses TEM Model Implementation
 59 Iris Livneh Ackerman Rakefet2017 Abstracts  Strategic Help-Seeking and "Don't Know" Responses in@Question Answering
 60 Denis Geidman Reisman Haim

Smorodinsky Rann
2017 Abstracts Theses Change of Stochastic Parameters in Derivative Assets
 61 Saher Zidan Bental Benjamin2017 Abstracts  The Effectiveness of Monitoring and the Instutional@Design of Labor Markets
 62 Yueming Xie Yom-Tov Galit

Yedidsion Liron
2017 Abstracts  An Invitation Control Policy for Proactive Service Systems:@Balancing Efficiency, Value and Service Level
 63 Lotem Peled Reichart Roi2017 Abstracts  Interpretation Sarcasm with Sentiment Based@Monolingual Machine Translation
 64 Adva Springer Parush Avi2017 Abstracts  The influence of an Ecological Situation Display on@Situation Awareness and Performance in Emergency@Medical Dispatch During Mass casualty@Incident
 65 Maya Hazan Parush Avi2017 Abstracts Theses Do Team Members Know More? The Ralation between Situational@Awareness and Performance when Playing alone@or in a Team
 66 Deborah Morgensztern Erez Miriam2017 Abstracts Theses Could bureaucracy enhance innovation in Chinese companies?
 67 Shelly Ashtar Rafaeli Anat

Yom-Tov Galit
2017 Abstracts  The Effect of Customer Emotion and Work Demands on@Employee Unscheduled Breaks: An Investigation of@Chat-Based Customer Service
 68 Ruth Libkind Parush Avi2017 Abstracts Theses Design and Development of a Team Display for Enhancing@Transactive Memory of Distributed EMS Teams During@Multi- Casualty Incidents
 69 Inbar Batan Dori Dov

Zonnenshain A.
2017 Abstracts Theses Enhancing Model- Based System Engineering With Model@Informativity Analysis
 70 Ofri Koren Levontin Liat2017 Abstracts  Is it all in your head? Actual Ego Depletion@and Perceived Resource Deficiency on@Performance
 71 Benjamin Shinar Erev Ido2017 Abstracts  On the Impact of RareEevents on Categorization Decisions
 72 Orit Lahav Shalev Edith2017 Abstracts Theses Being in the Know: The Need for Information and the@Central's Susceptibility to Influence in an Online@Social Network
 73 Maor Veitsman Strichman Ofer2017 Abstracts  Methods to Improve completeness of Regression@Verification
 74 Daniel Shtekelmacher Parush Avi2017 Abstracts Theses The effects of Engagement and Cognitive Load on@Performance in a Firefighting Serious Game
 75 Itai Rosenvasser Gopher Daniel2017 Abstracts Theses Exploring Transfer Patterns of Attention Control Skills
 76 Daniel Altman Rafaeli Anat

Yom-Tov Galit
2017 Abstracts  Modeling Employee Behavioral Reactions to Emotions@Expressed by Customers: A Non-obtrusive@Examination of Customer Service@Employee Behavior
 77 David Spivak Rafaeli Anat2017 Abstracts  The Effect of Emotion Exchanges on Customer Satisfaction@in Online Text-Based Customer Service
 78 Nir-Itai Chen Kliger Doron2017 Abstracts Theses Idiosyncratic Volatility; Stock Returns; and Priming@Processes: Empirical and Experimental Research
 79 Yaacov Shapiro Emek Yuval2017 Abstracts  Minimum Cost Perfect Matching with Delays for Two Sources
 80 Taly Bonder Gopher Daniel

2017 Abstracts Theses The joint effects of spatial precueing and transcranial@direct current stimulation on visual acuity
 81 Mor Alus Levontin Liat2017 Abstracts  The Influence of Monetary Rewards on a Recurring Prosocial@Behavior: The Moderating Role of Self-Perceived@Altruism, Agreeableness and Extraversion
 82 Saar Kuzi Kurland Oren2017 Abstracts  Discriminative Query Models
 83 Shani Laendler Parush Avi2017 Abstracts Theses Managing Multi-Casualty Incidents: The Influence of@Predictive Situation Display on Performance@and Situation Awareness in the Magen@David Adom Dispatch Center
 84 Elinor Brondwine Kurland Oren2017
 Utilizing Focused Relevance Feedback for Ad Hoc@Retrieval
 85 Yael Hershkovitz Gorfine-Orgad Malka2016 Abstracts Theses New class of powerful non-parametric consistent tests@for survival data
 86 Adi Singer Gopher Daniel2016 Abstracts Theses Breakfast and Multitasking - Concurrent Performance@and Training
 87 Adham Hurani Gal Avigdor2016 Abstracts  Schema Matching using an SVM Classifier and User Feedback
 88 Roey Feldhaim Yedidsion Liron

Zahavi Gal
2016 Abstracts Theses Insurance for Service Failures - Utilizing Risk@Allocation for Revenue Management
 89 Yael Anava Kurland Oren2016 Abstracts  A Probabilistic Fusion Framework
 90 Yakov Rosenfeld Rafaeli Anat2016 Abstracts Theses Expression of Mixed Emotions in Employee@Communication in an Organzational Social@Network: An Automated Text Analysis@Approach
 91 Liron Valdman Gal Avigdor2016 Abstracts Theses Sensors Selection for Complex Event Detection
 92 Sharon Yogev Gopher Daniel

Ron Tepper
2016 Abstracts Theses Matching Simulated Training with Prior Knowledge - Design@and Evaluation of the Training Program at the@Simultec Center for Prenatal Ultrasound
 93 Or Levi Kurland Oren2016 Abstracts Theses Selective Cluster-Based Document Retrieval
 94 Ortal Ashkenazi Miron-Spektor Ella

Vashdi Dana
2016 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Locus of Control and Creative Self Efficacy@on Innovation: The Moderating Role of@Embracing Paradox
 95 Noy Shpatz Shalev Edith2016 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Centrality on Susceptibility to@Social Influence: The Role of Group Attractiveness@and Self-Construal
 96 Hagar Loeub Reichart Roi2016 Abstracts Theses A Model Composition Approach to Language and Vision@Combination in Natural Language Processing
 97 Shay Katz Kurland Oren2016 Abstracts Theses List Selection for Fusion
 98 Liora Braunstain Kurland Oren2016 Abstracts Theses Supporting Human Answers for Advice-Seeking Questions@in Community Question Answering Sites
 99 Nehemia Yaron Cohen Izack

Shtub Avraham
2016 Abstracts Theses Parallel Efforts of New Product development - The Impact@of New Information
 100 Ben Levav Golany Boaz

Gofer Eylam
2016 Abstracts  Using Partitions as a Protection Meeasure against@the Dispersion of Chemical Agents in Buildings
 101 Hadas Yaniv Miron-Spektor Ella

Vashdi Dana
2016 Abstracts Theses Learning from Creative Experience: The Effect of@Procedural Justice and Learning Orientation on@Creativity
 102 Ilan Tchernowitz Reichart Roi

Yedidsion Liron
2016 Abstracts Theses Effective Greedy Inference for Graph-based Non-Projective@Dependency Parsing
 103 Oded Cohen Erez Miriam2016 Abstracts Theses The effect of autonomy to switch between the creative@task components of novelty and appropriateness on@creative performance
 104 Tomer Elbaum Erev Ido

Michael Wagner
2016 Abstracts Theses Cyclopean eye vs. Dominant eye in using eye input interface
 105 Shai Danot Bental Benjamin2016 Abstracts Theses Economic Considerations for Reducing Wage Inequality@and for Employee Co-Ownership
 106 Evgeni Korchatov Avrahami Assaf

Herer Yale
2016 Abstracts Theses The Value of Inventory Accuracy in Supply Chain Management:@Correlation between Error Sources and Proactive@Error Correction
 107 Nitzan Haim Parush Avi2016 Abstracts Theses Medication Dosage Calculation in Paramedics Practice:@Design and Test of a Graphic Dosage Calculator as@a Cognitive Aid
 108 Ortal Biton Erev Ido2016 Abstracts Theses Inequality Aversion, Preferences and Overgeneralizations
 109 Yelena Dubinsky Bental Benjamin2016 Abstracts Theses Outsource or Integrate: A Case Study of Public Services@Provision
 110 Daniela Soibelman Miron-Spektor Ella

Ackerman Rakefet
2016 Abstracts Theses Are my Ideas Original? The Cues Underlying Originality@Judgments
 111 Naama Avital Cohen Izack

Herer Yale
2016 Abstracts Theses Joint Stocking and Repair Decisions in Supply Chains of@Repairable Items with Multiple Repair Locations -@An Operational Model
 112 Shaul Cemel Kutten Shay

Amitabh Trehan
2016 Abstracts Theses Simulation and Analysis of Growing Half- Balls
 113 Labib Shami Benyamin Shitovitz2015 Abstracts Theses Efficient Price Guided Allocations and Trading Allocations@in Economies with Finite Number of Private@and Public Goods
 114 Loren Dery Herer Yale2015 Abstracts Theses Supply Chain Modeling Using the Supply Chain Simulator
 115 Alon Leibovich Zohar Dov2015 Abstracts Theses Let the Workers Talk!@The Role of Social Interactions in the Emergence@of Safety Climate in a Dangerous@Workplace
 116 Chen Epstein Cohen Izack

Shima Tal
2015 Abstracts Theses Traveling Salesman Problem for Dubins Vehicle
 117 Tamar Cohen Yedidsion Liron2015 Abstracts Theses Complexity Results for Periodic Decision Problems
 118 Peter Izsak Kurland Oren2015 Abstracts Theses The Search Engines Duel
 119 Ofir Yakobi Zohar Dov2015 Abstracts Theses Impact of Behavioral Integrity on Decision Making: A Fuzzy@Signal Detection Theory Approach
 120 Yael Beller Ackerman Rakefet2015 Abstracts Theses Solvable or not Solvable? Heuristic Cues in Judgment of@Solvability
 121 Eli Arditi Yechiam Eldad

Zahavi Gal
2015 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Stock Market Losses on Subsequent@Internet Searches
 122 Nitzan Carmeli Kaspi Haya2015 Abstracts Theses Modeling and Analyzing IVR Systems, as a Special Case@of Self-Services
 123 Chhaya Trehan Kutten Shay2015 Abstracts Theses Verification and Self Stabilization of DFS
 124 Chen Kaminer Naseraldin Hussein

Yedidsion Liron
2015 Abstracts Theses The Due-Date Assignment Problem in Scheduling: A Robust@Optimization Approach
 125 Alexander Shleyfman Domshlak Carmel2015 Abstracts Theses On Combinatorial Actions and CMABs with Linear Side@Information
 126 Roni Goren Miron-Spektor Ella2015 Abstracts Theses A Reappraisal of Reappraisal: The Effect of Emotion@Regulation Strategy and Observed Anger Intensity@on Creativity
 127 Yaarit Cohen Yedidsion Liron2015 Abstracts Theses The Traveling Repairman Problem on a Single Line with@Release Times
 128 Nofar Winterman Beck Amir2015 Abstracts Theses Optimization Methods for Solving Sensor Network Localization@Problems
 129 Savva Khalaman Kurland Oren2015 Abstracts Theses Utilizing Inter-Document SImilarities in Federated Search
 130 Yaron Werber Zohar Dov2015 Abstracts Theses "First; Do No Harm":@Intervention Strategy for Improving Patient Safety@Climate in Hospitals; a Randomized Field@Study
 131 Abir Koren Mandelbaum Avishai

Yaacov Ritov
2015 Abstracts Theses Estimating Goal-Scoring Probabilities in Soccer, Based on@Physical and Geometric Factors
 132 Elad Gvirtz Erez Miriam2015 Abstracts Theses Collaboration among Competitors and the Innovation@Challenges of SMEs
 133 Mor Sondak Kurland Oren2015 Abstracts Theses Estimating Query Representativeness for Query-Performance@Prediction
 134 Ilan Geller Perets Hovav

Zahavi Gal
2015 Abstracts Theses Hedged Inventory Risk in Market Making of Derivative@Markets
 135 Shay Hakim Penn Michal

Masin Michael
2015 Abstracts Theses High Multiplicity Scheduling Problem with Flexible@Resources and General Precedence
 136 Guy Madar Yechiam Eldad

Gavish Nirit
2015 Abstracts Theses How Feedback Affects Adults Performance during@Computerized Training Program; Comparison@between Individuals with and without ADD
 137 Dmitry Pavlov Kurland Oren2014 Abstracts Theses A Graph-Based Approach to Utilizing Minimal Relevance@Feedback
 138 Kosta Elkin Bental Benjamin2014 Abstracts Theses Labor Relations and the Role of Courts
 139 Yotam Sahar Erev Ido

Michael Wagner
2014 Abstracts Theses Grip Force as a Measure of Stress in Tracking Tasks
 140 Roni Eisenberg Miron-Spektor Ella2014 Abstracts Theses Unpacking Paradoxical Frames: When and why Recognizing@and Embracing Contradictions Fuel Creativity?
 141 Avichay Baram Gopher Daniel

Korman Maria
2014 Abstracts Theses The Comparative Effects of Inter-stimulus-interval on@Immediate Recall of Visual and Haptic Sequences
 142 Eitam Sheetrit Gal Avigdor2014 Abstracts Theses Improving Process Matching Using Positional Passage-@Based Language Models
 143 Ella Diamant Baron Mira2014 Abstracts Theses Impact of Studentification on Profitability of Investment@in the Housing Market
 144 Adir Katz Kurland Oren2014 Abstracts Theses Integrating Explicit and Pseudo Feedback to Improve@Retrieval Effectiveness
 145 Elyakim Ben-Hakoun Mordechai Shechter

2014 Abstracts Theses Economic Evaluation of the Environmental Impact of Shipping@from the Perspective of CO2 Emissions
 146 Nir Drucker Penn Michal

Strichman Ofer
2014 Abstracts Theses Cyclic Routing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
 147 Yuval Michael Levin Asaf2014 Abstracts Theses Graph Clustering to Minimize the Sum of Radii with Fixed@Costs
 148 Nimrod Busany Gal Avigdor2014 Abstracts Theses Incorporating Uncertainy into Event-Based Monitoring Systems
 149 Arielle Sullum Erez Miriam2014 Abstracts Theses Gender and Issue-Selling of Creative Ideas for@New Products
 150 Emma Shkolnik Gerstner Eitan2014 Abstracts Theses Are Consumers Being Fooled by Health Bars?
 151 Ortal Davidi Bruchian Zohar Dov2014 Abstracts Theses The Influence of the Organizational Culture and Climate of@the School on the Reaching Hour`s Efficiency in@the Classrooms
 152 Ishai Kones Levin Asaf2014 Abstracts Theses An EPTAS for Vector Assignment Problems over a Small@Number of Machine Types
 153 Raanan Eran Reisman Haim2014 Abstracts Theses Financial Modeling Portfolio Optimization - Equilibrium@Approach
 154 Tamara Gaidar Shalev Edith2014 Abstracts Theses How dose the Opinion of an Anonymous Consumer Affect@Consumer Attitudes? The Role of Information@Fluency
 155 Ofri Rom Kurland Oren2014 Abstracts Theses Exploration of Advanced Methods for Pseudo-Feedback-based@Retrieval
 156 Yael Shababo Rafaeli Anat2014 Abstracts Theses Medical Staff's Attitudes and Reactions towards Patients@and Escorts' Aggression
 157 Ron Presburger Levin Asaf2014 Abstracts Theses PTAS for Minimizing Weighted Completion Time on a@Hierarchical Set Of Machines
 158 Farida Nassar Ackerman Rakefet

Shtub Avraham
2014 Abstracts Theses Incorporating Metacognition into Usability Testing
 159 Dotan Tzor Gorfine-Orgad Malka

Erev Ido
2014 Abstracts Theses Statistical Methods of Estimation and Prediction in Repeated@Choice Games
 160 Emuna Eliav Miron-Spektor Ella2014 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Frequent Interruptions on@Creative Problem Solving
 161 Nadav Hallak Beck Amir2014 Abstracts Theses On the Minimization over Sparse Symmetric Sets
 162 Elad Landau Cohen Izack

Shtub Avraham
2014 Abstracts Theses Joint Stocking and Sourcing in a Multi-Echelon Environment
 163 Dana Gamliel Gershon Erez Miriam

Bitterman Noemi
2014 Abstracts Theses What Does it Take to be Innovative in a World of@Complex Products?@Systems Engineers; Industrial Designers@and Work Context
 164 Amitay Kauffmann Reisman Haim

Zahavi Gal
2014 Abstracts Theses Constructing the FEER Index - Forecasting Extreme@Events Risk
 165 Tal Shusterman Levin Asaf2014 Abstracts Theses Weighted Throughput in a Single Machine preemptive@Scheduling with Continuous Controllable@Processing Times
 166 Shmuela Jacobs Reichart Roi

Dori Dov

Wengrowicz Niva
2014 Abstracts Theses Translating OPM System Models to RDF format for Their@Integration into the Semantic Web
 167 Idan Zelikovich Erev Ido2014 Abstracts Theses On the Gap between Preference and Performance
 168 Ella Pemov Beck Amir2013 Abstracts Theses The 2-Coordinate Descent Method for Solving Simplex-Type@Constrained Problems with Application to SVM@Training
 169 Noemie Sellam Balouka Nardi Yuval2013 Abstracts Theses Simultaneous Confidence Bands for a Multivariate@Spectral Density
 170 Yair Giwnewer Moldovan Sarit2013 Abstracts Theses The Need for Uniqueness of Early Adopters
 171 Yevgenia Mikhaylidi Yedidsion Liron

Naseraldin Hussein
2013 Abstracts Theses Scheduling Electricity-Consuming Operations:@A Supply Chain Approach
 172 Hadas Eiges Shalev Edith2013 Abstracts Theses Social Status on Social Networking Sites - A Comparative@Analysis between Three Social Status Measures
 173 Tirza Lauterman Ackerman Rakefet2013
 The Hidden Cues behind the Screen - Media Effect on@Improving Metacomprehension Accuracy
 174 Miri Gilenson-Zalevsky Yedidsion Liron2013 Abstracts Theses Yield vs. Cycle Time Trade-off Analysis
 175 Nimrod Rosenblatt Yechiam Eldad2013 Abstracts Theses Disentangling Self Control Manipulations in Training and@Depletion of Resources
 176 Ilan Shukrun Bekhor Shlomo2013 Abstracts Theses Predictive Model of Wildland Fire for Managing Rescue@Resources in Changing Conditions
 177 Rony Ghebali Mandelbaum Avishai

