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Ph.D Theses

DepartmentIndustrial Engineering and Management
Department Web Site iew3.technion.ac.il

No.   Student's Name Advisors Graduation
Abstracts Theses Abstract Title
 1 Shleyfman Alexander Carmel Domshlak2020 Abstracts Theses Symmetry Breaking and Operator Pruning in Classical Planning@and Beyond
 2 Sellam Balouka Noemie Izack Cohen2019 Abstracts Theses The Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Project@Scheduling Problem with Activity Values and@Uncertain Activity Durations
 3 Ziser Yftah Roi Reichart2019 Abstracts Theses Domain Adaptation for Natural Language Processing - a Neural@Network Based Approach
 4 Ishai Ron Anat Rafaeli2019 Abstracts  Degree of Closure Following Resolution and Post Conflict@Intentions: A New Perspective and New Scales for@Conflict Resolution
 5 Eliav Emuna Ella Miron-Spektor

Rakefet Ackerman
2019 Abstracts Theses Can Funny Women Get Ahead?@Managing the Warmth-Competence Paradox Through@Humor
 6 Cohen Alon Tamir Hazan2019 Abstracts Theses Structure and Combinatorics in Online Learning
 7 Koren Moran Rann Smorodinsky

Itai Arieli
2019 Abstracts  Social Learning in Adaptive Environments
 8 Shtof Alex Shoham Sabach

Amir Beck
2019 Abstracts  Optimal Power Flow in Networks with Tree Topology
 9 Ben-Eliezer Daniel Eldad Yechiam2018 Abstracts  The Effect of Stress, Anxiety and Anxiolytic Drugs on@Cognitive Performance and Decision Making Among@Healthy Adults
 10 Raviv Hadas Oren Kurland2018 Abstracts Theses Entity-Based Retrieval
 11 Novikov Zhanna Eitan Naveh2018
 Dealing with the Error Dilemma in Teams: Performance@Avoidance Goal Orienation; Learning Goal@Orientation; Information Elaboration and@Team Errors
 12 Pan Dror Shoham Sabach

Amir Beck
2018 Abstracts Theses Optimization Methods for Solving Structured Nonconvex@Minimization Problems
 13 Kauffmann Amitay Eldad Yechiam

Gal Zahavi
2018 Abstracts Theses Buyer-Seller Gaps in Bubble Metrics of Asset Markets
 14 Dourban Alon Liron Yedidsion2018 Abstracts Theses Managing Products with a Mean Reverting Price Process
 15 Zychlinski Noa Avishai Mandelbaum

Izack Cohen
2018 Abstracts Theses Time-Varying Fluid Networks with Blocking: Models Supporting@Patient Flow Analysis in Hospitals
 16 Yakobi Ofir Daniel Gopher2018 Abstracts Theses The Determinants of Association and Dissociation@Between Measures of Workload
 17 Keren Sarah Avigdor Gal

Erez Karpas
2018 Abstracts Theses Goal Recognition Design
 18 Amir Yaron Miriam Erez2018 Abstracts Theses Multimarket Competition and Alliance Formation
 19 Shaham Ofer Dov Ingman

Yefim Haim Michlin
2018 Abstracts Theses Method for Planning a Binomial Truncated Sequential@Test for Reliability
 20 Hallak Nadav Shoham Sabach

Amir Beck
2018 Abstracts Theses Block-Type Optimality Condition and Algorithms in@Nonconvex Optimization
 21 Hreib Manal Ido Erev

Miriam Erez
2018 Abstracts Theses Video Surveillance and the Impact of Feedback
 22 Senderovich Arik Avigdor Gal

Avishai Mandelbaum
2017 Abstracts Theses Queue Mining: Service Perspectives in Process Mining
 23 Vaisbourd Yakov Amir Beck2017 Abstracts Theses Decomposition and First Order Methods for Large Scale@Optimization Problems
 24 Anava Oren Elad Hazan2017 Abstracts Theses An Online Learning Approach to Time Series Prediction
 25 Shoham Meyrav Ido Erev