Gorfine-Orgad Malka
2013 Abstracts Theses Real-Time Prediction of the Probability of Abandonment in@Call Centers
 178 Rinat Milostov Domshlak Carmel2013 Abstracts Theses Enhancements of Abstraction Heuristics for Optimal@Sequential Planning
 179 Aharon Renick Dori Dov2013 Abstracts Theses Incorporating Quantitative Aspects into OPM-Based@Conceptual Models with MATLAB Computational@Capabilities
 180 Ronen Ratmansky Yossi Yagil2013 Abstracts Theses Anomalies in the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange
 181 Alon Dourban Yedidsion Liron2013 Abstracts Theses Threshold Policy for Purchasing Assets with a Mean Reverting@Price
 182 Sergey Bolshchikov Dori Dov2013 Abstracts Theses Creating a Spatio-Temporal Dynamic Model from an@Object-Process Methodology Based Model
 183 Arik Senderovich Gal Avigdor2013 Abstracts  Multi-Level Workforce Planning in Call Centers
 184 Shlomo Ben-Shabat Shtub Avraham2013 Abstracts Theses A Simulator for Training in System Engineering
 185 Or Poria Yedidsion Liron2013 Abstracts Theses Approximation Algorithm for the Resource Dependent@Assignment Problem
 186 Rotem Lammfromm Gopher Daniel2013 Abstracts Theses Transfer of Skill from a Virtual Reality Juggling Trainer@to Real Juggling
 187 Leonid Tsytrinbaum Smorodinsky Rann

Manos Ronny
2013 Abstracts Theses Determinants of Performance in the Microfinance Industry:@The Role of Culture
 188 Inbal Cinman Shlomit Kaminka2013 Abstracts Theses Role Conceptualization of the Role of Human Resources in@the Ness Technologies Company@The Traditional and the Modern@Approaches
 189 Hen Givol Moldovan Sarit2013 Abstracts Theses A Proposed Full Range Model of Opinion Leadership
 190 Roee Sulimarski Beck Amir2013
 A Fast Dual Based Proximal Gradient Method for Solving@Convex Optimization Problems with Applications to@Signal Processing
 191 Gad Markovits Kurland Oren2013 Abstracts Theses Predicting Query Performance for Fusion-Based Retrieval
 192 Shay Hummel Kurland Oren2013 Abstracts Theses Evaluating the Effectiveness of Search Engines Using@Minimal Relevance Judgments and Relevance Models
 193 Alex Kravchik Kutten Shay2013 Abstracts Theses Time Optimal Synchronous Self Stabilizing Spanning Tree
 194 Matan Retzer Yechiam Eldad2013 Abstracts Theses The Loss-Contrast Effect as an Attentional Phenomenon
 195 Roei Bahumi Domshlak Carmel2012 Abstracts Theses Deeply Preferred Operators: Lazy Search Meets Lookahead
 196 Sarah Keren Domshlak Carmel2012 Abstracts Theses Tutoring as Sequential Decision Making
 197 Yakov Vaisbourd Beck Amir2012 Abstracts Theses The Chebyshev Center Approach for Image Deblurring@Applications
 198 Yael Sidi Yechiam Eldad2012 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Resolve-Based Reminders on Adherence: The@Role of Self-Justifications, Memory and@Decision Making
 199 Ayelet Kogus Bental Benjamin2012 Abstracts Theses British Labor Legislation in the 19th Century:@An Economic Interpretation
 200 Boaz Farbstein Levin Asaf2012 Abstracts Theses Min-Max Cover of a Graph with a Constant Number of Parts
 201 Yael Ophir Ackerman Rakefet2012 Abstracts Theses Good Enough Thinker@Who Can Overcome a Misleading Intuition?
 202 Eran Simhon Yedidsion Liron

Shoval Shraga
2012 Abstracts Theses Traveling Salesman Problem in Dynamic Environment
 203 Michael Reich Mandelbaum Avishai2012 Abstracts  The Offered-Load Process: Modeling, Inference and@Applications
 204 Itamar Zaied Kaspi Haya

Mandelbaum Avishai
2012 Abstracts Theses The Offered Load in Fork-Join Networks: Calculations and@Applications to Service Engineering of Emergency@Department
 205 Hagar Zalmanov Ackerman Rakefet2012 Abstracts Theses Media Effect on Problem Solving Under Time Constraints
 206 Noa Zychlinski Cohen Izack

Mandelbaum Avishai
2012 Abstracts Theses Analyzing and Modeling Mass Casualty Events in Hospitals -@An Operational View via Fluid Models
 207 Aharon Arazi Erev Ido2012 Abstracts Theses Using Incentivized Feedback Devices For Reducing Driver@Speeding Behavior
 208 Hadar Moriah Rafaeli Anat2012 Abstracts Theses When Explanations Backfire: a Field Experiment on the@Influence of Explanations on Justice and@Aggression in the Emergency-Room
 209 Hadas Gur Heller Ruth2012 Abstracts Theses FDR Controlling Procedure for Discrete Data
 210 Boaz Carmeli Mandelbaum Avishai2012 Abstracts Theses Real-Time Optimization of Patients Flow in Emergency@Departments
 211 Michal Amir Erev Ido2012 Abstracts Theses The Effects of the Inter-Decision Interval and Memory on the@Weighting of Rare Events in Decisions from@Experience
 212 Keren Rubin Rafaeli Anat2012 Abstracts Theses Exploring Envy: It's Antecedents, Consequences, and how@Self Esteem Influences Envy Dynamics
 213 Maya Shpigelman Ackerman Rakefet2012 Abstracts Theses Illustrations Effect on the Judgments of Comprehension@Regarding Problem Solutions
 214 Anna Kozorovitsky Kurland Oren2012 Abstracts Theses Fusing Retrieved Lists Based on Inter-Document Similarities
 215 Yevgeni Nus Domshlak Carmel2012 Abstracts Theses Automated Problem Decomposition for Multi-Agent Planning@Systems
 216 Leah Rekhter Moldovan Sarit2012 Abstracts Theses The Role of Source Similarity and Source Expertise on@Attitude towards Experience versus Search Goods
 217 Anna Perel Domshlak Carmel2012 Abstracts Theses Tractable Fragments of Makespan-optimal Classical Planning
 218 Olga Butman Kurland Oren2012 Abstracts Theses Query-Performance Prediction Using Minimal Relevance@Feedback
 219 Yevgeni Lepa Kurland Oren2012 Abstracts Theses Query Expansion Using Term Clusters
 220 Yefim Roth Gerstner Eitan2012 Abstracts Theses What's behind Cereal Brands?
 221 Nadia Bordo Gorfine-Orgad Malka2012 Abstracts Theses A Nonparametric Estimator of the Survival Function Based@on Case-Control Family Data
 222 Anton Nazarenko Domshlak Carmel2012 Abstracts Theses Parametric Complexity of Monotonic Relaxations
 223 Hadar Nesher-Shoshan Rafaeli Anat2011 Abstracts Theses Burnout and Aggression in a Hospital Setting
 224 Asaf Zviran Mandelbaum Avishai

Atar Rami
2011 Abstracts Theses Fork-Join Networks in Heavy Traffic: Diffusion Approximation@and Control
 225 Marina May Lavi Aharon Ron2011 Abstracts Theses The Incompatibility of Strategy-Proofness and Pareto-@Optimality in Quasi-Linear Settings with Public@Budget Constraints
 226 Yanir Cohen Herer Yale2011 Abstracts Theses Staffing and Routing Policies in Call Centers with@Reassignment Costs
 227 Daria Tal-Bilgory Erez Miriam2011 Abstracts Theses To Rest or Not to Rest, That is the Question: the Effect of@Breaks from the Creative Task on Creative@Performance
 228 Yifat Modan Yaakov Erez Miriam2011 Abstracts Theses Global Identity in Motion: The Effect of Individual@Characteristics on the Development of@Global Identity in Multi-Cultural Teams
 229 Nitsan Perach Rothblum Uriel (Deceased)2011 Abstracts Theses The Stable Matching Model with an Entrance Criterion
 230 Alexander Koren Lavi Aharon Ron2011 Abstracts Theses Iterated Deletion of P-Dominated Strategies in Discrete@Position Auctions
 231 Anabella P. Abady Svetliza Herer Yale2011 Abstracts  The Cost-Identical Multi-Location tTansshipment Problem with@a Finitely Capacitated Supplier
 232 Ella Rabinovich Etzion Opher

Gal Avigdor
2011 Abstracts Theses Pattern Rewriting Framework for Event Processing@Optimization
 233 Mirron Rozanov Strichman Ofer

Domshlak Carmel
2011 Abstracts Theses An Approximation Scheme for Weighet and Non-Weighted@Model Counting
 234 Alon Dinur Erez Miriam2011 Abstracts Theses Organization Attraction in the Global World: The Effect of@Individual's Global Identity on Organization@Attraction
 235 Mahmod Ayoub Cohen Gil

Baron Mira
2011 Abstracts Theses Forecasting the Tel-Aviv 25 Index Return using Options
 236 Iris Nevo Erev Ido2011 Abstracts Theses On Surprise, Change and the Effect of Recent Outcomes
 237 Boaz Vaizler De Haan Uzi2011 Abstracts Theses The Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial@Self-Efficacy and Behavior: Unfolding the Effects@of Passion & Inspiration
 238 Alexander Spivakovsky Beck Amir2011 Abstracts Theses Algorithms for Solving Large-Scale Regularized Structured@Total Least Squares Problems
 239 Michal Shelef-Gabrieli Yechiam Eldad2011 Abstracts Theses In the Quest of Developing an Effective Training Protocol@for Psycho-Motor Procedural Skill: Are Stuctured@and Aid-Driven Guidance Good Ideas?
 240 Ira Goldenberg Masin Michael2011 Abstracts Theses Capacity Planning in Semi-Conductor Industry:@A Robust Optimization Approach
 241 Liri Finkelstein Lavi Aharon Ron2011 Abstracts Theses Two Algorithms for the Matroid Secretary Problem
 242 Weam Zoa'bi Benyamin Shitovitz2011 Abstracts Theses Information Advatage in a Public Good Economy with@a State-dependent Cobb-Douglas Utility
 243 Eitan Man Erev Ido2011 Abstracts Theses Rethinking 'Learned Helplessness Effects': The Cost of@Exploration
 244 Dror Pan Beck Amir2011 Abstracts Theses On the Solution of the GPS Localization Problem
 245 Lyubov Romanchuk Onn Shmuel2011 Abstracts Theses Graver Bases Methods in Integer Programming
 246 Tal Polachek Zohar Dov2011 Abstracts Theses Leadership Development: Feedback Based on Daily@Conversations between Managers and Employees to@Improve Leadership and Safety at the@Workplace
 247 Lior Meister Kurland Oren2010 Abstracts Theses Re-ranking Search Results Using an Additional Retrieved@List
 248 Edward Skripnik Erez Miriam2010 Abstracts Theses Going Global: Transformation from Local to Global@Organizational Activity: Characteristics and Main@Success Factors
 249 Joshua Chaim Wortman Itai Alon2010 Abstracts Theses Film Classification Using Subtitles and Automatically@Generated Language Factors
 250 Avichai Peretz Eyal Baharad2010 Abstracts Theses Strategic Voting and Partial Efficiency
 251 Michal Shabtay Zonnenshain A.

Golany Boaz
2010 Abstracts  Assessment of Projects Success in an Adaptive Project@Management Approach
 252 Inna Gelfer Kalmanovich Kurland Oren2010 Abstracts Theses Cluster-Based Relevance Models
 253 Yaron Shaposhnik Herer Yale

Naseraldin Hussein
2010 Abstracts Theses An EOQ-Type Model with a Probabilistic One-Time Unit-Price@Discount
 254 Ella Glikson Rafaeli Anat2010 Abstracts Theses When is Anger Rewarded? The Role of Displayed Anger@Intensity, Justification and Organizational@Policy
 255 Michal Melamed Ben-Tal Aharon

Golany Boaz
2010 Abstracts Theses Robust Optimization of a Multi-Period Production Planning@Problem under Uncertainty
 256 Shira Agasi Rafaeli Anat2010 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Physician-Patient Communication on Hospital@Aggression
 257 Ella Dahan Herer Yale2010 Abstracts Theses The Transshipment Problem with Partial Lost Sales
 258 Igal Loevsky Shimshoni Ilan2010 Abstracts Theses Autonomous Mobile Robot Platform for Indoor Applications
 259 Raphael Klein De Haan Uzi2010 Abstracts Theses Corporate Exploration Competence and the Dynamics of@Discovering Intellectual Property outside the Firm
 260 Anna Graber-Naidich Gorfine-Orgad Malka2010 Abstracts Theses Missing Genetic Information in Case-Control Family Data with@General Semi-Parametric Shared Frailty Model
 261 Michael Sambur Herer Yale

Ben-Haim Yakov
2010 Abstracts Theses Analysis of the Newsvendor Problem with Info-Gap Theory
 262 Rottem De Picciotto Gorfine-Orgad Malka2010 Abstracts Theses Conditional and Marginal Estimates in Case-Control Family@Data under Various Frailty Distributions
 263 Irena Schein Lavi Aharon Ron2010 Abstracts Theses Bayesian Analysis of Sequential Auctions under Future@Uncertainties
 264 Ilanit Hochmitz Yechiam Eldad2010 Abstracts Theses Spatial Relation versus Abstract Representation Training@in Procedural Skills Acquisition
 265 Natali Levi Kurland Oren2010 Abstracts Theses Navigating in the Dark: Modeling Uncertainty in Ad Hoc@Retrieval Using Multiple Relevance Models
 266 Sagi Lefler Domshlak Carmel2010 Abstracts Theses Enhancing Abstractions with Landmarks
 267 Talli Zahavi Lavie Dovev2010 Abstracts Theses Intra-Industry Diversification and Firm Performance
 268 Yaara Ben Nahum Erez Miriam2010 Abstracts Theses Holistic-Analytic Thinking and Creativity: Exploring the@Effect of Culturally Shaped Cognitive Strategies
 269 Elena Berlin Michael Ben Gad

Bental Benjamin
2010 Abstracts Theses Language Disenfranchisement and the Cost of Translation: The@Case of the Expanding European Union
 270 Yuri Dunayevsky Baron Mira2010 Abstracts Theses Optimal Location of Playgrounds. Case Study: Haifa
 271 Mattan Winaver Domshlak Carmel

Kurland Oren
2010 Abstracts Theses Clarity-based Query Modification for Information Retrieval
 272 Hadas Shumovitch Etzion Opher2010 Abstracts Theses Detecting Patterns in Historical States
 273 Maya Arad Yechiam Eldad2010 Abstracts Theses Generalized and Sympathetic Measures of Arousal Represent@Different Cognitive Strategies
 274 Inbal Mund Golany Boaz

Rothblum Uriel (Deceased)
2010 Abstracts Theses Allocating Resources to R&D Projects in a Competitive@Environment
 275 Liron Zighelnic Kurland Oren2010 Abstracts Theses Robust Query Expansion based on Query-Drift Prevention
 276 Sonya Stutman Rafaeli Anat2010 Abstracts Theses The Positivity Bias in Memory for Negative Emotions:@The Moderating Effect Event Present Relevance@and Recalled Event Appraisals
 277 Shlomit Ofen Moldovan Sarit

Yael Steinhart
2010 Abstracts Theses "To Talk or not to Talk": Exploring Early Adopters' Inner@Dilemma Caused by their Need for Uniqueness
 278 Adi Cohen Korman Maria

Yechiam Eldad

Reiner Miriam
2010 Abstracts Theses Effects of Practice and Sensory Modality on Stiffness@Perception
 279 Michal Lokiec Erez Miriam2010 Abstracts Theses The Chronicle of an Idea
 280 Eyal Neuman Mytnik Leonid2010 Abstracts Theses Sample Path Properties of Volterra Processes
 281 Assaf Basevitch Eyal Baharad2010
 Condorcet Consistent Functions: An Inversion Metric -@Based Maximization
 282 Susanna Krupitskiy Bar Ilan Avner2010 Abstracts Theses The Market Value of an Ability Signal and of Human Capital-@Empirical Study Using Wages of Alumni of the@University of Haifa
 283 Smadar Grossberg Drach-Zahavy Anat2010 Abstracts Theses Motivating Physiotherapists: Does Training Improve@Organizational Commitment, job Commitment and@Willingness to work in an@Multidisciplinary Teams?
 284 Keren Hasan Erez Miriam2010 Abstracts Theses The Congruence between Managers and Followers@Evaluations as a Function of Power Distance
 285 Yulia Tseytlin Mandelbaum Avishai2009 Abstracts Theses Queueing Systems with Heterogeneous Serves: On Fair Routing@of Patients in Emergency Departments
 286 Pazit Savyon Maram Mannheim Bilha2009 Abstracts Theses Choosing a Male Specialty: Women Surgeons
 287 Yossef Luzon Penn Michal

Mandelbaum Avishai
2009 Abstracts Theses Scheduling Appointments via Fluids Control
 288 Yulia Turchin Gal Avigdor

Wasserkrug Segev
2009 Abstracts Theses Rule Tuning with Uncertain Events
 289 Hala Abo-Kalla Baron Mira

Albert Gila
2009 Abstracts Theses Evaluating the Environmental, Transport and Caltural@Differences Factors Affecting the Usage of Open@Playgrounds
 290 Amit Ben-David Gotsman Chaim Craig2009 Abstracts Theses View-Dependent Texture Projection Mapping for Urban@Scenes
 291 Anastasiya Tkach Baron Mira2009 Abstracts Theses Using CVM in Economic Evaluation of Public Urban Open Spaces
 292 Anat Rotstein Erez Miriam2009 Abstracts Theses A Longitudinal Study of Immigrants' Employment Status:@Effect of Cultural attitudes and Efficacy@Perceptions
 293 Yael Deutsch Rothblum Uriel (Deceased)2009 Abstracts Theses On the Stable Roommates Problem
 294 Jacob Friedland Rafaeli Anat2009 Abstracts Theses Apologies of Customer Service Representatives: The Dynamics@of Apologizing to Different Types of Customers'@Anger
 295 Alexander Naidich Domshlak Carmel2009 Abstracts Theses Exploiting Prior Knowledge in Reasoning about User@Preferences
 296 Zohar Feldman Mandelbaum Avishai2009 Abstracts Theses Optimal Staffing of Systems with Skills-Based-Routing
 297 Mickey Horowitz Bamberger Peter2009 Abstracts Theses Interdependence and Helping Behavior: The moderating@Effects of Attachment Types
 298 Orit Cohen Rafaeli Anat2009 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Agent's Anger Expressions on Target's Emotion@and Performance
 299 Hila Gabay Rafaeli Anat2009 Abstracts Theses The Role of Empathy: How Individual Differences in Empathy@Moderate the Effect of Encountered Anger on@Job Performance
 300 Yael Leshem Weiss Rafaeli Anat2009 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Waiting Time Information and Subjective Goal@Importance on Customer Satisfaction :A Field Study@in a Costomer Service Call Center
 301 Ariel Telpaz Yechiam Eldad2009 Abstracts Theses Autonomic Arousal as Predictor of Risk Taking in@Experiential Decisions
 302 Erez Michalak Kutten Shay