Sarit Moldovan

Yael Steinhart
2017 Abstracts Theses Exploring the Impact of Irrelevant Information in Online@Reviews
 26 Sidi Yael Rakefet Ackerman2017 Abstracts Theses On the Role of Medium, Computer Screen vs. Paper, as a@Cue for Processing Depth
 27 Farbstein Boaz Asaf Levin2017 Abstracts Theses Approximation Algorithms for Routing Problems
 28 Koren Tomer Elad Hazan2017 Abstracts Theses Uncertainty in Machine Learning: Algorithms and Limitations
 29 Plonsky Ori Ido Erev

Kinneret Tedorescu
2017 Abstracts Theses Choice Behavior in Unstable States
 30 Roth Yefim Eitan Gerstner2017 Abstracts Theses Click or Skip: The Role of Experience in Easy-Click@Checking Decisions
 31 Iluz-Mimoni Michal Avraham Shtub2017 Abstracts Theses Enhancing Performance of Project Teams in a Lean Project@Environment Using Simulator Based Training and@Planning
 32 Sobolev Michael Ido Erev2017 Abstracts Theses On Learning Traps and Punishment
 33 Bibliowicz Arieh Dov Dori2017 Abstracts Theses Object-Process Programming A Visual Programming@Language for Complex Systems Design and@Implementaion
 34 Abofol Taher Eldad Yechiam2016 Abstracts Theses The Seller's Sense: Buying-Selling Perspective Affects@the Sensitivity to Expected-Value Differences
 35 Kril-Migdal Yael Dov Zohar2016 Abstracts Theses Authentic Leadership in Practice - The Alignment of Words@and Deeds
 36 Kenig Batya Avigdor Gal2016 Abstracts Theses Message Propagation Algorithms for Weighted Model@Counting
 37 Shorr Yifat Daniel Gopher

Maria Korman
2016 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Multimodal Feedback on the Acquistion@of Rowing Skills
 38 Garber Dan Elad Hazan2016 Abstracts Theses Projection-Free Algorithms for Convex Optimization@and Online Learning
 39 Melamed Michal Aharon Ben-Tal

Boaz Golany
2016 Abstracts Theses Optimization under Uncertainty in Energy Systems
 40 Levy Yehuda Elad Hazan2016 Abstracts Theses Stochastic Optimization with Non-Convex Pitfalls:@Structure and Algorithms
 41 Mordecai Yaniv Dov Dori2016 Abstracts Theses Cyber-Physical Disruption Modeling, Analysis, and@Management: An Evolutionary Object-Process@Model-Based Robust Systems Engineering@Approach
 42 Glikson Ella Miriam Erez2016 Abstracts Theses Team Communication Behaviors, Their Antecedents and Outcomes@in Globally Distributed Multicultural Teams
 43 Raiber Fiana Oren Kurland2016 Abstracts Theses Query-Performance Prediction and Cluster Ranking:@Two Sides of the Same Coin?
 44 Smirnov Dina Yale Herer2016 Abstracts Theses Leveraging In-Cycle Demand Information to Maximize@Profit in a Single-Period Framework
 45 Shtern Shimrit Aharon Ben-Tal2015 Abstracts Theses Robust Tracking via Semidefinite Programming and Noncovex@Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming
 46 Feldman Zohar Carmel Domshlak2015 Abstracts Theses Monte-Carlo Algorithms for Online Action Planning in@Markov Decision Processes
 47 Veksler Michael Ofer Strichman2015 Abstracts Theses Constraint Solving with a Learning Mechanism based on@General Constraints
 48 Mirkis Vitaly Carmel Domshlak2015 Abstracts Theses Abstractions and Approximations for Oversubscription@Planning
 49 Shai Yair Dov Ingman2015 Abstracts Theses Reliability of Technologies
 50 Shtok Anna Oren Kurland2015 Abstracts Theses New Approaches for Query-Performance Prediction
 51 Orhof Ori Dov Dori2015 Abstracts Theses Critical Components Analysis - A Framework for Planning@Sub-project Contingencies in Large, Complex@Projects
 52 Vainer Aleksander Asaf Levin2015 Abstracts Theses Adaptivity in Combinatorial Optimization Problems
 53 Sagi Tomer Avigdor Gal2015 Abstracts Theses Schema Matching Evaluation
 54 Faraj Emad Dov Zohar

Dov Ingman
2015 Abstracts Theses Managing Risk Dormancy in Multi-Team Work: Application@of Time-Dependent Success-and-Safety Assurance@Methodology
 55 Michael-Tsabari Nava Anat Rafaeli2015 Abstracts Theses "We are like Family" - Introducing the Kin Climate@(KC) and its Influence on Profitability; Turnover@and Growth
 56 Tzimerman Avinoam Yale Herer

Avraham Shtub
2015 Abstracts Theses Distributed Information Rich Transshipments: Analytical and@Simulative Approaches
 57 Neuman Eyal Leonid Mytnik2014 Abstracts Theses Pathwise Uniqueness of the Stochastic Heat Equations with@Spatially Inhomogeneous White Noise
 58 Nevo Tal Ido Erev2014 Abstracts Theses Quiz Distribution in a Computerized Tutorial: Interactive@Effects on Practice and Retention
 59 Deutsch Yael Boaz Golany

Uriel Rothblum (Deceased)
2014 Abstracts Theses Allocation Problems in a Competitive Environment -@"Inspection Games"
 60 Efrat-Treister Dorit Anat Rafaeli2014 Abstracts Theses Hospital Aggression: A Multi-Cultural Perspective
 61 Ryvchin Vadim Ofer Strichman2014 Abstracts Theses Core Algorithms for SAT and SAT Related Problems
 62 Ohana David Eldad Yechiam

Gal Yadid
2014 Abstracts Theses Dehydroepiandrosterone Improves Mood and Decision-Making@of Polydrug Abusers during Rehabilitation and@Decreases Subsequent Relapse
 63 Dothan Ari Dovev Lavie2014 Abstracts Theses Capability Development: Learning from Performance@Feedback
 64 Teodorescu Kinneret Ido Erev2014 Abstracts Theses On the Decision to Explore New Alternatives
 65 Harush Raveh Miriam Erez2014 Abstracts Theses Does Globalization Decrease (or Increase) the@Differentiation among Cultural Groups? The Case@of Global Identity and Ingroup@Favoritism
 66 Blank Tali Hadasa Eitan Naveh2014 Abstracts Theses Radical Innovation in R&D Teams: The Effect of@Learning Behavior, Promotion Focus, and Time@Pressure
 67 Tal-Itzkovitch Sharon Uzi De Haan

Mark Groeber
2014 Abstracts Theses The Emergence Process of New Technology Ventures in a@Context of Multiple Strategic Alternatives
 68 Nouri Rikki Miriam Erez2014 Abstracts Theses Creativity across the Universe: The Influence of Cultural,@Social and Task Contexts on Creativity
 69 Vaisman Radislav Ofer Strichman

Reuven-Yacov Rubinstein (Deceased)
2014 Abstracts Theses Stochastic Enumeration Methods for Counting, Rare-Events@and Optimization
 70 Berenson Ayala Shmuel Ellis

Uzi De Haan
2014 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Short and Long Term Performance Feedback on@Exploitation and Exploration Strategies: The@Moderating Role of Top Management Team's@Motivations and Learning
 71 Blekhman Alexander Dov Dori2013 Abstracts Theses Model-Based Documents Authoring with Object-Process@Methodology (OPM)
 72 Lubasz Sharon Alan Kirschenbaum2013 Abstracts Theses Security Decision Making in Complex Organizations
 73 Telpaz Ariel Eldad Yechiam2013 Abstracts Theses Reliability of Risk Taking Behavior: The Moderating Role of@Losses
 74 Berezin Roman Leonid Mytnik2013 Abstracts Theses Limiting Behavior of Some Interacting Particle@Systems
 75 Somekh Judith Dov Dori

Mordechai Choder
2013 Abstracts Theses Managing Molecular Biology Knowledge: A Conceptual@Model-Based Systems Biology Approach
 76 Segel Karpas Dikla Dov Zohar

Peter Bamberger
2013 Abstracts Theses Adjustment to Retirement: Attachment Avoidance and Anxiety@as Boundary Conditions for the Effects of Changes@in Income and Activities on@Well-being
 77 Ravid Shy Avraham Shtub