Danny Hendler
2009 Abstracts Theses An Adaptive Technique for Constructing Robust and@High-Throughput Shared Objects
 303 Adla Farah Yossi Yagil2009 Abstracts Theses Pricing Gap of the TA-25 Index Futures on the Tel-Aviv@Stock Exchange
 304 Alexander Kofman Etzion Opher2009 Abstracts Theses Event-Driven Workflows
 305 Miriam Band Ben-Tal Aharon2009 Abstracts Theses Robust Optimization Applied to Intensity Modulated@Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
 306 Alexander Libster Rubinstein Reuven-Yacov (Deceased)

Mytnik Leonid
2009 Abstracts Theses Entropy and Cloning Methods for Rare Events, Counting@and Optimization
 307 Shimrit Maman Mandelbaum Avishai2009 Abstracts Theses Uncertainty in the Demand for Service: The Case of Call@Centers and Emergency Departments
 308 Alex Rehtman Kliger Doron2009 Abstracts Theses On Weather as a Mood Proxy and the Direction of Security@Returns
 309 Hernan Andres Roitman Masin Michael

Sinreich David (Deceased)
2009 Abstracts Theses Release and Dispatching Policies for Large Reentrant Job@Shops
 310 Irina Livshits Baron Mira2009 Abstracts Theses Public Park Valuation by Travel Cost Method (TCM)
 311 Inbar Malevski Kirschenbaum Alan2009 Abstracts Theses Adaptive Behavioral Changes in Preparing for Terror
 312 Pazit Chen-Hirschfield Bamberger Peter2009 Abstracts Theses The Interactive Effects of Performance Evaluation and Pay@Grade Promotion on Voluntary Turnover
 313 Sharon Lubasz Rafaeli Anat2009 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Others' Emotions on Performance: A@Question of Valence Versus Arousal
 314 Sharon Wissmark Shtub Avraham

Sinreich David (Deceased)
2009 Abstracts Theses Improving the Quality of Treatment in the Emergency@Department
 315 Elad Margalit Etzion Opher2009 Abstracts Theses Real-Time Optimization in Event Based Systems for Traffic@Light Controllers
 316 Nisan Lati Herer Yale

Gilad Issachar
2009 Abstracts Theses Minimizing Idle Times in Cluster Tools in the Semiconductor@Industry
 317 Chen Kraus-Albo Masin Michael

Penn Michal
2009 Abstracts Theses Multi Objective Lot-Splitting for Reentrant Job-Shop
 318 Eliahu Troupiansky Penn Michal2009 Abstracts Theses The Open Vehicle Routing Problem with Heterogeneous Fleet -@A Heuristic Approach
 319 Elisheva Shamash Rothblum Uriel (Deceased)2009 Abstracts Theses Risk Aversion and Bargaining Games
 320 Ekaterina Ibragimov Segev Ella

Hochman Gal
2009 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Special Interest Groups on the Bargaining@Process of Uruguay-Round Trade Negotiations
 321 Olga Arshavsky Yechiam Eldad2009 Abstracts Theses Choice Convergence in Decision Making: Studies of Healthy@Adolescents and Adolescents with Pervasive@Developmental Disorders
 322 Galina Katseva Passy Ury2009 Abstracts Theses Nonparametric Estimation of Production Functions@The Quasiconcave Case
 323 Ekaterina Kutsy Strichman Ofer2008 Abstracts Theses A Probabilistic Analysis of Coverage Methods
 324 Lubov Rozenshmidt Mandelbaum Avishai2008 Abstracts Theses On Priority Queues with Impatient Customers:@Stationary and Time-Varying Analysis
 325 Noa Bergman Erez Miriam

Rosenblatt Zehava
2008 Abstracts Theses The Impact of Entrepreneurship Training on Entrepreneurial@Chracteristics of Junior High-School Boys@and Girls
 326 Naomi Gershoni Peled Dan2008 Abstracts Theses The Implications of Patenting Intermediate-Stage R and D@Results
 327 Roman Berezin Mytnik Leonid2008 Abstracts Theses Limiting Behaviour of Contact Random Walk
 328 Amiram Elias Ben-Zion Uri2008 Abstracts Theses Initial Public Offerings in Israel in the Years 1998-2006
 329 Sigalit Parnas Cohen Ayala (Deceased)2008 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Hierarchical Count Data
 330 Liad Weiss Rafaeli Anat2008 Abstracts Theses Distance from or Progress toward Receiving a Telephone@Service? Customer Reactions to Telephone Waiting@Queue Designs
 331 Oz Hershkovitz Beck Amir2008 Abstracts Theses The Modified Structured Total Least Squares Problem
 332 Shimrit Shtern Golany Boaz

Ben-Tal Aharon
2008 Abstracts Theses Robust Multi Echelon Inventory Control
 333 Wafa Deabat Cohen Ayala (Deceased)2008 Abstracts Theses Investigation of the Conclusions on the Relationship between@Air Pollution and Respiratory Diseases in the@Haifa Metropolitan Area
 334 Marian Tehawkho Peled Dan2008 Abstracts Theses Different Protection for Different Assets: An Economic@Analysis of Intellectual Property Rights
 335 Yossi Nathan De Haan Uzi2008 Abstracts Theses The Commercialization of University Research: Why are Some@Researchers More Entrepreneurial than Others?
 336 Meir Druyan Yechiam Eldad2008 Abstracts Theses On Individual Decision Making in a Group Context: When@Does the Group Context Facilitate Risk Taking?
 337 Rinat Livni Vilnai-Yavetz Iris2008 Abstracts Theses The Predictive Validity of Assessment Center of the@Company "Osem" in Predicting Performance at Work
 338 Arieh Bibliowicz Dori Dov2008 Abstracts Theses A Graph Grammar-Based Formal Validation of an Object-Process@Diagram
 339 Elena Taha )Groisman( Baron Mira2008 Abstracts Theses Housing as a Measure of Wealth Inequality
 340 Ruti Livney Bar Ilan Avner2008 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Extreme Penalty on Traffic Violation with@an Application to Car Insurance
 341 Keren Mangobi Rafaeli Anat2008 Abstracts Theses Queues: Fairness, Emotions and a Bit of Math
 342 Matan Zakai Eyal Baharad2008 Abstracts Theses The Robustness of Scoring Rules to Noisy Preferences
 343 Ofer Tal Yechiam Eldad

Erev Ido
2008 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Alarms on the Perception of Small@Probabilities
 344 Sergey Kozyrev Barak Miriam

Dori Dov
2008 Abstracts Theses Developing and Assessing a Methodology for Web-Based@Virtual Expeditions
 345 Yana Vasershtayn De Haan Uzi2008 Abstracts Theses Human Capital Leading to Success of Israeli Startup - Second@Time is Better? What are the Key Learning Factors?
 346 Ayelet Biger Etzion Opher2008 Abstracts Theses Complex Event Processing Scalability by Partition
 347 Galia Nordon Dori Dov

Reinhartz-Berge Iris
2008 Abstracts Theses An Object-Process Framework for Conceptual Modeling@of Design Patterns
 348 Ivan Borodko Bar Ilan Avner2008 Abstracts Theses Real-Options Theory: Choosing a Place to Build
 349 Danny Kuminov Tennenholtz Moshe2008 Abstracts Theses Robust Decision Making in Multi-Agent Systems
 350 Aric Katz Shtub Avraham2008 Abstracts Theses A Distributed Simulation for Better Analyzing Hospital's@Operations
 351 Eliyahu Horosov Cohen Ayala (Deceased)2008 Abstracts Theses Multiple Imputation Methods - Properties and Applications
 352 Ronen Rave Yossi Yagil2008 Abstracts Theses Testing the Ability of Predicting Ipo's Short-Term Returns
 353 Ohad Khabia Gilad Issachar2008 Abstracts Theses Nursing Man Power Allocation in Hospitals' Inpatients Units@- Staff Vs. Quality of Care
 354 David Amid Reinhartz-Berge Iris

Dori Dov
2008 Abstracts Theses Streamlining Requirements Modeling with an OPM-Based@Metamodel
 355 Tzameret Halal Rubin Ben-Zion Uri2008 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Board Characteristics and Ownership@Composition on Firm Value@Evidence from Israel
 356 Yossi Hazan Mordechai Shechter

Boris A.portnov
2008 Abstracts Theses Water Consumption in Israel and Sustainable Development@Goals
 357 Arik Cheshin Rafaeli Anat2008 Abstracts Theses Affect in Virtual Teams: Contagion, and Performance
 358 Rikki Nouri Erez Miriam2008 Abstracts Theses Creativity in Multicultural Teams: The Effects of Cultural@Diversity and Situational Strength on Creative@Performance
 359 Keren Bavli Erez Miriam2008 Abstracts Theses Firgun: Construct Identification, Characterization@and Examination of its Validity
 360 Aviad Appelbaum Shlomit Kaminka2008 Abstracts Theses Organizational Theater - The impact of the Theatrical Medium@as a Novel Organizational Training and Coaching@Method upon Employee Attitudes and@Burnout
 361 Vitaly Mirkis Domshlak Carmel2008 Abstracts Theses STRIPS Planning with No Negative Effects
 362 Lee Leshem Erez Miriam

Rafaeli Anat
2008 Abstracts Theses Multicultural Work Teams and Situation Strength: Effects on@Team Performance, Emotional Exhaustion and Team@Processes
 363 Judith Somekh Dori Dov

Peleg Mor
2008 Abstracts Theses Modeling Exceptions with Object-Process Methodology
 364 Avivit Bercovici-Boden Tennenholtz Moshe

Erev Ido
2008 Abstracts Theses Learning in Ensemble of Decision Problems
 365 Yevgeny Yaroker Dori Dov2008 Abstracts Theses Development of Evaluation of an OPM-Based Simulation System
 366 Shirly Gaon Goldberg Albert2008 Abstracts Theses Milnet Project as a Factor Promoting High Performance and@Organizational Advantage in the Israeli Army: A@Case Study of Learning Organization
 367 Julia Polak Lieberman Offer2008 Abstracts Theses Asymmetric Cointegration: Applications to Macro Variables@in Israel and the OECD
 368 Roy Israely Rafaeli Anat2008 Abstracts Theses Emotions in Virtual Teams: Efficacy Beliefs and Performance
 369 Nelly Wainberg Passy Ury2008 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Input Output Data for the Case of Quasi Concave@Production Function
 370 Idit Florentin Tzafrir Shay2008 Abstracts Theses Performance Appraisal Process Satisfaction: Different@perspectives among Managers
 371 Yariv Grobshtein Dori Dov2008 Abstracts Theses OPM and SysML as Systems Modeling Languages:@Translation, Evaluation and Synergies
 372 Yonatan Tal Yechiam Eldad2008 Abstracts Theses Non Intrusive Speedy Lie Detection
 373 Merav Almagor Peterburg Shlomit Kaminka2008 Abstracts Theses Human Resources Function in the High Tech Industry -@Business Partner?
 374 Katy Shulman Baron Mira2008 Abstracts Theses Location Patterns of Israeli Pharmaceutical and Electronic@Firms
 375 Ravit Nir-Ducach Kirschenbaum Alan2008 Abstracts Theses Design of Integrated Information Display for Complex@Medical Processes Control
 376 Inna Goldin Feigin Paul2008 Abstracts Theses Power of Genetic Association Tests for Populations with@Sub-Structure
 377 Victor Dweck Domshlak Carmel2008 Abstracts Theses Empowering Inference and Undirected Search for Factored@Planning
 378 Regina Schvartzenberg Baron Mira

Hochman Gal
2008 Abstracts Theses Branded Drugs Prices, Patent Expiration and Competiton
 379 Tali Brodianskiy Cohen Sara2007 Abstracts Theses Self-Correcting XML Queries
 380 Guy Sharon Etzion Opher2007 Abstracts Theses Event Processing Network - A Conceptual Model
 381 Michal Hurvits Haramati Hadas2007 Abstracts Theses The Variables which Influence Managers Evaluations of Their@Subordinates Performance
 382 Miri Shemesh Bental Benjamin2007 Abstracts Theses Pattern of International Patent Registration
 383 Pnina Rubinovich Zohar Dov2007 Abstracts Theses The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organization@Commitment
 384 Inna Schegolev Kirschenbaum Alan

Yelenevskaya Maria
2007 Abstracts Theses Scientists from the FSU in Israel: Personal Network@Development as a Means of Social Integration and@Professional Reintegration
 385 Nader Geryes Bar Ilan Avner2007 Abstracts Theses Analysis of Crime in Israel by Counties
 386 Einat Karniel Iris Cohen-Kaner2007 Abstracts Theses "Technological Slavery" The Correlation between Receiving@Workpace Owned Cell-Phone and Work-Family@"Boundary Blurring"
 387 Ofer Zaks Rita Aloni2007 Abstracts Theses The Relationship between Emotional Characteristic, Period@of Service, Education, Gender and Performance@Levels at the Workplace
 388 Hava Koren-Israeli Vilnai-Yavetz Iris2007 Abstracts Theses The Prediction Validity of Graphology as a Tool for@Selecting Employees according to Intelligence
 389 Maya Gomme-Lahav Yuval Yonnay2007 Abstracts Theses The Hidden Practices that Maintain the Inequalities between@the Genders in the "New" Kibbutz - a Case Study
 390 Sergey Kuniavsky Smorodinsky Rann

Rothblum Uriel (Deceased)
2007 Abstracts Theses Coalitional Congestion Games
 391 Gilly Koritzky Erev Ido2007 Abstracts Theses Inequity Aversion: A Social Utility or a Reasonable@Strategy?
 392 Orly Orion-Liver Haramati Hadas2007 Abstracts Theses The Feedback Environment and the Expectations of Supervisors@and Co-Workers with Regard to the Induction of@Beginning Teachers into Teaching
 393 Irina Lavva Shimshoni Ilan2007 Abstracts Theses Robust Methods for Geometric Primitive Recovery and@Estimation from Range Images
 394 Gal Bahar Tennenholtz Moshe2007 Abstracts Theses Information Elicitation in Multi-Party Computation@using Simultaneous Sequential Mechanisms
 395 Olga Chuntonov Gopher Daniel2007 Abstracts Theses Individual Differences in Control Processes
 396 Miriam Atedgi Vilnai-Yavetz Iris2007 Abstracts Theses Gender Discrimination in Hiring Process: Comparison between@Private Human Resource Companies to Human Resource@Departments in Organizations
 397 Liat Sagy Rita Aloni2007 Abstracts Theses Differences in Perception of Employees of Workplace@Diversity at Three Sites of a Global Organization
 398 Marina Tsirkin-Laskin Yishay Maoz2007 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Natural Disasters on Long-Run Growth
 399 Sivan Kremer Erez Miriam2007 Abstracts Theses The Interplay between the Dual Performance Goals of@Creativity and Efficiency under Different Goal@Conditions
 400 Danit Kram-Gliklich Bamberger Peter2007 Abstracts Theses Buffering and Reversed Buffering: The Role of Support@Source and Type among Blue-Collar Workers
 401 Maya Silberbush Rita Aloni2007 Abstracts Theses Job Satisfaction of Social Workers from the Change Process@of "Learning Organization"
 402 Moran Frenkel Bar Ilan Avner2007 Abstracts Theses Uncertainty and the Demand for Labor in Israel
 403 Vladislav Kolet Bental Benjamin2007 Abstracts Theses Sectoral and Aggregate Output Variability
 404 Limor Boker Faran Iris Cohen-Kaner2007 Abstracts Theses Are Customers Satisfied when Employees are Satisfied? Links@between Employee Satisfaction and Commitment and@Customer Satisfaction
 405 Irina Larichkin Avner Ahituv2007 Abstracts Theses The Impact of Increasing in the Women's Educational Level@on their Labor Force Participation Rate: Jewish@and Non Jewish Population
 406 Guy Hochman Erev Ido2007 Abstracts Theses Partial Reinforcement Extinction Effect: Boundaries and@Limitations
 407 Ifat Cohavi Erez Miriam2007 Abstracts Theses The Development of Global Identity in the Global Work@Environment
 408 Elina Akselrod Rafaeli Anat

Gopher Daniel
2007 Abstracts Theses The Relationship between the Work Environment and Burnout@and Satisfaction among Health Service@Receptionists
 409 Na'ama Aharony Cohen Sara

Domshlak Carmel
2007 Abstracts Theses On Ranking Techniques for Desktop Search
 410 Oren Louidor Ioffe Dmitry2007 Abstracts Theses Pinning Phenomena and Models of Directed Polymers
 411 Itzhak Fadida Cohen Sara2007 Abstracts Theses Development and Implementation of Algorithms for Full@Disjunctions
 412 Keren Ravid Hochman Gal2007 Abstracts Theses International Security and Trade Agreements
 413 Nitzan Regev Reisman Haim2007 Abstracts Theses Excess Yields in Bond Hedging
 414 Neta Natalia Raikhman Trifon Raphael2007 Abstracts Theses Evaluation of Mutual Funds Managers Performance in Israel@Using Updated Financial Market Models
 415 Shy Ravid Rafaeli Anat2007 Abstracts Theses Anger and Power: A Multi-Culture Comparison of Anger@Expressions in a Global Economy
 416 Maya Sidi Iris Cohen-Kaner2007 Abstracts Theses Stress and Burnout among Family Business Owners in@Comparison to Non-Family Business Owners
 417 Sageet Tidhar-Akerman Shlomit Kaminka2007 Abstracts Theses Effectiveness Analysis of Socialization Processes in a Hi-@Tech Company - The Difference between Full-time@Empolyees and Part Time Empolyees@(Students)
 418 Guy Shani Gopher Daniel2007 Abstracts Theses Mitigating the Detrimental Effect of Menus and Wizards on@the Use of Programming Interfaces: Observational@Learning within the Wider Context
 419 Lior Tsoref Kutten Shay

Bregman David
2007 Abstracts Theses A Model for Connecting Mobile Devices and Computers in an@Intelligent Home
 420 Amit Yurman Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)2007 Abstracts Theses Product Cost Estimation Using Grouping Techniques
 421 Dmitry Lifshits Rubinstein Reuven-Yacov (Deceased)2007 Abstracts Theses Cross-Entropy Application for Combinatorial Optimization,@Counting and Rare Events Estimation
 422 Dafna Shmuel Shlomit Kaminka2007 Abstracts Theses Role Perception of Human Resource in the Insurance Branch@in Israel as Employees and Human resource@Comprehend it
 423 Anat Lanksner Avner Ahituv2007 Abstracts Theses The Crisis of Local Authorities in Israel - The basic Law of@Local Auhorities
 424 Lev Noppe Peled Dan2007 Abstracts Theses Financing Risky R&D Projects under Asymmetric@Information
 425 Ohad Itzhakian Baruch Shimoni2007 Abstracts Theses Workers' Preferences for Work-Family Flexibility: Dual@Earners Parents, Hi-Tech Workers in Israel
 426 Ami Eyal Gal Avigdor2007 Abstracts Theses Self Organizing Semantic Topologies in Peer Database@Systems
 427 Dorit Efrat-Treister Rafaeli Anat2007 Abstracts Theses Other People's Emotion and Individual Performance in@Creative and Analytic Tasks:@The Bright and Dark Sides of Anger
 428 Oren Israelson Haramati Hadas2007 Abstracts Theses Departmental Attribution and the Factors Influencing Ratees@Satisfaction from Performance Appraisal Process
 429 Ruslana Makovetsky Domshlak Carmel2007 Abstracts Theses Adopting Machine Learning Approaches to the Novelty@Detection Task
 430 Taly Harel-Marian Shlomit Kaminka2007 Abstracts Theses Job Announcements for Human Resources Personnel in Israel:@The Employers' Perception of the HR Profession
 431 Tatiana Ratner Karni Reuven2007 Abstracts Theses Applications of Artificial Intelligence to the Management@of Call Center Waiting Lines
 432 Rellie Derfler Rafaeli Anat2007 Abstracts Theses The Effects of Encounters with Angry Customers on Employee@Performance, Cognitive Abilities and Emotional@Exhaustion: A Simulation Study
 433 Eyal Hershkovitz Yechiam Eldad2007 Abstracts Theses Cognitive Modeling Analysis of Decision Making Processes and@Personality Traits in Dangerous Drivers
 434 Shelly Ben-Chemo Shlomit Kaminka2007 Abstracts Theses What's for You C.B.T or O.J.T?@The Differences of the Effectiveness between these@Two Guidance Methods
 435 Itay Sagi Yechiam Eldad2007 Abstracts Theses The Association between Amusing Titles and Article Citation
 436 Inessa Shmukler Zvagelsky Bental Benjamin

Peled Dan
2007 Abstracts Theses Parameter Estimation of R&D Processes with Uncertain@Implementation
 437 Yuri Rabinovich Ronen Amir2007 Abstracts Theses Automated Design of Near Optimal Auctions for Real Life@Scenarios
 438 Dina Gat Bental Benjamin2007 Abstracts Theses The Neoclassical Growth Model and the Israeli Economy@During 1987-2004
 439 Anat Kop Iris Cohen-Kaner2007 Abstracts Theses "Mentoring" at Work: Its Influence on the Obligation to the@Organization, Retaining the employees and Work@Satisfaction
 440 Michael Bendersky Kurland Oren2007 Abstracts Theses Passage Language Models in Ad Hoc Document Retrieval
 441 Rina Talisman Ronen Amir2007 Abstracts Theses Towards Generic Low Payment Mechanisms for Decenteralized@Task Allocation - A Learning Based Approach
 442 Nili Vinner Rafaeli Anat2007 Abstracts Theses Quality of Service, Customer Satisfaction or Personal@Preference for a Quality Product - what@will Increase Customer Loyalty?@Study of Research of Customer
 443 Iris Tsidon Iris Cohen-Kaner2007 Abstracts Theses The Relationship between ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management@System and Orgaizational Culture, Employee's@Commitment and Employee's Satisfaction
 444 Anna Drabkin Orda Ariel

Ronen Amir
2007 Abstracts Theses Maximum lifetime Equilibrium in topology control games in@ad hoc networks
 445 Ilya Adam Krichevsky Ben-Zion Uri2007 Abstracts Theses Hedonic Analysis of Housing Prices in a City
 446 Galit Yom-Tov Golany Boaz2006 Abstracts  A Portfolio Management Approach to Supplier Selection
 447 Anna Levit Ioffe Dmitry2006 Abstracts  Stochastic Geometry of Quantum Currie-Weiss Model
 448 Iris Tsur Kliger Doron2006 Abstracts  Risk-Return Association: Examination at the Organizational@Level
 449 Ronit Sherer Bental Benjamin2006 Abstracts  Train Services and Housing Prices in Netanya and in@Rehovot
 450 Neta Keidar Goldberg Albert2006 Abstracts  The Relation between Styles of Management and Motivating@People at Work
 451 Galit Lev-Ran Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)

Erez Miriam
2006 Abstracts  Competitive Absorptive Capacity and Superior Performance:@The Impact of Environmental Dynamism and@Organizational Learning Culture
 452 Polyna Khudyakov Mandelbaum Avishai2006 Abstracts  Designing a Call Center with an IVR (Interacting Voice@Response)
 453 Shay Hatzbany Gilad Issachar

Shpitalni Moshe
2006 Abstracts  Parallel Mixed-Model Assembly Lines for Efficiency@Improvement
 454 Inbal Yahav Gal Avigdor2006 Abstracts  Bid-Based Online Scheduling of Unit-Length Tasks with Hard@Deadlines
 455 Sivan Aldor-Noiman Feigin Paul

Mandelbaum Avishai
2006 Abstracts  Forecasting Demand for a Telephone Call Center: Analysis of@Desired versus Attainable Precision
 456 Elena Sigalov Bar Ilan Avner2006 Abstracts  Equity Home Bias in Israel
 457 Ido Lev-Ran Erev Ido2006 Abstracts  Which Way Does the Four Fold? The Effect of Feedback on Risk@Behavior in Small Decisions
 458 Shlomit Ostrov Goldberg Albert2006 Abstracts  The Influence of Employee Perceptions and Rewards on@Future Career Paths
 459 Irina Potashinski Bar Ilan Avner2006 Abstracts  The Equity Premium Puzzle and Indexed Bonds
 460 Michal Levite Bamberger Peter2006 Abstracts  Attachment Theory and Helping Processes: The Association@between Attachment Anxiety and Avoidance, and@Instrumental Help-Giving Behaviors@in Teams
 461 Hanny Abba-Bendor Bental Benjamin2006 Abstracts  The National Health Insurance Law and The Israeli Health@System
 462 Dalia Gilad Kliger Doron2006 Abstracts  Priming Effect and Subconscious Influences on Economic@Decision Making
 463 Amos Schurr Erev Ido2006 Abstracts  Peak or Freq? The Effect of Unpleasant Extreme Experiences
 464 Ola Jabali Sinreich David (Deceased)2006 Abstracts  Resource Scheduling in Emergency Departments
 465 Tamar Verech Bamberger Peter

Erez Miriam
2006 Abstracts  The Impact of Pay Secrecy on Emoloyee Equity and@Performance
 466 Dan Vatnik Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)

Erez Miriam
2006 Abstracts  Competitive Absorptive Capacity, Top Management@Teams and Firm Performance
 467 Eran Shoham Onn Shehory2006 Abstracts  Multi-Agent Coalition Re-Formation and League Ranking
 468 Adi Luria Erev Ido2006 Abstracts  On the Decision to Practice Basic Math Skills
 469 Daureen Steinberg Nemirovski Arkadi2006 Abstracts  Computation of Matrix Norms with Applications to Robust@Optimization
 470 Ravit Rozilio Rafaeli Anat2006 Abstracts  Emotion Regulation and Cognitive Performance: The Cost@of Being Nice to Others Who are Anrgy
 471 Boris Levit Kliger Doron2006 Abstracts  Evaluation Periods in Financial Markets
 472 Ayelet Yifrach Kutten Shay2006 Abstracts Theses Improved Distributed Exploration of Anonymous Networks
 473 Valeriya Perelman Dori Dov2006 Abstracts  Reverse Engineering from Java Code to an OPM Model
 474 Max Fransez Baron Mira2006 Abstracts  Travel and Tourism Industry in Israel: Rank-Size Rule,@Switching Costs and Consumers' Loyalty
 475 Keren Vered Mor Tzafrir Shay2006 Abstracts  Trust as a Mediator of the Relationship between@Organizational Justice and Work Behaviors in a@Cross-Cultural Context
 476 Andrey Kudryavtsev Kliger Doron2006 Abstracts  On the Reference Point Underlying Investors' Behavior
 477 Dan Lederman Bar Ilan Avner2006 Abstracts  International Reserves and Monetary Policy
 478 Lilah Bareket Bercovici Rosenblatt Zehava2006 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Team Cultural Diversity on Team Processes@and Work Effectiveness
 479 Meirav Rimon Golany Boaz

Ben-Tal Aharon
2006 Abstracts  Robust Methods for Mathematical Programming with Uncertain@Constrains: The Case of Portfolio Selection
 480 Yael Auerbach-Shpak Erev Ido2005 Abstracts  Adaptive user Interface: The Effect of the Adaptation@Strategy on User Performance
 481 Yael Sagy Rafaeli Anat2005 Abstracts  The Effects of Symbols on Trust and Compliance
 482 Davy Hallufgil Masin Michael2005 Abstracts  Deterministic Inventory Routing with Lateral Transshipments
 483 Uzi Venkert Erez Miriam2005 Abstracts  The Influence of Regulatory Focus (Promotion Focus/@Prevention Focus) on Performance of Tasks that@Require Innovation
 484 Yael Berstein Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)

Masin Michael
2005 Abstracts  Lot Splitting on a Reentrant Machine
 485 Sharon Link Naveh Eitan

Zonnenshain A.
2005 Abstracts  Standardization and Discretion: Conditions under which@Implementation of the ISO 14000 Standard Leads to@Performance Improvement
 486 Ilan Palatin Gopher Daniel2005 Abstracts  Using Principles from Research on Visual Search, Visual@Grouping and Word Recognition for the Redesign of@Medication Labels
 487 Taly Ish-Shalom Erev Ido2005 Abstracts  On Humans, Rats and the Certainty Effect
 488 Idit Avivi-Bechar Rafaeli Anat2005 Abstracts  Organizational Emphases in Performance Evaluation as@Predictors of Perceptions of Justice, Emotion and@Leaving
 489 Yulia Veinberg Erez Miriam2005 Abstracts  Attenuating the Trade-off between Novelty and Usefulness@in Creative Task Performance - The Power of The@Team Setting
 490 Lital Zilberman-Ziklik Rafaeli Anat2005 Abstracts  Customer Orientation Behaviors of Telephone Service@Employess
 491 Ayelet Fleishman-Stolero Naveh Eitan2005 Abstracts  The Effect of Climate on Safety Performance in a General@Hospital
 492 Oded Shefer Gopher Daniel2005
 The Influence of Differential Instructions on Control@Processes and Situation Awareness
 493 Tzachi Bronshtain Bamberger Peter2005 Abstracts  Effects of Team Social Integration on Member's Performance@and Satisfaction, and the Moderating Role of@Virtual Communication
 494 Dana Avital Bamberger Peter

Erez Miriam
2005 Abstracts  The Impact of Peer-Evaluation on Relational and Task Focused@Team Processes in Hospital Wards
 495 Keren Katalan Missing advisors 2005
 Corporate Governance: Ownership Structure and Corporate@Performance
 496 Yoav Tangir Rothblum Uriel (Deceased)2005 Abstracts  The d-Player Partition Bargaining Problem
 497 Michael Nir Shtub Avraham2005 Abstracts  A Profit Based Algorithm for Managing a Dynamic, Resource@Constrained Multi-Project Environment
 498 Ofra Ziv Rafaeli Anat2005 Abstracts  The Relationship between Aesthetics, Enjoyment and Trust in@E-Commerce Web Sites
 499 Bernardo Dov Nelkenbaum Sinreich David (Deceased)2005 Abstracts  The Tradeoff between Fixture and Tool Change Time in a@System Based in SSMS
 500 Tamir Noyman Bamberger Peter2005 Abstracts  Work-Related Risk Factors of Employee Substance Abuse in the@Israeli Workplace
 501 Hadas Shtub Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)

Herer Yale
2005 Abstracts  Learning and Forgetting with Varying Breaks between@Single Repetitions
 502 Ela Kohn Kirschenbaum Alan

Bamberger Peter
2005 Abstracts  To File a Grievance or Not to File a Grievance:@The Demographic Explenation behaind Employee@Grievnace Filing Behavior
 503 Vered Segal Erez Miriam

Naveh Eitan
2005 Abstracts  Same Leadership and Team Characteristics, Yet Different@Effects on Innovation in R&D versus Manufacturing
 504 Hagai Glicksman Penn Michal2005 Abstracts  Approximation Algorithms for the Group Prize Collecting@and Location Routing Problems
 505 Sarit Reiner Gal Avigdor2005 Abstracts  Scheduling of Data Transcription in Periodically@Connected Databases
 506 Neta Amir Naveh Eitan

Zonnenshain A.
2005 Abstracts  "Learning from Yesterday to be Preparing for Tomorrow":@The Conditions Under which After Act Reviews (AAR)@and the Lesson Learning Process@are Effective
 507 Eyal Ert Erev Ido2005 Abstracts  Does Trying Lead to Buying? The Effect of Free Sampling@on Choice Behavior
 508 Liat Ben-Uziel Michael Ben Gad2005 Abstracts  labor Migration to Israel: A Dynamic Macroeconomic@Analysis
 509 Orit Alul Onn Shehory2005 Abstracts  Multi-Dimensional Reputation in Open Multi-Agent Systems
 510 Oshrat Kremer-Srabstein Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)

Erez Miriam
2005 Abstracts  The Entrepreneur's Entreprenerial Opportunity Evaluation:@Opportunity and Individual Characteristics
 511 Barak Ben Yaakov Kim Moshe2005 Abstracts  The Relationships between Religion and Economic Growth -@The Case of the Religious Kibbutz Federation (RKF)
 512 Hadass Admon Rafaeli Anat

Gopher Daniel
2005 Abstracts  The Big Brother and Justice Perception: Electronic@Performance Monitoring, Procedural Justice@Perceptions and Performance in Customer-@Service Work
 513 Jacob Avidar Gal Avigdor2005 Abstracts  Run-Time Process Scheduling in Hard Real-Time Systems with@Process Dependency Constraints
 514 Nurit Zahavi-Riechstein Rafaeli Anat2005 Abstracts  The Relationship between Politeness, Expressiveness and@Special Requests of Customers
 515 David Ben-Ami Kutten Shay

Onn Shehory
2005 Abstracts  A Comparative Evaluation of Agent Location Mechanisms in@Large Scale MAS
 516 Itai Ashlagi Tennenholtz Moshe

Monderer Dov
2005 Abstracts  On the Value of Correlation
 517 Dotan Rodensky Gilad Issachar2005 Abstracts  Methodology for Optimal Scheduling of Hospital Operating@Room Facilities
 518 Efrat Raichshtain Kress Moshe

Penn Michal
2005 Abstracts  Modeling and Solving the Evacuation and Treatment Problem@of Casualties in Combat
 519 Eli Kovski Bar Ilan Avner2005 Abstracts  Nature of Investment-Uncertainty Relationship: Evidence from@Israel
 520 Boris Shulman Etzion Opher2005 Abstracts  Transactions in Active Environment
 521 Sivan Weiss Cohen Ayala (Deceased)2005 Abstracts  Statistical Methods for Analyzing Multilevel Data
 522 Rachel Zeituny Erev Ido2005 Abstracts  Case study: Development and Implementation of Skills@Management System in Amdocs
 523 Racheli Levy Bamberger Peter2005 Abstracts  The Impact of Pay for Performance Structure on Help-Giving
 524 Aviv Simionovici Friedman Roy2004 Abstracts  Allocation of Computational Resources in a Network Using@Economic Metaphors
 525 Orly Bar-Niv Bamberger Peter2004 Abstracts  Defection in Peer Assessment - the Influence of Personality@and Personality Dissimilarity
 526 Yaron Spektor Kutten Shay2004 Abstracts  PeerWeaver, a Testbed for Enhancements in Gnutella-like@Networks
 527 Yochai Ben-Chaim Gal Avigdor2004 Abstracts  Multi-Directional Asynchronous Updates of Replicas with@Auto-Counter Primary Key Attributes
 528 Ilana Karpovsky Shtub Avraham

Golany Boaz
2004 Abstracts  Relative Evaluation of Infrastructure Projects for@Priority Setting
 529 Amit Fisher Etzion Opher2004 Abstracts  Customer Lifetime Evaluation in E-Commerce and its@Application for Scheduling
 530 Taly Fiegenbaum Rafaeli Anat2004 Abstracts  Anger, Guilt and Promotion Decisions: A Cross-Cultural@Perspective
 531 Adi Hod Shtub Avraham

Parush Avi
2004 Abstracts  Tabular and Graphical Visualization in Enterprise@Information Systems
 532 Uri Meir Missing advisors 2004
 The Evolution of Internet Auctions
 533 Sharon Tal-Itzkovitch Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)

Feigin Paul
2004 Abstracts  Organizations Strategic Reference Points & The Role of the@Competitive Context: Israeli High Tech Companies@before and after March 2000 Stock Market@Crash
 534 Iris Arbel Erez Miriam2004 Abstracts  Conceptual Design of New Products: Effects of Team@Ccomposition and Tteam Pprocesses
 535 Dizza Beimel Dori Dov2004 Abstracts  OPM-based Collaborative Systems Modeling with@OPCATeam
 536 Keren Tirosh Tzafrir Shay2004 Abstracts  The Influence of Prosocially and Egoistically Motivated@Groups on Trust and Success in Negotiation, among@Cooperative and Pro-self Value@Orientation Individuals
 537 Natalia Menashes Mordechai Shechter

Benjamin Raiser
2004 Abstracts  Economic Evaluation of Health Damages from Motor Vehicle@Emissions in the Tel-Aviv Metropolitan Region
 538 Anat Spiegler Golany Boaz2004 Abstracts  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Constructing a Network@of Local Pick-Up Centers as a Solution for@the Logistic Last-Mile Problem
 539 Taly Harel Abraham Subotnik2004 Abstracts  A Computational Approach to Duopoly Equilibrium with Capital@and R and D Investments: Application to the AOI@Industry
 540 Illana Bendavid Herer Yale2004 Abstracts  Economic Optimization of Off-Line Inspection in a Process@that Produces also Non-Conforming Units when@In-Control and also Conforming Units@when Out-of Control
 541 Andrei Tiraspolski Mordechai Shechter2004 Abstracts  Incorporating Economic Incentives in Reducing Greenhouse@Gas Emissions under the Kyoto Protocol: The@Case of Israel
 542 Rinat Mashiah Bental Benjamin2004 Abstracts  Identifying High Risk Borrowers in Markets with Asymmetric@Information
 543 Nirit Gavish Parush Avi

Shtub Avraham
2004 Abstracts  Designing the user interface for various interactive@platforms: Examination of web browsing in the@desktop Pc and cellular phone
 544 Ella Kaplan Erez Miriam2004 Abstracts  Goal-Setting and Regulatory Focus: An Integrative Approach
 545 Michal Biron-Ben-Gera Bamberger Peter2004 Abstracts  Group Norms and Absenteeism: How Social Information@Processing Affect Employee Attendance
 546 Rostislav Man Rubinstein Reuven-Yacov (Deceased)

Nemirovski Arkadi
2004 Abstracts  Rare Event Simulation for Heavy-Tailed Distributions Using@Cross-Entropy Method
 547 Avital Koren Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)

Feigin Paul
2004 Abstracts  Competitive Strategy, Corporate Social Capital and@Performance of Start-Up Firms Founded in Israeli@Technological Incubators
 548 Gregory Gurevich Kliger Doron