Anat Rafaeli
2012 Abstracts Theses The use of project management tools and techniques and its@contribution to team shared understanding and@project outcomes
 78 Garyn-Tal Sharon Haim Reisman

Simoen Beninga
2012 Abstracts Theses Two Essays on Performance Evaluation
 79 Belogolovsky Elena Ido Erev

Peter Bamberger
2012 Abstracts Theses Pay Secrecy and Task Performance: A Moderated Mediation@Model of Perceived Instrumentality and@Performance-Based Pay System@Characteristics
 80 Agay Nirit Eldad Yechiam2012 Abstracts Theses Non-Selective Effects of Methylphenidate (Ritalin) on@Cognitive Ability and Decision-Making of Adults@with ADHD and Healthy Adults
 81 Karpas Erez Carmel Domshlak

Shaul Markovitch
 Non-Classical Heuristics for Classical Planning
 82 Cheshin Arik Anat Rafaeli2012 Abstracts Theses Encountering Other's Anger in the Workplace:@The Hospital Case
 83 Yovel Uri Asaf Levin2012 Abstracts Theses Worst Case Analysis of Local Search Based Heuristics
 84 Avrahami Assaf Yale Herer

Avraham Shtub
2012 Abstracts Theses The Value of Perfect and Imperfect Information in a Multi-@Location Inventory System
 85 Grossman Malki Ishay Weissman2012 Abstracts Theses Applying Analytic Tools of Probabilistic Risk Analysis as a@Method for Managing Development of High Technology@Products and for Improving their@Reliability
 86 Granovsky Lena Paul Feigin2012 Abstracts Theses Statistical Analysis of DNA Microarray Experiments
 87 Krikon Eyal Oren Kurland2012 Abstracts Theses Using Document Passages for Information Retrieval
 88 Perelman Valeriya Dov Dori2012 Abstracts Theses Operational Semantics for Object-Process Methodology
 89 Luria Adi Ido Erev2011 Abstracts Theses On the Effects of Immediate Feedback
 90 Kedmi Shahar Efrat Daniel Gopher2011 Abstracts Theses Development and Evaluation of an Integrative Display for@Neonate Medical Status in Intensive Care
 91 Barkay Hadas Paul Feigin2011 Abstracts Theses Power of Some Novel Statistical Tests for Genome-Wide@Association Studies
 92 Lincoln Maya Avigdor Gal

Mati Golani
2011 Abstracts Theses Framework and Tools for the Generation and Customization of@Business Process Model Content
 93 Rosen Schwarz Galia Zur Shapira

Avi Fiegenbaum (Deceased)
2011 Abstracts Theses Extending the Behavioral Theory of R and D Innovation:@Motivational Determinates of Performance Feedback@Learning and the Moderating Effects of@Slack Resources and
 94 Auerbach-Shpak Yael Daniel Gopher2011 Abstracts Theses Doctors and Nurses Information Maps on Patient Medical@Status and its Correspondence to their Mental@Model of the Task - A Case Study@of Neonatal Units
 95 Rozenfeld Stas Ilan Shimshoni

Michael Lindenbaum
2011 Abstracts Theses Improving Model Estimation via Statistical Tools in@Computer Vision
 96 Link Sharon Alan Kirschenbaum2011 Abstracts Theses The Impact of Social Networks on Disaster Information Flow:@Adaptive Behavioral Survival Mechanisms
 97 Tetruashvili Lubov Amir Beck

Aharon Ben-Tal
2011 Abstracts Theses Three Algorithms for Large-Scale Constrained Optimization@Problems with Applications
 98 Rozenfeld Olga Carmel Domshlak2011 Abstracts Theses Mediators and Recommenders
 99 Lisak Alon Miriam Erez2011 Abstracts Theses Global Leadership Behaviors and Followers' Openness to@Cultural Diversity as Antecedents of Multi-@Cultural Team Identity and Effectiveness
 100 Rapaport Carmit Alan Kirschenbaum2011 Abstracts Theses Business Continuity as an Adaptive Social Process:@Organizing for Organizational Survival
 101 Levit Anna Dmitry Ioffe2011 Abstracts Theses Stochastic Geometric Methods in Statistical Mechanics
 102 Ben Oz Chanan Avi Fiegenbaum (Deceased)

Henrich Greve
2010 Abstracts Theses The Learning Board of Directors: Its Strategic Involvement@and knowledge Management in Dynamic Environments
 103 Katz Michael Carmel Domshlak2010 Abstracts Theses Implicit Abstraction Heuristics for Cost-Optimal Planning
 104 Bendavid Illana Boaz Golany2010 Abstracts Theses Setting Release Gates for Activities in Projects with@Stochastic Activity Durations
 105 Hochman Guy Eldad Yechiam2010 Abstracts Theses The Role of Losses in Decision Making Processes: The@Interplay between Physiological and Behavioral@Measures
 106 Dolgin Andrey Reuven-Yacov Rubinstein (Deceased)

Leonid Mytnik
2010 Abstracts Theses Randomized Algorithms with Splitting
 107 Marmor Yariv Avishai Mandelbaum2010 Abstracts Theses Emergency-Departments Simulation in Support of Service-@Engineering: Staffing, Design and Real-Time@Tracking
 108 Yom-Tov Galit Avishai Mandelbaum2010 Abstracts Theses Queues in Hospitals: Stochastic Networks with ReEntering@Customers in the QED Regime (QED - Quality and@Efficiency Driven)
 109 Arbel Iris Miriam Erez2010 Abstracts Theses Mechanisms of Team Learning to Enhance Team Innovation in@Product Development Teams
 110 Sivan Tali Avi Fiegenbaum (Deceased)

Miriam Erez

Uzi De Haan
2010 Abstracts Theses The Fundamental Role of Absorptive Capacity in the@Opportunity Exploitation Stage
 111 Burman Janna Shay Kutten2010 Abstracts Theses Overcoming the Effect of Asynchrony in Distributed@Algorithms
 112 Morag Ido Ido Erev

Daniel Gopher
2010 Abstracts Theses A Novel Reporting System for the Improvement of Human@Factors and Safety in Hospital Wards
 113 Sharon Amira Dov Dori

Moshe Shpitalni
2010 Abstracts Theses A Uniffied Product and Project Lifecycle Model for@Systems Engineering
 114 Koritzky Gilly Eldad Yechiam2010 Abstracts Theses On the Potential of Decision Tasks for Predicting Exertion@of Self-Control in Adult Samples
 115 Khudyakov Polyna Paul Feigin

Malka Gorfine-Orgad
2010 Abstracts Theses Statistical Analyses of Call Center Data
 116 Spillinger Avishag Daniel Gopher2009 Abstracts Theses Assessing the Relationship between Medical Information Web@Sites Usage and the Work Practices of Family@Physicians
 117 Eklin Mark Avraham Shtub

Yohanan Arzi
2009 Abstracts Theses Cost Estimation in a Finite-Capacity Stochastic@Environment
 118 Einav Yael Daniel Gopher

Yoel Donchin
2009 Abstracts Theses Pre-Operative Team Briefing as a Tool for Enhancing Team@Performance and Patient Safety
 119 Roitman Haggai Avigdor Gal2009 Abstracts Theses Profile-Based Online Data Delivery: Model and Algorithms
 120 Golan Maya Peter Bamberger2009 Abstracts Theses The Choreography of Organizational Helping: The Dynamics@and Consequences of Co-Worker Helping Interactions@over Time
 121 Pavlodskey Julia Eldad Yechiam2009 Abstracts Theses On the Connection between Decisions Making based on@Descriptions and Decisions Making based on@Experience
 122 Davidovitch Lior Avraham Shtub2009 Abstracts Theses Simulation-Based Learning: Design, Methodology and@Implementation
 123 Berstein Yael Shmuel Onn2009 Abstracts Theses Nonlinear Combinatorial Optimization
 124 Teitler Regev Sharon Benjamin Bental2009 Abstracts Theses Risks and Their Impact on Tourism
 125 Shamir Shiri Mordechai Shechter2009 Abstracts Theses Setting Biodiversity Conservation Priorities: An Ecological-@Economic Analysis
 126 Munichor Nira Anat Rafaeli2008 Abstracts Theses Customer Reactions to Telephone Waiting:@The Effects of Sense of Progress, Sense of@Control and Proximity to Service
 127 Toch Eran Dov Dori