Uri Levy
2004 Abstracts  Decision-Making under Uncertainty - a Field Study
 549 Amit Ben Aharon-Gur Tzafrir Shay2004 Abstracts  The Influence of the Perceptions of HRM Practices on@Perceived Service Quality and the Contribution of@Trust to tne Interaction between them
 550 Dany Postar Naveh Eitan2004 Abstracts  The Impact of Knowledge Management on the Success of Project@Management
 551 Hani Mansour Bental Benjamin2004 Abstracts  An Empirical Characterization of R and D Processes in a@Model of Sequential Search
 552 Boaz Fain Ben-Tal Aharon

Golany Boaz
2004 Abstracts  Resource Allocation for Inventory and Repair Capacities of@Recoverable Items in Military Logistic Systems
 553 Idit Halperin Bamberger Peter2004 Abstracts  The Effect of Supervisor Behavior on Subordinate Drinking@Behavior: The Impact of Subordinate Personality@Characteristics
 554 Dafna Aron )Berman( Parush Avi

Shtub Avraham
2004 Abstracts  Orientation and Navigation in 3D Interface
 555 David Kaplan Kim Moshe2004 Abstracts  Credit Pricing and Credit risk Management in Commercial@Banking
 556 Mahmud Qaadna Bar Ilan Avner2004 Abstracts  International Reserves Holding: Characterizing Optimal@Levels and Drift Control
 557 Avishag Spillinger Parush Avi

Rafaeli Anat
2004 Abstracts  The Impact of Risk Perception and Level of Trust on Buying@Decision in E-commerce
 558 Reut Livne Tarandach Erev Ido

Erez Miriam
2004 Abstracts  Turning Enemies into Allies@The Effect of Performance Contingent Reward and@Goal Type on Creativity
 559 Avinoam Tzimerman Herer Yale2004 Abstracts  Off-line Inspections under Inspection Errors
 560 Noga Prat Rafaeli Anat2004 Abstracts  Anger and Promotion Opportunities in Organizations
 561 Merav Eitam-Meilik Tzafrir Shay2004 Abstracts  Managers' Trust and Human Resource Management Practices@During Downsizing - A longitudinal Analysis in@High Tech Firms
 562 Caroline Zeira Rafaeli Anat2004 Abstracts  The Effect of Task Difficulty and Electronic performance@Monitoring on the Emotions and performance of Call@Center Representatives
 563 Gabi Koifman Onn Shehory

Gal Avigdor
2004 Abstracts  Multi-Agent Negotiation over Database Based Information@Goods
 564 Yael Einav Gopher Daniel2004 Abstracts  On the Relationship between Arousal Measures of the@Sympathetic System and Mental Effort
 565 Nira Munichor Rafaeli Anat2004 Abstracts  Telephone Waiting and Caller Reactions
 566 Alexey Gurevich Golany Boaz2004 Abstracts  Developing a 3-D Layout for Wafer Fabrication Plants
 567 Irina Leybman Missing advisors 2004
 Decision Making under Uncertainty and the Weighting of Rare@Events
 568 Amos Osherov Feigin Paul2004 Abstracts  Effective Pricing Strategy and Diffusion Process of Primary@and Contingent Products
 569 Marat Zislis Peled Dan2004 Abstracts  Economic Implications of Intellectual and Capital@Property Rights Policies
 570 Itay Gurvich Mandelbaum Avishai2004 Abstracts  Design and Control of the M/M/N Queue with Multi-Type@Customers and Many Servers
 571 Eran Dror Onn Shehory2004 Abstracts  Increasing the Auctioneer's Expected Revenue in a Dynamic@Multiple Unit Auctions
 572 Nili Maniv Mordechai Shechter

Naomi Zeitouni
2004 Abstracts  Economic Aspects of Climate Change Effects on Israel's@Agriculture
 573 Avi Kaufman Goldberg Albert2004 Abstracts  Venture Capital Funds and Technological Incubators -@Comparative Test by Institutionalization Model
 574 Willy Elizarov Reisman Haim

Zohar-Zalman Gady
2004 Abstracts  A Principal Component Model for Commodity Futures
 575 Dror Yona Ben-Tal Aharon2004 Abstracts  Robust Solutions of the Military Logistical Network Problem
 576 Shir Ahuvia Parush Avi

Rafaeli Anat
2004 Abstracts  Navigation Learning in Automated Systems: A Comparison of@Methods for Keeping the Operator "in the Loop"
 577 Stas Rozenfeld Penn Michal2004 Abstracts  Approximation Algorithm for the Group Steiner Network@Problem
 578 Pnina Feldman Shtub Avraham2004 Abstracts  Construction and Evaluation of a Deterministic Model for@Cost Estimation of Manufactured Parts Depending on@the Dynamic Shop-Floor Load
 579 Gad Allon Passy Ury2004 Abstracts  Convex Entropic Nonparametric Estimation of Production@Technologies
 580 Dorit Bar-Yair Kirschenbaum Alan2004 Abstracts  Gender as a Moderating Factor in the Development of Disaster@Risk Perceptions
 581 Amit Sofer-Baron Gopher Daniel2004 Abstracts  Individual Differences in Attention Control: the Influence@Of Task Characteristics
 582 Efrat Kedmi Shahar Rafaeli Anat2004 Abstracts  Irritation in Waiting Lines: Tha Influence of Queue@Design
 583 David Fridman Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)2004 Abstracts  The Relation between the Contextual Factors and the@Recruitment Practices within High-Tech Companies@in Israel
 584 Carmit Meirovitch Bamberger Peter2004 Abstracts  The Impact of the Dyadic Attachment on Social Support in@Work-Teams
 585 Adva Markus Rafaeli Anat2004 Abstracts  The Effect of Emotion on Perceived Promotion in@Organizations
 586 Eylam Gofer Kress Moshe2004 Abstracts  The Effectiveness of Precision Guided Munitions in the@Presence of Incomplete BDA
 587 Keren Kohn Rafaeli Anat2003 Abstracts  The Effect of Filling Waiting Time on Customer's Reactions@Services Settings
 588 Yariv Marmor Sinreich David (Deceased)2003 Abstracts  Developing a Simulation Tool for Analyzing Emergency@Department Performance
 589 Tatiana Brook Trifon Raphael2003 Abstracts  Application of the Main Security Pricing Models to the@"New Economy" Sector in Israel
 590 Efrat Shokef Erez Miriam2003 Abstracts  The Effect of Cross-Cultural Differences on Reactions to@Change in Reward Pattern
 591 Ella Miron-Spektor Erez Miriam

Naveh Eitan
2003 Abstracts  Competeing vs. Complementary Individual Characteristics and@Cultural Values that Lead to Innovation,@Qaulity and Efficiency Performances
 592 Mariya Polukarov Penn Michal

Kress Moshe
2003 Abstracts  A Two Stage Supply Problem with Stochastic Demands
 593 Ester Navon-Mizrachi Missing advisors 2003
 Hostile Takeovers in the Era of Globalization
 594 Yana Aluf Shy Oz2003 Abstracts  Comparison Advertising of Differentiated Brands
 595 Oded Levinger Missing advisors 2003
 Robust Linear Programming with Application to Inventory@Management Problems
 596 Yonit Shwarts Parush Avi

Shtub Avraham
2003 Abstracts  The Effects of Visual Layout Complexity of Web Pages on@their Usability
 597 Ayelet Davidovitch Goldberg Albert2003 Abstracts  The Institutionalization of a New Medical Area
 598 Merav Saker Shoham Aviv2003 Abstracts  Preventive Health Behaviors as a Life Style among Isreali@Consumers
 599 Hadas Yafe Rafaeli Anat

Smorodinsky Rann
2003 Abstracts  The Restaurant Problem
 600 Tamar Darazi Gopher Daniel2003 Abstracts  Objective and Subjective Indices of Performance Competence
 601 Paula Simches Kim Moshe2003 Abstracts  Long Term Relationships between Bank and Firm
 602 Nataly Gantman Shy Oz2003 Abstracts  Models of Advertising of Competing Broadcasting Networks
 603 Gennady Shaikhet Zohar-Zalman Gady2003 Abstracts  Portfolio Optimization Under Transaction Costs
 604 Oren Shoham Erez Miriam2003 Abstracts  The Relationship between Industry Cultural Characteristics@and Industries growth and Change (Using the@GLOBE Data Base)
 605 Leonid Margolin Rubinstein Reuven-Yacov (Deceased)

Weissman Ishay
2003 Abstracts  Cross-Entropy Method for Combinatorial Optimization
 606 Maya Lincoln Karni Reuven2003 Abstracts  A Generic Framework for Business Process Models of@Industrial Enterprises
 607 Sara Shachor Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)

Shtub Avraham
2003 Abstracts  Learning and Forgetting in the Computer Industry
 608 Eva Ishay Mandelbaum Avishai2003 Abstracts  Fitting Phase-Type Distributions to Data from a Telephone@Call-Center
 609 Liat Shaked Kirschenbaum Alan2003 Abstracts  Employee Turnover in Hi-Tech Organizations: The Impact@of Social Rewards
 610 Michal Inselbuch Gopher Daniel2003 Abstracts  Preparation for Switching Tasks via Dry-Runs
 611 Dalia Kalinhaff Bental Benjamin2003 Abstracts  Privatization in the Kibbutzim Movement
 612 Olga Schneider Golany Boaz2003 Abstracts  Operational Analysis of Multi-Project Systems Managed@through Artificial Agents
 613 Yuval Koren Kirschenbaum Alan2003 Abstracts  An Analysis of Factors Affecting "Risk Perceptions" of the@Civilian Population in Israel
 614 Orit Rappaport Parush Avi

Gopher Daniel
2003 Abstracts  The Development and Evaluation of Labels for Hazardous@Materials
 615 Tamar Bar-Niv Bamberger Peter2003 Abstracts  The Impact of Peer Assessment on Group Processes:@The Moderating Role of Individualism/Collectivism
 616 Michael Abramov Yossi Yagil

Sonsino Doron
2003 Abstracts  Market Efficiency and Anomalies in the@Russian Capital Market
 617 Lilya Leshem Bental Benjamin2003 Abstracts  Stranded Costs in Electricity Markets
 618 Dmitry Zel Smorodinsky Rann2003 Abstracts  Repeated Decision Making and the House Money Effect
 619 Shmuel Danan Reisman Haim2003 Abstracts  Obtaining Arbitrage by the Use of MAOF Options
 620 Evgenia Berdichevsky Bamberger Peter2003 Abstracts  Sexual Harassment as a Function of Male Coworkers'@Economic Insecurity and Drinking Behavior:@A multi-Level Analysis
 621 Andrey Broitman Tolkowsky Efrat

Ben-Zion Uri
2003 Abstracts  Application of Bankruptcy Prediction Models of Stock@Returns Predictability
 622 Yifat Netzer Missing advisors 2003
 The Relationship between Trust and Performance among@Employees and Managers, Hired Workers and Kibbutz@Members in the Kibbuts Industry
 623 Sara Shaul Zohar Dov2003 Abstracts  An Effort Reward Model of Burnout
 624 Ariel Fligler Shimshoni Ilan

Fruchter Gila
2003 Abstracts  Product Line Design Using a Genetic Algorithm
 625 Taly Lahav Goldberg Albert2003 Abstracts  The Relation between Motivation for Graduate Studies and@the Effectiveness of the Masters Degree for@Students and Graduates in Differ@Study Programs
 626 Ateret Anaby-Tavor Gal Avigdor2003 Abstracts  Enhancing the Formal Similarity Based Matching Model
 627 0snat Levav Goldberg Albert2003 Abstracts  Case Study: Adoption of Information Technology in Five@Israeli Hotels
 628 Tal Tsur Erez Miriam2003 Abstracts  The Learning Organization - the Effect of Goal Orientation@and Team Learning Culture on Performance
 629 Dmitry Cabelev Nemirovski Arkadi2003 Abstracts  Polynomial Time Cutting Plane Algorithms Associated with@Symmetric Cones
 630 Lital Green Erez Miriam2003 Abstracts  Knowledge Management in Teams: Mechanisms for Pooling@Unshared Information
 631 Michal Shmueli Etzion Opher2003 Abstracts  Parallel Management of Events and Situations
 632 Tal Gants Kirschenbaum Alan2002
 Confronting Disasters: An Analysis of Factors Affecting@"Preparedness" of the Civilian Population
 633 Dganit Barnea Gopher Daniel2002 Abstracts  The Influence of the Distinction between Task Components@on Attention Control Processes
 634 Itai Zak Gneezy Uri2002 Abstracts  Uncertainty and Myopic Loss Aversion
 635 Ruslana Palatnik Mordechai Shechter2002 Abstracts  Assessment of Demand for Recycle Services of Household Solid@Waste
 636 Yaron Elkabetz Arie Melnik2002 Abstracts  Stock Valuation and the Under-Pricing Phenomenon in@Initial Public Offerings
 637 Liat Kasif Karni Reuven2002 Abstracts  Enterprise Knowledge Process Modeling
 638 Noa Erez Erez Miriam

Maital Shlomo
2002 Abstracts  Mind the Gap: Preventing Crisis in International Structural@Co-Operations - a System Aapproach to Ggap@Identification
 639 Igal Koifman Shimshoni Ilan

Tal Ayellet
2002 Abstracts  Distance Learning over the Internet
 640 Ayala Guarino Goldberg Albert2002 Abstracts  The Impact of Reference Group on Patients Legitimation@of a New Medical Technology
 641 Tal Oref-Hen Bamberger Peter2002 Abstracts  The Social Consequences of Peer Assessment: the Impact of@Anonymity
 642 Faina Aranovich Shtub Avraham

Ben-Haim Yakov
2002 Abstracts  Methodology for Uncertainty-Level Estimation in Project@Scheduling Management with the Info-Gap Approach
 643 Techiya Ramati Rafaeli Anat2002 Abstracts  The Influence of the Appearance of Service Providers on the@Affect and Interaction Tendencies of Customers
 644 Aviva Sasporta Shimshoni Ilan2002 Abstracts  Object Recognition Using Point Uncertainty Regions as Pose@Uncertainty Regions
 645 Inna Breidburg Bental Benjamin2002 Abstracts  Reforms in Public Transportation
 646 Limor Hendel Gopher Daniel

Lavie Peretz
 Performance Battery for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
 647 Hadas Arzi Kirschenbaum Alan2002 Abstracts  A Constituency Model of Organizational Effectiveness: A Case@Study of the IDF Home Front
 648 Levon Kikanian Rubinstein Reuven-Yacov (Deceased)2002 Abstracts  Rare Events for Determenistic and Stochastic Combinatorial@Optimization Problems
 649 Sharon Levy Kim Moshe2002 Abstracts  Reforming the Electricity Supply Industries
 650 Elana Guslitzer Nemirovski Arkadi2002 Abstracts  Uncertainty-Immunized Solutions in Linear Programming
 651 Svetlana Kasimova Eden Bental Benjamin2002
 Prices and Inventories
 652 Jose Pesoa Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)2002 Abstracts  Arrangements for the Young in Kibbutzim in Response to a@Crisis of Defection
 653 Shiri Shamir Mordechai Shechter

Naomi Zeitouni
2002 Abstracts  Economic Valuation of Habitats Application of the@Mediterranean Grove in Carmel National-Park
 654 Shay Ben-Barak Sinreich David (Deceased)

Gopher Daniel
 Methodology for Describing and Analyzing Mental Models@of Complex System Operation
 655 Sharon Rendlich Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)2002 Abstracts  Intercultural Adjustment of Romanian Legal Foreign@Workers in the Construction Sector in Israel
 656 Hagit Wilder-Hamm Shtub Avraham

Parush Avi
2002 Abstracts  History of Learning Processes in Simulation Based@Learning: Application in Engineering Education
 657 Efrat Nakibly Mandelbaum Avishai2002 Abstracts  Estimating Waiting Times in Telephone Service Systems
 658 Orit Perry Rafaeli Anat

Smorodinsky Rann
2002 Abstracts  Frequent Probabilistic Punishment in Law Enforcement
 659 Amelia Levy Kirschenbaum Alan2002 Abstracts  The Influence of Social Bonding on Turnover
 660 Dorit Landwehr Goldberg Albert2002 Abstracts  The Factors Influencing the Trust in Health Care System in@Israel
 661 Dana Vashdi Bamberger Peter2002 Abstracts  Beyond Simple Headcounts in Diversity Management:@Explaining the Prevalence of Supportive Relations@with Dissimilar Others
 662 Avner Porat Kutten Shay

Penn Michal
 Maintenance of a Spanning Tree in Dynamic Networks
 663 Tamar Finkelstain Zohar Dov2002 Abstracts  The Relation between Work Interrupions and the Worker's@Self-Reported Mood (Positive and Negative),@Fatigue, Workload and Productivity
 664 Zohar Stein Onn Shmuel2002
 Shape Restricted Voting Schemes
 665 Orly Gold Pollatschek Moshe (Deceased)2002
 Ranking Based on Favorites List
 666 Sharon Klier Kliger Doron

Yossi Yagil

Ben-Zion Uri
 Value at Risk and Its Uses to Assess Liquidity of Financial@Instruments
 667 Daniel Fruchter Rafaeli Anat2002 Abstracts  Symbolism of the Reception Area of an Organization as an@Instrument for Implementing Quality Service as an@Organizational Goal
 668 Orit Palnizky Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)2002 Abstracts  Cross Cultural Differences in Coping with Unemployment
 669 Einat Weit Shy Oz2002
 Pricing of Library Subscriptions with@Applications to Scientific Journals
 670 Moshe Klausner Shimshoni Ilan

Bernstein David
 PLOTS - A Post-Link Optimization Tool for the S/390
 671 Julia Pavlodskey Sonsino Doron2002 Abstracts  Strategic Pattern Recognition - Experimental@Evidence
 672 Yana Golerkansky Bental Benjamin2002
 The Banking System and Economic Crisis: Israel and Russia
 673 Yitzhak Kohavi Bental Benjamin

Kim Moshe
2002 Abstracts  Stock Market Reaction to US Automotive Recalls
 674 Hussein Naseraldin Golany Boaz

Zussman Eyal
2002 Abstracts  Integrated Planning of Product Design, Assembly Process and@Supply Chain
 675 Orit Valency Gabbay Shaul2002
 Recruiting Sources Effectiveness and Referral as Cooperate@Social Capital
 676 Adi Chokler Benyamin Shitovitz

Kim Moshe
2002 Abstracts  Information Advantage vs. Commitment Advantage in Linear@Bertrand Duopoly
 677 Yosef Bonaparte Bental Benjamin2002 Abstracts  Investment in Education in the Jewish and the Arab Sectors@in Israel
 678 Arthur Abramov Bental Benjamin2002 Abstracts  Issues in the Economics of Florence in the Middle Ages
 679 Shlomit Frohner Mannheim Bilha2002
 Differences between Women and Men Engineers in Their@Attitudes toward the Engineering Profession and@Their Organization
 680 Yaron Fishman Mordechai Shechter