Iris Reinhartz-Berge
2008 Abstracts Theses Approximate Service Retrieval
 128 Nahum-Shani Inbal Peter Bamberger2008 Abstracts Theses Explaining the Variable Effects of Social Support on Work-@Based Stressor-Strain Relations: The Role of@Perceived Imbalance in Support Exchange
 129 Wasserkrug Segev Opher Etzion

Avigdor Gal
2008 Abstracts Theses A Language and Execution Model for the Inference of@Uncertain Events in Active Systems
 130 Cohen Shalom Dov Dori

Uzi De Haan
2008 Abstracts Theses A Multi-Tier System Development Life Cycle Model for Off-@the-Shelf Software with Market and@Organizational Effects
 131 Ashlagi Itai Dov Monderer

Moshe Tennenholtz
2008 Abstracts Theses Pre-Bayesian Games
 132 Gat Yochai Reuven-Yacov Rubinstein (Deceased)

Leonid Mytnik
2008 Abstracts Theses Entropy Based Estimation of Distribution Algorithms for@Combinatorial Optimization, Counting and Policy@Search
 133 Ert Eyal Eldad Yechiam

Ido Erev
2008 Abstracts Theses Do People Exhibit Loss Aversion in Decision under@Risk and Uncertainty?
 134 Vadlamani Sreekar Leonid Mytnik2008 Abstracts Theses On the Diffusion of Shape
 135 Palatnik Ruslana Mordechai Shechter2008 Abstracts Theses Analysis of the Impact of Economic Incentives to Control@Greenhouse Gas Emissions within the Framework of a@Computable General Equilibrium Model of@the Israeli Economy
 136 Goshen Tzipora Alan Kirschenbaum

Micha Popper
2008 Abstracts Theses Transformational Leadership: Empowerment, Ethics,@Commitment and Performance@Case Study in Youth Village
 137 Soffer Avraham Dov Dori2008 Abstracts Theses Bridging Information Gaps in Object-Process@Methodology-Based System Development
 138 Beimel Dizza Dov Dori

Mor Peleg

2008 Abstracts Theses Situation-Based Access Control: Privacy Management via@Modeling of Scenarios of Access to Patient Data
 139 Gavish Nirit Daniel Gopher

David Sinreich (Deceased)
2008 Abstracts Theses The Influence of Descriptive Information and Experience@on Trust in Decision Support Systems
 140 Boldo Irith Opher Etzion

Yuval Shahar
2008 Abstracts Theses Knowledge-Based Recognition of Clinical-Guideline@Application in Time-Oriented Medical Records
 141 Vashdi Dana Peter Bamberger

Miriam Erez
2007 Abstracts Theses Team Reflexivity in the Operating Room: Theory, Intervention@and Outcomes
 142 Abramov Arthur Benjamin Bental2007 Abstracts Theses The Printing Press and its Implications
 143 Miron-Spektor Ella Miriam Erez

Eitan Naveh
2007 Abstracts Theses A Multilevel Perspective on Innovation: The Personal@Characteristics, Team Composition and@Organizational Culture that Lead to Idea@Generation and Implementation
 144 Shokef Efrat Miriam Erez

Uzi De Haan
2007 Abstracts Theses Global Work Culture: Developing a New Measure of@Organizational Culture of Multinational@Organizations
 145 Goshen Liran Ilan Shimshoni2007 Abstracts Theses Accurate and Robust Epipolar Geometry Estimation
 146 Polukarov Mariya Michal Penn

Moshe Tennenholtz
2007 Abstracts Theses Congestion Games with Resource Failures
 147 Tenne-Gazit Orly Dov Zohar2007 Abstracts Theses Transformational Leadership, Managerial Consistency and@Group Interaction as Climate Antecedents: A Social@Network Analysis
 148 Livne Yael Dov Zohar2007 Abstracts Theses Leadership and Safety Climate in Healthcare@Organizations: A Conceptual Framework for@Predicting and Measuring Patient Safety@Climate among Hospital Nurses
 149 Shaikhet Gennady Rami Atar

Avishai Mandelbaum
2007 Abstracts Theses Control of Many Server Queueing Systems in Heavy Traffic
 150 Rashkovits Rami Avigdor Gal2007 Abstracts Theses Preference-Based Content Management in Wide Area Networks
 151 Rashkovits Sarit Miriam Erez2007 Abstracts Theses The Effect of Decentralization on Medical Quality Measures@and Proactive Processes of Initiating Change@Leadership style and Team Learning in@the Clinic
 152 Eilat Harel Boaz Golany

Avraham Shtub
2007 Abstracts Theses Evaluation, Selection and Control of Projects in@a Multi-Project R&D Environment
 153 Boni Odellia Aharon Ben-Tal2007 Abstracts Theses Robust Solutions of Conic Quadratic Problems
 154 Elnekave Moran Issachar Gilad2007 Abstracts Theses Computerized Assembly Cell Design@Comprising Manual Processes
 155 Biron-Ben-Gera Michal Peter Bamberger2007 Abstracts Theses Social-Structural Empowerment: Dimensionality and Effects@on Individual Wellbeing and Performance in a@Service Context
 156 Altman Alon Moshe Tennenholtz2007 Abstracts Theses The Axiomatic Approach to Ranking Systems
 157 Gayer Amit Benyamin Shitovitz

Abraham Subotnik
2006 Abstracts  Oligopoly, Endogenous Monopolist and Product Quality
 158 Golani Mati Avigdor Gal2006 Abstracts  Dynamic Mechanism of Business Process Modeling in Workflows
 159 Shnits Boris David Sinreich (Deceased)

Jacob Rubinovitz (Deceased)
2006 Abstracts  Dynamic Scheduling and Control of Flexible Manufacturing@Systems
 160 Kohavi Yitzhak Kim Moshe

Benjamin Bental
2006 Abstracts  Quality and Reputation in Dynamic Oligopoly: An Empirical@Study of US Automobile Industry
 161 Naseraldin Hussein Yale Herer2006 Abstracts  Supply Chain Design on a Line with Lateral Transshipments
 162 Hupert-Graff Gil Daniel Gopher

Hava Sigelmann
2005 Abstracts  Comparative Study of Learning Processes in Human and in@Neural Networks
 163 Zeltyn Sergey Avishai Mandelbaum2005 Abstracts  Call Centers with Impatient Customers: Exact Analysis and@Many-server Asymptotics of the M/M/n+G Queue
 164 Kahana Allon Daniel Gopher2005 Abstracts  Work Load Measurement as an Indicator of Team Interaction@Style during Complex Task Execution
 165 Balaila Isaac )Yizhaq( Issachar Gilad2004 Abstracts  A Dynamic Model for Determining Manpower Standards in@Service Jobs
 166 Cohen Izack Avraham Shtub

Boaz Golany
2004 Abstracts  Management of Multi-Project Systems in Stochastic@Environments
 167 Lev Sara Avi Fiegenbaum (Deceased)2004 Abstracts  Managing Strategic Networks in the Digital Era: Theoretical@Development and an Empirical Examination@of Israeli Hi-Tech Copmpanies
 168 Raviv Tal Michal Penn

Shmuel Onn
2004 Abstracts  Fluid Approximation and other Methods for Hard Combinatorial@Optimization Problems
 169 Luria Gil Dov Zohar2004 Abstracts  A Multi-Level Safety Climate Measurement and the Moderating@Variables between Levels
 170 Molcho Gila Reuven Karni2004 Abstracts  Dynamic Business Process Modeling of Knowledge Processes
 171 Sturm Arnon Dov Dori

Onn Shehory
2004 Abstracts  Developing and Evaluating an Object-Process@Methodology-Based Multi-Agent Systems Framework
 172 Raz Ornit Albert Goldberg2004 Abstracts  "Cognitive Knowledge Identity" (CKI): The Impact of@Cognitive Perspectives on Information Technology@Performance
 173 Kfir Dahav Noa Moshe Tennenholtz