Nir Becker
2002 Abstracts  Dynamic and Intersectorial External Effects of Nitrogen@Fertilizer
 681 Yoav Brandt Zohar Dov2001
 Stress Perception: Effects of Exam Difficulty and Importance@Combined with a Retest Option, on Subsequent@Levels of Stress
 682 Mark Eklin Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)2001
 Hybrid Algorithm for Robotic Assembly Plan Problem
 683 Oren Parnas Reisman Haim2001
 Characterizing Underlying Stock Prices from Current Option@Prices
 684 Iris Zin Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)2001
 Absenteeism From Work, a Case of Institutionalized@Evasion?
 685 Edna Levy Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)

Meshulam Ilan
 The Factors Influencing Employees' Willingness to Relocate@Outside of Israel in High-Tech Industries
 686 Smadar Shalev Karni Reuven2001
 Approaches to Fostering Creativity in Conceptual Design
 687 Ronit Ronen Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)

Shoval Shraga
 Task Allocation among Man and Robot
 688 Maya Stoler Gneezy Uri

Haruvy Ernan
 The Disposition to sell Winners too Soon and Ride Losers@too Long
 689 Yael Livne Zohar Dov2001
 Effects of Stress on Semantic Parameters of Speech@Production
 690 Sary Regev Shtub Avraham

Ben-Haim Yakov
 Applied Risk Methodology during Project Initialization
 691 Dror Carmi Gopher Daniel2001
 The Influence of Feedback Time Structure on the Acquisition@of a Cognitive Skill
 692 Sivan Frenkel Peled Dan

Bental Benjamin
 Parametric Estimation of R and D Processes Using a@Sequential Search Model
 693 Ido Kuhnreich Kliger Doron2001
 Day of the Week Effect - A Look Via Option Prices
 694 Roy Sivan Gopher Daniel2001
 Acquisition Versus Transfer of Skill: Comparing Experts@and Novices in a Flight Simulator
 695 Merav Sagi Kirschenbaum Alan2001
 The Effect of Human Capital on Labor Mobility
 696 Tamara Vetlugina Baron Mira2001
 Measuring Income Inequality: Impact of Age and Religion
 697 Eitan Wardeshaim Erez Miriam2001
 Changing the Managerial and Reward Practice in the Kibbutzim@Plants: Cultural, Economical and Demographically@Change
 698 Keren Haber Rafaeli Anat2001
 The Effects of Queue Structure on Queuers' Emotional@Reactions
 699 Shiri Abarbanel Friedman Roy2001
 Fault-Tolerant Multi-Server Video-on-Demand Services
 700 Boris Shnits Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)

 Genetic Algorithm for Robotic Assembly Line Balancing
 701 Shaked Gilboa Rafaeli Anat2001
 Relating Store Environment and Individual Perspective as@Consumer or Service Provider to Emotions and@Behavior
 702 Daphna Shwartz Asher Gabbay Shaul

Ben-Zion Uri
 The Impact of Constructing Web Site on the Stock Value of a@Firm
 703 Ron Eichel Peled Dan2001
 Endogenous Specialization and Liberalization of@International Capital Markets
 704 Orly Tenne-Gazit Gabbay Shaul2001
 Corporate Social Capital (CSC) and the Performance of@Research and Development (R and D) Teams (in@Fortune 500 Firms)
 705 Raisa Gorelik Gilad Issachar

Arzi Yohanan
 Design of Mixed Model Flexible Production Lines with Finite@Buffers
 706 Ran Kestelman Mandelbaum Avishai

Tennenholtz Moshe
 Optimal Organizational Structures for Problem Solving: Help@Desks
 707 Hila Meyer Gopher Daniel2001
 The Effect of the Difficulty Pattern of a Task on the@Objective Performance of the Task and the@Subjective Evaluation of this@Performance
 708 Keren Mintz ?

Erev Ido
 Differential Effects of Various Sources of Organizational@Commitment on It's Components: the Case of@Organizational Commitment Among Kibbutz@Members
 709 Lihu Avitov Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)2001
 The Competitive Strategy of Medical Technology Companies in@Israel: 1948-2000
 710 Amit Gayer Shy Oz2001
 Economic Aspects of Internet Downloading and Intellectual@Property
 711 Roman Abezgaouz Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)2001
 Optimal AGV Routing Subject to Shifting Constraints
 712 Sharon Lang-Pinchas Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)2001
 Telecommuting: the Challenge and the Difficulties
 713 Gad Paul Horn Penn Michal2001
 Container Ships Stowage Planning
 714 Orit Hassin Shy Oz2001
 Economic Aspects of Code Sharing Agreements in the Airline@Industry
 715 Gil Luria Zohar Dov2001
 Using Scripts as an Organizational Control Mechanism
 716 Sagit Barel-Shaked Baron Mira2001
 Efficiency in the Provision of Municipal Services: The Case@of Domestic Refuse Collection
 717 Tchai Tavor Kliger Doron2001
 Market Efficiency in the Light of Advances in@Telecommuniation
 718 Michal Mamos Weissman Ishay2001
 Methods for Estimating Tail Probabilities
 719 Leonid Brook Golany Boaz2001
 Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling
 720 Yahalomit Simionovitch Baram Yoram2001
 Augmented Reality for Aiding the Neuro-Motorically@Impaired
 721 Sharon Maayan Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)2001
 The Commitment of Students to Work and to Studies -@Duality or Unilateral?
 722 Keren Caspin Gabbay Shaul2001
 Social Structure and Levels of Interdependence Challenges in@Geographically Dispersed Work Teams (GDWT)
 723 Ron Sher Etzion Opher

 Mobile Transactional Workflows
 724 Rosana Muller Cohen Ayala (Deceased)2001
 Investigation of Methods for the Analysis of Longitudinal@Count Data
 725 Kirill Karmi Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)2001 Abstracts  Combined Job Scheduling and Tool Requirement Planning for@Flexible Manufacturing Systems
 726 Moran Elnekave Gilad Issachar2001
 A Computerized Multimedia Generator for Advanced@Measurements of Time Standards
 727 Irina Gurfinkel Shtub Avraham2001
 The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems on@Company Performance in Israel
 728 Liliya Blekhman Baron Mira2001
 Valuing Outdoor Recreational Benefits by Travel Cost Method@(TCM)
 729 Hila Halamish (Ben-Shahar Mannheim Bilha2001
 The Model of Full Range of Leadership as Related to Group@and Individual Variables among Cadets
 730 Max Lavi Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)2000
 Reengineering of the Manpower Planning Process in "Avborne"
 731 Greg Barron Erev Ido2000
 The Effect of Feedback on Decision Making Under Uncertainty@And Risk: the Predictive Value of Descriptive@Models
 732 Gilly Naheer-Leshed Erev Ido2000
 An Experimental Study and Descriptive Models for Detection@Of Change Tasks
 733 Erela Weisbach ?2000
 Ipo Auctions in Israel
 734 Daniel Greenberg Pollatschek Moshe (Deceased)2000
 Extension of a Modeling Language for Treating Both@Mathematical Programming and Simulation
 735 Tal Shvit Sonsino Doron

Ben-Zion Uri
 An Experimental Study on the Evaluation of Lotteries and@Of Options on Lotteries
 736 Dalit Rozen Missing advisors 2000
 Collaboration Between Marketing and Operations in An@Organization
 737 Julia Kotlarsky Missing advisors 2000
 Scheduling Multi-Load Agvs in a Dynamic Environment
 738 Sagi Akron Missing advisors 2000
 Tests of the Long-Run Performance of Shares of Israeli@Ipo's on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
 739 Tamar Boudoukh Penn Michal

Weiss Gideon
 Algorithms for Solving Job Shop Problems with Identical@And Similar Jobs, Based on Fluid Approximation
 740 Orit Carmely Missing advisors 2000
 The Law for the Encouregement of Capital@Investment: Intentions and Effects
 741 Oshrat Kfir Adiri Igal (Deceased)2000
 Scheduling Under Generalized Open Shop Discipline
 742 Ornit Raz Gabbay Shaul

Goldberg Albert
 Social Versus Geographical Influences on Organizational@Strategy in Software Companies: Isomorphism in@Action
 743 Yifat Liberman Bamberger Peter

Meshulam Ilan
 The Sociometry as a Parivate Case of "Peer Evaluation"@The Impact of Experience on Tool-Acceptance
 744 Eran Bar-Am Missing advisors 2000
 Competitive Strategy, Corporate Social Capital, and@Performance of High Technology Idf-Spinoffs
 745 Eldad Yechiam Erev Ido

Gopher Daniel
 A Strategy Based Model to the Interpretation of Visual@Dominance in Perceptual-Motor Tasks
 746 Yahel Giat Peled Dan2000
 Endogenous Specialization and Monetary Exchange
 747 Jean-David Salma Missing advisors 2000
 Integrating Deadlock Avoidance Methods Into the Control@Software of Flexible Manufacturing Cells
 748 Hadas Daniely Erev Ido2000
 On Social Dilemmas and Optimal Design of Simulators
 749 Hagit Dror Goldberg Albert2000
 Decision-Making Processes in a Cooperative - Egged
 750 Galia Shabtai Erev Ido2000
 Cognitive Game Theoretic Analysis of Detection of Change@Problem
 751 Ayelet Bida-Kanigel Trifon Raphael2000
 Normative Return of Financial Assets in the Israel Capital@Market According to Advance Models in Finance
 752 Elisheva Sperber Onn Shmuel2000
 Optimizing Graph Routing for Multi-Agent Networks
 753 Sharon Pinkaslifshitz Baron Mira2000
 The Impact of Switching Costs on the Location of Service@Branches
 754 Yuval Kfir Rosenblatt Meir (Deceased)2000
 Flexible Facilities Under Uncertainty
 755 Yael Sperling-Cohen Missing advisors 2000
 Using Models of Efficient Capital Markets to Forecast@Fluctuations in the Demand for Engineers in@Electronics Industry
 756 Dror Shany Erev Ido2000
 On Rule Enforcement and Reinforcement Learning
 757 Deganit Kliger-Peled Missing advisors 2000
 Do Maalot's Ratings Affect Bond Prices?
 758 Ravit Dror Erev Ido2000
 Case Study: Usability Enginerring of Avionics Information@System
 759 Ruti Gordon Karni Reuven2000
 Knowledge Management in a Project Environment
 760 Rony Fuks ?2000
 Searching and Comparing Prices on the Internet by Search@Robots
 761 Emilia Efremouchkin Missing advisors 2000
 Cost Benefit Analysis of Waste Disposal of Household@Batteries
 762 Nira Bonneh-Elichai Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)2000
 The Association Between Women Entreprenuers and Performance@In Israeli Hightech Firms: Examining Strategic@Reference Points Theory
 763 Ronit Dagan-Apt Mannheim Bilha2000
 Cultural Aspects and Types of Considerations Related to@Internal and External Service Quality
 764 Radmila Pugach Missing advisors 2000
 Corporate Governance: Banks Or the Market?
 765 Zvi Tal Missing advisors 1999
 Gender Differences in Evaluating the Influence of@Environment Variables on Stress and Coping
 766 Gilad Paz Missing advisors 1999
 Cultural Values and Economic Growth
 767 Boaz Birman Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)1999
 Design of a Gt Cellular Manufacturing System in An Engines@Refurbishing Plant
 768 Mati Golani Missing advisors 1999
 Temporal Rules in Temporal Active Database
 769 Tali De-Castro Dekel Greenshpan Yaakov

Gopher Daniel
 Developing a Training Program for Applying the@Human-Factors Approach as a Tool for Detecting@And Analyzing Safety Obstacles in@Industries
 770 Yonit Shouby Missing advisors 1999
 Bank Credit Management
 771 Galit Mador Missing advisors 1999
 Complexity and Uncertainty in Choice Making
 772 Sasson Gamliel Missing advisors 1999
 Factors Determening Emplyment of Temporary Employees
 773 Arnon Sturm Missing advisors 1999
 Converting Object-Process Methodology Analysis and Design@Results to Database Schemes
 774 Sylvain-Shaul Bouhnik Golany Boaz

Passy Ury
 Enhancements in the Data Envelopment Analysis Method
 775 Sharon Aviran Onn Shmuel1999
 Vertex Characterization of Shaped Partition Polytopes
 776 Alexander Podgayetsky Missing advisors 1999
 The Cross-Entropy Method for Combinatorial and Continuous@Optimization
 777 Oded Yona Missing advisors 1999
 Improvement of Heading Ability in Presence of "Smile"
 778 Miron Rozenkranz Missing advisors 1999
 Fixed-Income Immunization Strategy for Multinational Firm
 779 Konstantin Papernov Missing advisors 1999
 Distributed Knowledge Base of Metadata
 780 Relly Leibovich Missing advisors 1999
 Investigating Multi-Product Pull Type Lines with Feedback@Control
 781 Maya Kaner Karni Reuven1999
 A Generic Description of Operations Systems
 782 Sara Lev Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)1999
 Towards Competitive Strategy of Israeli Hospitals@And Its Impact on Performance
 783 Iris Reinhartz-Berger Dori Dov1999
 Generating Java Code from Object-Process Language Script
 784 Hovav Perets Missing advisors 1999
 On Strategic Manipulations and Zero-Sum Bettings
 785 Shimon Weissmann Missing advisors 1999
 A Review of Prospect Theory
 786 Noam Manor Missing advisors 1999
 Design of a Quality Assurance System for a Hospital's@Blood Bank
 787 Renata Grinshpun Karni Reuven

Arie Melnik
 An Expert System for Analyzing Financial Indexes
 788 Uzi Avigdor Missing advisors 1999
 A Machine Vision System for Recognizing the Content of An@Automated Storage and Retrieval System
 789 Zeev Golod Missing advisors 1999
 The Srdc Approach for Production Management
 790 Evgeny Ozerov Missing advisors 1999
 Transition to Market Economy in Central and Eastern Europe -@Gradualism Or Shock Therapy?
 791 Miriam Vainstein Missing advisors 1999
 Differences in Sensitivity and Decision Criterion in@Tabular and Graphic Displays
 792 Michael Plotnik Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)1999
 Job Scheduling and Component Setup in a Smt Line
 793 Tamar Avnet (Pnueli) Missing advisors 1999
 The Influence of Culture on Information Processing in@Advertisements
 794 Hedva Josef Missing advisors 1999
 The Effects of Economic Events, Traded in Stock Exchange,@On Share Prices
 795 Sara Levin Missing advisors 1999
 An Empirical Investigation of Health Services Utilization@In Israel
 796 Tamir Peleg Missing advisors 1999
 Optimization of Placement Operation in Pcb Assembly Line@Using Smt
 797 Daniel Buzaglo Missing advisors 1999
 Application of Neural Networks for Distinguishing Diagnosis@Of Follicular Tumors on the Thyroid Gland.
 798 Alexander Nykin Trifon Raphael1999
 Public Investment Funds in Israel Capital Market: the@Evaluation of Managers Performance by Apt and@Other Models
 799 Uri Eick Cohen Ayala (Deceased)1999
 Using Structural Equations Modeling for Confirmatory and@Longitudinal Factor Analysis
 800 Orna Lavie Missing advisors 1999
 The Relationship Between Organizational Characteristics@And the Incentive System Applied
 801 Ronit Hirshberg Missing advisors 1999
 Quality Costs in Hospitals: a Focus on Repetitive Lab Tests
 802 David Fitoussi Missing advisors 1999
 Choosing Social Laws for Multi-Agent Systems@Minimality and Simplicity
 803 Zvi Silbershmit Missing advisors 1999
 Heuristics for Traim Scheduling in An Existing Timetable
 804 Elena Guz Peled Dan

Fruchter Gila
 A Dynamic Monopoly Model of Advertising and Pricing.
 805 Opher Dubrovsky Missing advisors 1999
 Efficient Stowage of Container Ships, Using Heuristics
 806 Yosi Perlman ?1999
 Measuring the Impact of Air Pollution and View on Housing@Prices in Haifa
 807 Nisan Langberg Reisman Haim1999
 Financial Derivative Pricing and Applications in Actuarial@Sciences
 808 Shir Haparnass Kirschenbaum Alan1999
 Employee Turnover: Intra and Inter Organizational
 809 Michal Rimon Missing advisors 1999
 Fair Resource Allocation for Rational Agents with Failures
 810 Ronit Haimovitch Missing advisors 1999
 Export Potential of Dairy Products from Israel to Lebanon,@Syria and Jordan
 811 Anat Field-Haramati Missing advisors 1999
 Individual Differences in Attention Control
 812 Arkady Katsman Peled Dan

Bental Benjamin
 Endogenous Number of Firms in a Search Theoretic Growth@Model
 813 Gadi Manor Kaspi Haya1998
 Optimality of Index Strategies for the General@Branching Bandit
 814 Alexey Korenev Weissman Ishay

Feigin Paul
 An Application of F-Test to the Neural Network Models
 815 Myriam Flohr Penn Michal1998
 Heuristic Algorithms for Solving the Container Ship@Problem
 816 Yitzchak Molcho Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)1998
 Business Process Reengineering in a Metal Products@Manufacturing Factory
 817 Ronit Hammer Erez Miriam1998
 The Relation Between Culture and Implicit Leadership@Theories Among Managers in Organizations
 818 Dalit Even Or Erez Miriam1998
 Expectations, Products and Processes: the Influence of@Motivation Methods on Group Performance
 819 Nasser Shrara Bental Benjamin1998
 The Characterization of the Gap Between the Declared@Income and the Income in the Final Assessment
 820 Olga Donina Penn Michal1998
 Algorithms on Planar Graphs and Their Extensions for@Obtaining Cuts in Graphs
 821 Dina Biran Bental Benjamin1998
 Projections of World Oil Price in Comparison to Reality
 822 Liron Palni Sinreich David (Deceased)1997
 Scheduling Pickups Deliveries in a Multi Load Vehicle@Environment
 823 Eliezer Weissmann Etzion Opher1997
 Algorithms for the Anlysis of Structure and Activities of@An Active Database
 824 Faina Beger Karni Reuven1997
 Stochastic Models of Assembly Lines
 825 Boris Rodel Herer Yale1997
 Genetic Algorithm for Flexible Manufacturing System
 826 Ronit Moran Peled Dan1997
 A Private Workout Vs. Court-Supervised Debt Reorganization
 827 Sara Eyal Bental Benjamin1997
 Return on Investment in Agricultural R and D
 828 Rafi Shlomi Ben-Zion Uri

Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)
 Imact of Industry and Business Strategy Characteristics@On the Equity Multiplier (Tobin Q):@Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical@Examination
 829 Ori Aharony-Ben Izchak Tennenholtz Moshe1997
 Applying a Social Model to the Motion Problem in a Multi@Agent Environment
 830 Moshe Goodman Dori Dov1997
 The Object-Process Paradigm as a Common Methodology for@Analysis, Design and Implementation of Information@Systems
 831 Anneli Maria Kimmel Bamberger Peter1997
 Social Integration Versus Instrumentality: Determinants of@Israeli Faculty Members' Union Commitment
 832 Rafael Roth Mordechai Shechter1997
 Existence Values in Natural Resources Economics
 833 Yonit Barron Mandelbaum Avishai1997
 Performance Analysis of Dynamic Stochastic Pert/cpm Networks
 834 Rami Rashkovits Etzion Opher1997
 A Model of Composite Event Detection Based on@Temporal Database
 835 Zlata Rabinovich Maital Shlomo1997
 An Integrated Three-Dinemensional Approch to Benchmarking@Performance Evaluation: Efficiency, Profitability@And Risk
 836 Bella Florenthal Shoham Aviv1997
 Changing Peoples Attitude Toward Risky Sports@And Their Intention to Join Risky Sports in Future
 837 Jacob Shiran-Spasser Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)1997
 Competitive Dynamics and Strategic Reference Points Theory:@Exploring the Israeli Networking Industry
 838 Shahar Perkiss Mordechai Shechter1997
 Environmental Resources - Estimation Methods: the Embedding@Effect in Contingent Valuation Method
 839 Elitzur Cohen Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)1997
 The Impact of Strategic Reference Points and Strategic@Capabilities on the Subjective Success of Projects@In the Technological Incubators of the@Chief Scientist of Israel
 840 Nadav Itai Karni Reuven1997
 Mrp as a Supplementary Tool for Hospital Management
 841 Liat Massad Zohar Dov1997
 Gender Differences in the Evaluation of Managers Reactions@To Stressfull Events
 842 Dina Dagan )Nissim( Mannheim Bilha

Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)
 Substantive and Political Considerations in the Provision@Of Intra-Organizational Service
 843 Anat Dvash Mannheim Bilha1997
 Technological Coupling, Individual Differences and@Psychological Well Being of Amt Workers
 844 Yoram Melamed Zohar Dov1997
 The Effects of Stress on Functions of Written Language@Production
 845 Samuel Ginzburg Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)1997
 Skill Retention and Relearning
 846 Yoela Tamir-Eriely Baron Mira1997
 Signalling of Product Quality by Firms
 847 Rekem Dor Zohar Dov1997
 Long Term Retention of Procedural Skill
 848 Yael Kril-Migdal Kirschenbaum Alan1997
 The Impact of Organizational Structure, Organizational@Behavior and Employee Attitudes on Rehabilitation@Success
 849 Shimon Elkabetz Kim Moshe1997
 The Technology of Mutual Funds
 850 Tal Oron Gopher Daniel1997
 Process Control Simulation in a Dynamic Display
 851 Anat Tolnai Zohar Dov1997
 The Effect of Interruption on Stress at Work
 852 Ronit Ben-Non-Halparin Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)1997
 The Effect of Individval Variables, Perceptions and@Different Pay Systems, on Pay Satisfaction
 853 Ofir Shechter Sinreich David (Deceased)1997
 Control of a Heterogeneous Material Handling Fleet Vehicle
 854 Anat Oren-Elad Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)1997
 Price Perception
 855 Meir Avekasis Sinreich David (Deceased)1997
 Tools Allocation,Parts Assignment and Process Selection in@An Existing Group Technology Layout
 856 Galit Shmueli Cohen Ayala (Deceased)1997
 Analysis and Display of Promotion Data.@.
 857 Nesia Bar-Yosef ?1997
 The Effect of the Context (Civil Versus Military) on@Leadership Style and Operations
 858 Eran Terkel Ben-Zion Uri

Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)
 Testing the Influence of Privatization on Israeli Firms@Performance
 859 Shay Tzafrir Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)1997
 The Relations Between Human Recource Management@Practices, Industrial Relations Prformance and@Perceptions of Organizational@Performance
 860 Tammar Margalit Nemirovski Arkadi

Ben-Tal Aharon
 Stable Convex Programming with Application to@Portfolio Selection
 861 Irit Shachor Golany Boaz1996
 Perfomance Measurenment in Dea: Evaluation@By Categories
 862 Shlomit Harel Gilad Issachar1996
 |eometric Variables in Keyboard Operation
 863 Elena Zilberstein Dori Dov1996
 Segmentation and Recognition of Dimensioning Text from@Engineering Drawings
 864 Vered Kahana Lifshitz Yair1996
 Detection of Employee Absenteeism Variables
 865 David Amital Sinreich David (Deceased)1996
 Inter and Intra Departmental Flow in Material Flow Systems
 866 Assaf Zeevi Meir Ron

Adler Robert
 Mixture Based Functional Estimation
 867 Sharon Amit Feigin Paul1996
 Dependent Multivariate Acceptance Sampling Plans and Their@Oc Curves
 868 Marcia Shamo Gopher Daniel1996
 Understanding Functions in Quantitative Displays
 869 Hernan Altman Golany Boaz1996
 Design and Application of Gainsharing Bonus Plan at Dash@Plant Facilities
 870 Boris Dahav Etzion Opher1996
 Handling Exceptional Data in Active Homogenous Database@Systems
 871 Lior Netzer Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)1996
 Benchmarking, Strategic Reference Points and Organizational@Performance: An Empirical Examination in a@Military Unit
 872 Lilach Armoni-Shimoni Gopher Daniel1996
 The Ability to Prepare for Switching Tasks
 873 Orit Bejerano Maital Shlomo

Erev Ido
 Melioration, Adaptive Learning and the Effect of Constant@Re-Evaluation of Strategies
 874 Noam Zeev Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)1996
 Design of a Conwip Based Gt Production System Using@Simulated Annealing.
 875 Ayelet Shadmi Zohar Dov1996
 The Effect of Stress and Anxiety on Cognitive Performance.
 876 Ilan Gilboa Herer Yale

Kaspi Haya
 Economic Criteria of Buffer Utilization with An Unreliable@Machine
 877 Ori Orhof Erev Ido1996
 On Maximization, Melioration and the Law of Effect
 878 Oded Suchard Kress Moshe1996
 Optimization of Force Allocation in Models of Stochastic@Combats
 879 Ayelet Rashit Herer Yale1996
 A Two Location Inventory System with Lateral Stock@Transshipments.
 880 Khawla Rihani Goldberg Albert

Mannheim Bilha
 Family Business: Family Ownership and Culture Within@The Arab Business Sector in Israel
 881 Eyal Hermony Monderer Dov1996
 Selling through Subcontractors: Auction and Imperfect@Competition
 882 Arnon Licht Tennenholtz Moshe1996
 The Selection and Verification of Multi-Agent Plans
 883 Yaniv Grinstein Ben-Zion Uri1996
 The American Commodity Futures Markets: Opportunities to@The Israeli Wheat Industry
 884 Smadar Witteboon Penn Michal1996
 On the Container Ship Stowage Problem
 885 Ayelet Ben-Ziv Erev Ido1996
 Adolescent Risk Taking and the Bar-Mitzvah Effect: Two@Person Signal Detection Safety Game.
 886 Ofer Shtrichman Goldring Ron1996
 Improving Real-Time Systems' Reliability Using Temporal@Logic
 887 Raphael Miron Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)1996
 Strategic Reference Points (Srp) and Their Impart on@The Performance of Israeli Corporations
 888 Yitzhak Ben-Sasson Erev Ido1996
 The Psychology of Sunk-Cost in Real Life Dilemmas as@Observed in the 1993-4 University Strike@In Israel.
 889 Anat Arditi Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)1996
 Behavioral Description Interview Versus Assessment Centre@Concurrent Validity Comparison
 890 Merav Nakash Erez Miriam1996
 The Self as a Mediator in the Relation Between Cultural@Values and Preference of Management Techniques
 891 Viktoria Dubrovsky Etzion Opher1996
 Reasoning with Disjunctive Logic Programs: Algorithms and@Implementation
 892 Dov Kotlar Peled Dan1996
 Expert Services Market with Diagnosis
 893 Moshe Alfandari Zohar Dov1996
 Influence of Organizational Justice Variables on Symptoms@Of Stress
 894 Rami Gazit Daniel Galin1996
 Software Maintenance Cost Estimating
 895 Anna Kurchik Karni Reuven1996
 Learning Based Fms Scheduling
 896 Amit Kavie Erev Ido1996
 The Interaction Between Goal Setting, Rewards and@Performance.
 897 Yariv Yairi Reisman Haim1996
 A Pricing Model for Derivatives on Commodities with@An Application to the Israeli Market
 898 Sergey Zeltyn Mandelbaum Avishai1996
 Estimating Characteristics of Queueing Networks Using@Transactional Data
 899 Ofer Meseri Maital Shlomo1996
 Technology Transfer and Licensing Offices in Universities-@A Study of Their Operations and the Acceptance@Or Rejection of Innovative Technological@Projects
 900 Izhak Nadler Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)

Lifshitz Yair
 The Influence of B and W and Color Contrast on the Visual@Acuity of Helicopter Pilots Using Night Vision@Devices
 901 Yuval Dan-Gur Maital Shlomo1996
 Operating the Naval Shipyard as An Independent Unit:@Development of An Integrated System of@Quantitative Managerial Measures
 902 Noa Kfir Dahav Tennenholtz Moshe1996
 Multi-Agent Belief Revision
 903 Eli Snir Feigin Paul

Peled Dan
 Forecasting Personnel Enlistment in the Ground Corps
 904 Shlomit Hon-Snir Monderer Dov1996
 Discrete Models and Learning in Auctions
 905 Ronena Suchard Goldberg Albert1996
 Union Commitment: a Meta-Analysis
 906 Vered Hausner Ben-Zion Uri

Trifon Raphael
 Evaluation of the Performance of Mutual Funds in Israel by@Alternative Financial Market Models.
 907 Dafna Honig Lifshitz Yair1996
 Development of a Windows Interface in a Personal Computer@Environment and Evaluating It by Users'@Performances
 908 Yaron Leitner Monderer Dov1995
 Collusion in Noncooperative Games
 909 Haya Shasha Penn Michal1995
 Approximation Algorithms for Designing Survivable@Network
 910 Sharon Gilat-Ichia Erev Ido1995
 The Effect of the Incentive to Reach Consensus@In Detection Games
 911 Shalhevet Leibovitz-Zur Erev Ido

Ceder Avishai
 The Effect of Electronic-Signs on Drivers Behavior
 912 Edna Axelrad Bar-Ratson Mannheim Bilha1995
 Test of Theoretical Models for Comparing Differencesin@Influence, Organizational Commitment and@Involvement of Male and Female Hospital@Physicans
 913 Amir Gutfreund Avriel Mordecai (Deceased)1995
 Two Stage Stochastic Programing by Solving Scenario Problems
 914 Shirley Cohen ?1995
 Perceptions of Sexual Discrimination in the Israeli Labor@Market
 915 Dalit Lisizky Fiegenbaum Avi (Deceased)1995
 The Relationship Between the Board of Directors and the@Financial Performance of Israeli Companies
 916 Ilan Dayan Zohar Dov1995
 Evaluation of Stress Situations: the Relative Importance@Of Appraisal Variables.
 917 Yaron Lemberg Weiss Gideon1995
 Methods for Planning and Control of Multi-Project System@With Applications to Project Management at the@Israel Electricity Corporation
 918 Roberto Levy Herer Yale1995
 An Integrative Approacn to the Inventoly Routing Problem
 919 Merav Eshel Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)1995
 The Effect of Distributive Justice and Procedural Justice@On Pay Satisfaction
 920 Dan Oshrat Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)1995
 The Effectiveness of An Implementation of T.q.m. in An@Air Force Unit
 921 Ilan Hefter Herer Yale

Rosenblatt Meir (Deceased)
 Determining An Acquisition Policy for a Firm in a Multi@Supplier Environment
 922 Shy Rahav ?1995
 Systematic Approach to Management Theories
 923 Nurit Tal Shamir Meshulam Ilan1995
 The Possible Impact of Human Resources Department During@Organizational Mergers and Aquisitions
 924 Anat Elad-Wiesel Ben-Zion Uri

 Deterministic and Stochastic Models for Pensidn Founds in@Israel
 925 Israel Finkelbrand Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)1995
 Assembly Line Balancing Considering Equipment, Location and@Environment Continuity Constraints
 926 Tali Itkin-Webman Erev Ido1995
 Signal Detection in a Two Person Safety Game: the Effect@Of Payoff Information and Competition
 927 Dimitry Volovats Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)1995
 A Genetic Algorithm for the Robotic Assembly Plan Problem
 928 Michael Provad Karni Reuven1995
 Expert System Architecture for Project Planning and Manageme
 929 Alexandra Plotnik Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)1995
 System for Automated Fixturing of Prismatic Parts in@Flexible Manufacturing System
 930 Sharon Teitler Regev Bental Benjamin1995
 The Determinants of Tourism to Israel
 931 Noam Zilberman Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)1995
 Assembly Line Balancing with Learning, and Study of@Stochastic Noise Effects on Performance.
 932 Maurice Kahoonay Erev Ido1995
 Ambiguity in Organizational Communication During Change
 933 Tal Katz Erez Miriam1995
 Effects of Percieved Self and Collective Efficacy on Team@Performance in Interdependent Tasks
 934 Svetlana Lukash Karni Reuven1995
 Knowledge Discovery in Databases
 935 Hagit Lanir-Zeev Graham Jackson1995
 Horse Riding Helmets: Analysis of Consumers' Attitudes and@Behavior and Evaluation of the Market
 936 Uri Savoray Herer Yale1995
 Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem Using a Genetic Algorith
 937 Einat Gross Goldberg Albert1995
 The Utilization of Specialists at a Respiratory Medical@Clinic
 938 Michal Dagan Cohen Ayala (Deceased)1995
 Changes and Enhancements to Wabai with Is a Methods of
 939 Moshe Ben-David Bental Benjamin1995
 Wage Contracts and Business Cycle
 940 Brosh Teucher ?1995
 The Facial Inversion-Effect: Parts and Whole Relationship
 941 Jacob Seagull Gopher Daniel1995
 Training Spatial Orientation in Single-Eye Helmet@Mounted Display
 942 Sima Zalcberg Kirschenbaum Alan1995
 Job Search Patterns of Imnigrants from the Former@Soviet Union
 943 Etty Papo Marinstrauss Mannheim Bilha1995
 Personal and Organizational Factors in the Role of@Occupational Welfare Workers and Their Impact on@Organizational and Professional@Commitment
 944 Talya Ben Yacov-Faibysh Golany Boaz1995
 A Bi-Level Programming Model for Resource Allocation Based@On Dea
 945 Edouard Samakh Sinreich David (Deceased)1995
 A Genetic Approach to the Pick_up/delivery Stations@Location Problem
 946 Dorit Birenberg Goldberg Albert1994
 Adjusting a Nodel for Developing Industry in the Segev Regio
 947 Ilan Laufer Erez Miriam1994
 Career Variables and Emigration Intentions of D.sc. in
 948 Iris Shoshani Erez Miriam1994
 Quality Culture in the Organization as Shaped by Total
 949 Vered Baron Penn Michal

Hartman Irith
 Finding Optimal Channel Routingfor Layout Design of Chips
 950 Gili Aizen Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)1994
 Power Relationshids and Manifest Conflict
 951 Esther Baavur Erez Miriam1994
 Information Seeking and Performance: Effects of Culture
 952 Hanna Peled Baron Mira1994
 Methods for Determining Electricityrates
 953 Simon Belikoff Karni Reuven1994
 Interval Methods in Engineering Design
 954 Isaac Mizrahi Rosenblatt Meir (Deceased)1994
 A Mucti-Period Location Problemin a Global Environment
 955 Dmitry Liber Rubinstein Reuven-Yacov (Deceased)1994
 On-Line Optimization of Discret Event Systems
 956 Lidiya Ivanitskaya Adler Robert1994
 Superprocesses with Interactions
 957 Zvi Yohay Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)1994
 Organizational Change by Charismatic Leadership: Habad
 958 Libby Kahana Erez Miriam1994
 The Free Agent Us the Organizational
 959 Matia Grinholz Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)1994
 Dynamics of Cmarismatic Leadersmip in Organizations:herzl
 960 Boris Kosyakovsky Peled Dan

Bental Benjamin
 Credit Raticning in Cvfrlappinggenerations Models
 961 Raanan Manor Penn Michal1994
 Algorithm for Integral Multicummodity Flow and Related Probl
 962 Arnon Katz ?

Maital Shlomo
 Strategic Aupiting of Resource Efficiency in Marketing
 963 Idit Shuman Kirschenbaum Alan1994
 Empldyment of Mentally Disabledcomparison Employment Mddels
 964 Orly Romano Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)1994
 Power Relationships and Evert Confrontations
 965 Yaron Itzhaki Rubinstein Reuven-Yacov (Deceased)1994
 Stochastic Optimization of Open Queuing Networks by the
 966 Anat Kirshenzvige Kirschenbaum Alan1994
 Perceived Opportunities in Labor Turnover Models
 967 Iris Segal-Kushmirak Ofek Abraham1994
 Process Evalution Ot Tqm Induc Tion Into Am Organization
 968 Gali Reznik-Shitrit Etzion Opher1994
 Exception Hanoling in Active Patabase
 969 Naomi Shpirer Avriel Mordecai (Deceased)

Penn Michal
 Efficient Stowage in Containerships Serving Many Ports
 970 Dina Kedar Erev Ido1994
 Social Loafing Rewards and the Quantity Quality Tradeoff
 971 Alon Amsterdam ?1994
 Nonlinearity Economics-Theory and Application in Finance
 972 Gilat Cohan Goldberg Albert

Rubin Ami-Hai (Deceased)
 Compliance of Patients with Spacialist Phisiciaus Orders
 973 Ann Kaganer Etzion Opher1994
 An Active Semantic Database Model in the Distributed Case@Negotiation in Federate Active Database System
 974 Hadas Haramati Erez Miriam1994
 Antecedents of Early Career Succes of Phdls in
 975 Michal Ravid-Biran Erev Ido1994
 The Effect of Sociometric Evaluation on Cooporation
 976 Navot Ziv-Av Erez Miriam1994
 The Influence of Participation
 977 Pnina Soffer Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)1994
 Multi Product Machine Setup Reduction
 978 Sharron Lifshitz Maital Shlomo1994
 Market-Based Technometric Bechmarking
 979 Erez Tatcher Dori Dov1994
 Selective Multiple Tnheritance and Its Application in Orient
 980 Michael Gat Erez Miriam1994
 Correlates of Successin Retraining of Russian Enginee
 981 Betsalel Soto Lifshitz Yair1994
 Tridimensional Study of the Discomfort at the Snonlder
 982 Dvorit Saimonowitz Erev Ido1994
 Base Rate Effect in Perceptual and Judgmental Processes
 983 Roni Lurian Bental Benjamin1994
 Israeli Marchant Marine Officers
 984 Iris Lapman Goldberg Albert1993
 The Impact of Closing An Industrial Plant:a Case Study
 985 Uri Cohen Weissman Ishay1993
 Extremal Index - Estimation Methods and Their Properties
 986 Yaakov-Ron Voulichman Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)1993
 Quality Aspects in Learning Curves
 987 Dalit Daily Erev Ido1993
 The Relation Between the Status-Quo Bias and Cooperation
 988 Harel Eilat Kress Moshe1993
 Dynamic Stochastic Combats with Tactical Considerations
 989 Pnina Zemach Weissman Ishay1993
 Large Deviations of Atil Estima Tors
 990 Leonid Mytnik Adler Robert1993
 Interacting Branching Diffusions
 991 Fabiana Reisin-Fournier Karni Reuven1993
 Knowledge Extraction from Databases
 992 David Botzer Etzion Opher1993
 Optimization of Knowledge and Data Pepresentation in Actzve
 993 Irith Rotlevi Bental Benjamin1993
 Shapley Value and Capaicty Costin Electricity
 994 Dor-Moshe Tietz Lifshitz Yair1993
 Early Detection of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Based on Work
 995 Yaron Eyal ?

Ben-Zion Uri
 Risk and Return Analysis of the Israeli Capital Market and
 996 Ilona Budman-Hayeems Karni Reuven1993
 Intelligent Scheduling Techniques in Flexible Manufacturing
 997 Mordehai Getzovich Roll Ya'akov (Deceased)1993
 Multi Level Preventine Maintenance Policy
 998 Ilana Weibel Ofek Abraham1993
 Trade Unions and Technological Change.
 999 Benjamin Milman Feigin Paul1993
 Improving Phyrotechnic Design by Factoriac Experiments
 1000 Eliyahu Levy ?1993
 The Adaptation of An Israeli Enterprise for Treatmbnt and
 1001 Zipora Rosenberg Kirschenbaum Alan1993
 The Interface and Commitement Between Marketing and R D
 1002 Doron Satt Ben-Zion Uri1993
 Price Discrimination in Markets with Coupons
 1003 Adar Weidman Passy Ury1993
 Linear Programming Using Jensen Inequality
 1004 Diti Buchner Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)1993
 Arrests for Drug Trafficking in the U.s.a. 1968-1987
 1005 Eti Ravi Moore Michael1993
 Valioity of Phone Recommendations in Personel Selection
 1006 Zvi Dominitz Trifon Raphael1993
 The Performance of Portfolios in the Global Capital Market
 1007 Benjamin Gross Goldberg Albert1993
 Department Cheiring and Decisions Making Anong Epuals in
 1008 Ofra Barnett Cohen Ayala (Deceased)1993
 Assessing Goodness of Fit of Parametric Regression Models
 1009 Noah Bauman Moore Michael1993
 Employee Satisfaction as a Function of Adjustment Factor
 1010 Ori Rosen Weissman Ishay1993
 Comparison of Estimation Methods in Extreme Value Theory
 1011 Sigalit Ben-Zur Erev Ido1993
 Conditional Cooperation and Reciprocity in Team Work
 1012 Alon Svirsky Lifshitz Yair1993
 A General Model to Attain An Optimal V.d.t. Users Work
 1013 Steven Tadelis Benyamin Shitovitz1993
 Stability in Repeated Games
 1014 Levi Shalom Herer Yale1993
 The Kanban Assignnent Problema Non-Integral Approach
 1015 Ori Trainin Kimchi Ruth1993
 Eye and Spatial Location as Channels for Attention
 1016 Yosef Berger ?1993
 Measurment of the Effect of Task Effort on Human Attentio
 1017 Rozlind Hocma Meshulam Ilan1993
 Mieration and Gircular Movement Among Proffssionals in Migh
 1018 Ayal Hershler Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)1993
 T.q.m.functioning to Achieve the Firm's Goals
 1019 Yossi Aviv Kress Moshe1993
 Effectiveness Evaluation of Engaging Clusters of Point
 1020 Shlomo Tsuk Baron Mira1992
 Evaluating the Construction of Private Power Stations
 1021 Amir Shalmon Pollatschek Moshe (Deceased)1992
 Advanced Approachis to Aggregate Production Planning
 1022 Ron Shani Trifon Raphael1992
 A Model for Precing High Speed Local Area Networks
 1023 Zahava Keysary Goldberg Albert1992
 The Status of Administrative Assistants at the Technion
 1024 Yehudah Friedlander Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)1992
 A Model of Time Standards for Classd Electronic Maintemanc
 1025 Pnina Drenger Goldberg Albert1992
 Managers in a Matrix Structure
 1026 Gad Lauer Roll Ya'akov (Deceased)1992
 Efficiency Measurement in the Israeli Police Force
 1027 Mario Waingortin ?1992
 Reframing as a Function of the Level of Action Identificatio
 1028 Yoav Shtal Karni Reuven1992
 Improvements in Mrp Scheduling
 1029 Abel Browarnik Pollatschek Moshe (Deceased)1992
 A Mathematical Model for Database Interfacing in Hebrew
 1030 Abraham Robinson Meshulam Ilan

 Characteritics of Human Rasources Management in High
 1031 Daniel Hasson Golany Boaz1992
 Efficent Allocation of Training Resdurces for the Iaf
 1032 Yuval Cohen Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)1992
 Optimization of the Makespan in Prodvction Lines Under
 1033 Ronnen Armon Etzion Opher1992
 Emplementation of Semantic Active Database
 1034 Eran Tamir Golany Boaz1992
 A Comparative Study Between Mandell's and Dea's Aproaches
 1035 Racheli Galili Erev Ido1992
 Solving Social Dilemmas with Intergroup Competition
 1036 Doron Mayersdorf Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)1992
 Raising Red Productivity
 1037 Amos Tafla Erez Miriam1992
 Effect of Self Efficacy on Trade-Off Quality Quantity
 1038 Michael Masin Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)

Herer Yale
 Predicting the Performance of Conwip-Rased Production Lines
 1039 David Shemesh ?1992
 Optimization of Air Pollution Abatement in the Haifa Region
 1040 Ronen Elron Golany Boaz1992
 A Comparative Analysis of Inventory Models for a Tub-Ecelon
 1041 Ehod Tirosh Gopher Daniel1992
 Rindcular Rivalry-the Processing of Motion in Differend
 1042 Vladimir Kriman ?1992
 Analysis of Markov Modulated Models of Producers and@Consumers Coupled by a Buffer
 1043 Aner Sela Monderer Dov1992
 Learning Processes in Games
 1044 Marcio Abraham Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)1992
 A Heuristic Algorithm Forthe Generalized Gt Problem
 1045 Ofer Or Karni Reuven1991
 Efficiency Cf the Interrogation Process in Expert Systems
 1046 Jacqueline Asscher Feigin Paul1991
 Comparing Alternatives Tc Taguchi's Methods
 1047 Yael Livneh Erez Miriam1991
 The Effect of Publicity and Control in Goal Setting on@The Dual Performance - Production and Safety
 1048 Doron Kerzer Ben-Zion Uri1991
 Migration of Houseolds to and from Distressed Areas in
 1049 Mordehay Zagha Adler Robert1991
 Interacting Particle Systems
 1050 Bilha Pelleg Erez Miriam1991
 The Effect of Vocatinal Goalse Counselling on Persistence
 1051 Chaim Weiner Mannheim Bilha1991
 Environmental Change as a Factor in the Change from a
 1052 Myriam Laloum Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)

Weill Roland (Deceased)
 Optimizing Positioning of Mechanical Parts
 1053 Mgir Givon Karni Reuven1991
 Maintenance Shipyard Work Planning Using An Expert System
 1054 Chantal Balla Pollatschek Moshe (Deceased)1991
 Integrationg the Score Functionmethod in Discrete Enents
 1055 Chai Grines Golany Boaz1991
 Development of Models for Facility Layout Planning
 1056 Shmuel Furman Bental Benjamin1991
 The Problem of Identifying Highrisk Borrowers
 1057 Tamar Mezi Mannheim Bilha1991
 Comparing the Organizational and Professional Commitment
 1058 Moshe Kamar Gilad Issachar

 An Expert System for Planned Maintenance of Air Condition
 1059 Daniel Boughanim Gilad Issachar1991
 Lifter - a Three Dimensional Lifting : Analysis
 1060 Ofer Tal Golany Boaz

Ceder Avishai
 Maximal Synchronization in Bvs Routes Timetables
 1061 Rafael Brenner ?1991
 Mid: a Real Time Control Model for Dispatching in Fms
 1062 Arie Laor Cohen Ayala (Deceased)1991
 The Use Longitudinal Models for the Investigation of
 1063 Yehuda Kleiner ?1991
 Changes in Consistency Ratios Forcasting Projct Viability
 1064 Alon Granot Ben-Zion Uri1991
 Individuals Discount Rates and Forward Exchange Rates
 1065 Tal Bareket Gopher Daniel1991
 The Effects of Traming Methods on the
 1066 Eva Ron Kirschenbaum Alan1991
 The Computerized Office Success of Implementation as
 1067 Tamar Vanky Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)1991
 Womevsentry Into Engineering Professions: the Dynamics of a
 1068 Kobby Eldar Pollatschek Moshe (Deceased)

Ceder Avishai
 Optimal Distance of Two Branches of Staggerd Intersections
 1069 Sigalit Shahar Amikam Zohar Dov1991
 Retirement as a Major Stressfullife Event
 1070 Dan Gavish ?1991
 Managerial Support Information System
 1071 Haya Hoffman Mannheim Bilha1991
 The Proces of Tramition and Adaptation to a Nes
 1072 Michal Ben-Herzel ?1991
 A Medical Expert System for Evaluating Brast Canser Treat
 1073 Tal Shachor Eden Benjamin1991
 Measuring the Market Power of An Individual Firm
 1074 Uziel Levy Golany Boaz1991
 A Hierarchical Production Invntory Planning Model for Fms
 1075 Gilad Galili Rozenberg Richard (Deceased)1991
 Application and Usage of Control Methods in Marketing
 1076 Yosef Bukchin Rubinovitz Jacob (Deceased)1991
 Robutic Assembly Line Balancing
 1077 Idmit Raz Rubinstein Reuven-Yacov (Deceased)1991
 The Efficiency of Sf Method for Sensitivity Ana.and Opt
 1078 Yael Landsberger Peled Dan1991
 Insurance with Deductibles Under Asymmetric Information
 1079 Galia Dolev Rozenberg Richard (Deceased)1991
 Marketing Strategy for Sale of Know-Hou
 1080 Tamar Gadrich Rubinstein Reuven-Yacov (Deceased)1990
 Radon-Nykdym Applications for Simulation of Stochastic
 1081 Elana Beer Kirschenbaum Alan1990
 Job Image:impact of the Social Environment
 1082 Sari Bar (Deceased)

Erez Miriam
 Antecedents and Supporting Sonditions for the Succes of
 1083 Daphna Rom-Nagy Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)1990
 Training Programs Integrated in Manpower Reductions
 1084 Raphy Oren Zohar Dov1990
 Needs as An Intermediate Variable in Managerial Stress
 1085 Amnon Lev-Er Golany Boaz1990
 Analysis and Extensions of Multi-Item Joint Replenishment
 1086 Alonso Perez-Luna Rubinstein Reuven-Yacov (Deceased)1990
 Sensitixity Analysis and Optimization of Discrete Events
 1087 Yanina Malkevich Karni Reuven1990
 Validation of Expert Systems
 1088 Meira Levy Graham Jackson1990
 Advertising and Promotion by Israels Industrial Exporters
 1089 Rivka Zitzer-Eropa Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)1990
 Emigration from Israel: Testingan Alternative Hypothesis
 1090 Ruth Shalgi Passy Ury1990
 Using Aggregation for Solving Multi-Project Resource
 1091 Ilan Talmor Bental Benjamin1990
 Individual Utility from Urban Characteristics
 1092 Zvi Feuer Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)1990
 Design & Development of a Finite Capacity Short Term
 1093 David Rybak Golany Boaz1990
 Measuring Efficiency of Power Pants in Israeli Electric
 1094 Tal Seger Mannheim Bilha1990
 Infcuences of Motheris Charactoustics on Work Values of
 1095 Shosh Sagy Zohar Dov

 Orgnizational Power and the Information Systems Department
 1096 Michal Brenner Gilad Issachar

Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)
 Prediction of Learning in Short Cycle Tasks
 1097 Zvika Winer Benyamin Shitovitz

 Applications of the Theory of Sacial Situations to Games
 1098 Rafi Eppler Goldberg Albert1990
 The Industrial and Management Engineer: Engineer Or Manager.
 1099 Kim Shiva Levinson Kirschenbaum Alan1990
 Attitude and Behavioral Commitment in a Voluntary Organizat
 1100 Yizchak Mizrachi Churchman Arza1990
 Human Factor Engineering Considerations in O.p. Work Station
 1101 Orit Kaniel Karni Reuven1990
 Intelligent Querg Support
 1102 Joel Sterental Rubinstein Reuven-Yacov (Deceased)1990
 Performance Exaluation and Optimization of Simulation Models
 1103 Nurit Kaufman ?1990
 Managers Attitudes Towards Pelsonal Computing
 1104 Mihael Nahum Adler Robert1990
 Convergence of Additive Functionals of Gaussian Processes
 1105 Dov Ben Zvi Weissman Ishay1990
 Percussion Primer Sensitivity Analysis
 1106 Beny Ziv Ilan Yael1990
 Technology Transfer from Defence to Civilian Sector-Lit. Re.
 1107 Mira Shkedy Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)1990
 Emploers Attitudes Towards Hiring Disadcautaged Youth
 1108 Haim Cohn Kirschenbaum Alan1990
 The Strategy and Deverminants of Unionization by the Genera
 1109 Amir Siri Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)1990
 The Gap Between Plan and Performance in Project Management
 1110 Yifat Rubin Kimchi Ruth1990
 The Effect of Viewing Conditions and Attention Instruction
 1111 Dan Goldbaum Trifon Raphael1990
 Tracing of Arbitrage Opportunities in the Israel Rond Market
 1112 Nava Pollak Maital Shlomo1990
 The Ability to Defer Gratitication Among Adolescents Tadults
 1113 Ayelet Gal-Tzur Karni Reuven1989
 An Expert System for Automated Production Control
 1114 Esther Nevo Erez Miriam1989
 Managers' Perception of Managerial Promotion Factors
 1115 Orly Barzily Gopher Daniel1989
 The Inbluenle of a Nonspatial Zepzesentation Method
 1116 Ofrit Shani Rothblum Uriel (Deceased)

Kaspi Haya
 On Manket Shase Distsibution Undes Random Growtk
 1117 Tamar Oren Pollatschek Moshe (Deceased)1989
 Programmers Productivity
 1118 Orna Gross Rothblum Uriel (Deceased)1989
 Upper Bounds on the Coefficient of Ergodicity
 1119 Ram Ariel Graham Jackson1989
 Product Innovation Processes Inkibbutz Industries
 1120 David Raij Gopher Daniel1989
 Development of Scales to Evaluate the Peveptual and Motor
 1121 Dan Laor Weissman Ishay

 An Operational Model for Q Costin Development and Eng
 1122 Jose Chvaicer ?

Karni Reuven
 Robot Programming-a Model for Evaluating the on Line Vs Off
 1123 Moshe Sharaby (Deceased)1989
 Career Development Matching Between Individual Career Plann
 1124 Ofer Lahav Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)1989
 Factors and Cheracteristics Affectivng Aspects of the
 1125 Irit Malach Erez Miriam1989
 The Effects of Goals Strategiesand Effort on Performance
 1126 Jacob Rozengarten Golany Boaz1989
 Hierchical Model for Prodcctionplanning in Ksl
 1127 Arieh Regev ?1989
 Forward and Forex Options for Hedging Israeli Foreign Trade
 1128 Amit Eynan Rosenblatt Meir (Deceased)1989
 Issues in Operating Automated Warehouses
 1129 Orit Yedid ?1989
 Applications of Software Reliability to Verslons Relese
 1130 Yaron Bergman Mannheim Bilha1989
 Is There Ethnic Discriminatign in Hiring Managers?
 1131 Orna Rabinovich Kirschenbaum Alan1989
 Female Labor Force Participation in Israel as a Function of
 1132 Ptachia Glait ?1989
 Group Technology Application in Electronic Design-Display
 1133 Rami Ofir ?1989
 A Model for Designing Testing and Selecting An Automatic
 1134 Lior Schohat Erez Miriam1989
 Career Promotion of Successful Managers: Personal
 1135 Ronit Edelding Erez Miriam1989
 The Profile of the Israeli Entrepreneur: Biographical Data
 1136 Michal Admati-Dvir Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)1989
 Sex Discrimination in Compensation and Opportunities
 1137 Asher Brisker Ilan Yael1989
 The Over All Contribution of Rod Projects
 1138 Malka Faber Graham Jackson1989
 Personal Service in An Israeli Banking System from the Field
 1139 Nirit Maayan Harel Gedaliahu (Deceased)1989
 The Use of Prouisional Liquidation Proceeding as a T Tool of
 1140 Roni Shaham ?1989
 Software Reusability
 1141 Nimrod Albo Jacobsen Chanoch (Deceased)1989
 1142 Joseph Wellingstein Rozenberg Richard (Deceased)1989
 Functions of Israel: Industrialpurchasing Systems
 1143 Gila Feingold Bental Benjamin1989
 Development of Israels Textile Exports with Referenle to Fre
 1144 Shmvel Hashimshony ?1989
 Developing of Td P Generator
 1145 Yehudit Lorentz Rozenberg Richard (Deceased)1989
 Women in Sales and Marketing in Israeli Industry
 1146 Avraham Shemesh ?1989
 The Impact of Stock Dividend Onprice Market Share
 1147 Zvi Golany Zohar Dov1989
 Safe Clim as An Oper Expre of Control Cli in Ind Organ
 1148 Yigal Harel Eden Benjamin1989
 Privatesector Demand for Indexed Assets
 1149 Orna Steiner-Lavi Goldberg Albert1989
 Encrge.work Motivation through Culturally Congruent Training
 1150 Gideon Zimerman (Deceased)1989
 ((Statistical) Discrimination During the Hiring Stage
 1151 Eliahu Maisis (Deceased)

Mannheim Bilha
 Social & Orgaimpacts of the Vse&imtrodution of Advanced Thch
 1152 Michael Kaplan ?1989
 Cost Benefit Analysis of Mechanical Cad in a Research and
 1153 Shimon Reinish Cohen Ayala (Deceased)

Feigin Paul
 Controlled Experiments in Wave Soldering Process -New Fluxes
 1154 Avraham Inbar ?1988
 Investigate of Parts Analysis Procedure in Group Technology
 1155 Moshe Dov Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)

Shtub Avraham
 The Allocation of Mixed Models to Assembly Lines
 1156 Shmuel Jacobi ?1988
 Pricing of Edp Unit
 1157 Ilana Zellner Merhav Kimchi Ruth1988
 Hemispheric Differences in the Processing of Form Parts and
 1158 Dalia Harel Gopher Daniel1988
 Cognitive Motor Processes in Acquisition of Transcription
 1159 Karen Ayas Sabag Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)1988
 Predicting Learning Process in Long Cycle Tasks
 1160 Yoram Horowitz ?1988
 The Effect of Capital St Ructure Change on Debt Prices
 1161 Tal Fried Dar-El Ezekiel (Deceased)

 Schednling Methods for the Assembly of Printed Circuit Board
 1162 Avital Zakay-Singer ?1988
 Characteristing of Successful Industrial Enterprises in K.h

1162 abstract theses title found in the Department Industrial Engineering and Management
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