Dov Monderer
2004 Abstracts  Mechanism Design for Resource-Bounded Agents
 174 Kaner Maya Reuven Karni2004 Abstracts  Project Knowledge Management Using Hierarchical Case@Retrieval Networks
 175 Adi Asaf Opher Etzion2004 Abstracts  A Language and an Execution Model for the Detection of@Reactive Situations
 176 Yechiam Eldad Daniel Gopher2003 Abstracts  A Strategy Based Model to the Interpretation of Visual@Dominance in Perceptual-Motor Tasks
 177 Reinhartz-Berger Iris Dov Dori

Shmuel Katz
2003 Abstracts  Developing Web Applications with Object-Oriented@Approaches and Object-Process Methodology
 178 Gilat Dagan Dov Dori

Moshe Pollatschek (Deceased)
2003 Abstracts  A Framework for Simulation of Discrete Events Systems Based@on the Object-Process Methodology
 179 Baram Ilanit Alan Kirschenbaum2003 Abstracts  The Influence of Occupational Collective on Job Search and@Job Attainment Behavior
 180 Kimmel Michal Peter Bamberger2003 Abstracts  Attachment Patterns and Social Support Processes in@Work-Teams
 181 Barron Greg Ido Erev2003 Abstracts  On the Effect of Repeated Experience on Judgment and@Decision Making
 182 Vilnai-Yavetz Iris Anat Rafaeli2002 Abstracts  Relating the Physical Environment to the Interaction Script@of Customers and Service Providers
 183 Koresh Yael Alan Kirschenbaum2002 Abstracts  Non-Profit Organizations: Measuring Structure and Process@toward Success
 184 Soffer Pnina Boaz Golany

Dov Dori
2002 Abstracts  A Methodology for Adapting an ERP System to the Needs of@an Enterprise
 185 Rabinovitz Miriam Reuven Karni2002 Abstracts  Dynamic Business Process Modeling of High-Tech Startup@Enterprises
 186 Admati-Dvir Michal Peter Bamberger2002 Abstracts  The Reputation of Nonprofit Professional Service@Organizations: A Multi Level Analysis of Israeli@Hospitals
 187 Hadar Eitan Aharon Ben-Tal2002 Abstracts  Optimal Locally Adjustable Filtering of PET Images by a@Genetic Algorithm
 188 Marbach(Wolf) Naama Ayala Cohen (Deceased)

Barak Libai
2002 Abstracts  A Modeling Framework for the Allocation of the Promotional@Budget between Existing Customers and New Ones
 189 Armoni-Shimoni Lilach Daniel Gopher2002
 Generality of Control Processes in Task Switching
 190 Tzafrir Shay Gedaliahu Harel (Deceased)2002 Abstracts  Human Resource Management and Trust in the Organizational@Context
 191 Cohan Gilat Albert Goldberg

Avi Fiegenbaum (Deceased)
 Strategy of Reputation Building as a Key for Success@of Young Companies - Theoretical Aspects@and Empirical Aanalysis@in the Software Field
 192 Unger-Aviram Ronit-Esther Miriam Erez2001
 The Learning Team
 193 Hon-Snir Shlomit Dov Monderer2001 Abstracts  Utility Equivalence in Auctions
 194 Ben Hur Asa Hava Sigelmann2001 Abstracts  Computation: A Dynamical Systems Approach
 195 Gilat-Ichia Sharon Ido Erev2000
 On Betting and Disagreement: An Experimental Study on@Learning and Backwards Induction
 196 Margalit Tammar Arkadi Nemirovski

Aharon Ben-Tal
 Convex Optimization Methods in Tomography
 197 Brainin Esther Miriam Erez

Ayala Cohen (Deceased)
 Technology and Culture: Facilitating and Inhibiting Factors@In the Assimilation of New Technologies in@Military Combat Units
 198 Botzer David Opher Etzion2000
 Optimization of Coupling Modes Among Rules'@Components in Active Databases
 199 Gutman Eyal Uri Ben-Zion2000
 The Housing Market in Israel - Economic and Financial@Aspects
 200 Shmueli Galit Ayala Cohen (Deceased)

Paul Feigin
 Run Related Probability Functions and Their Application@To Industrial Statistics
 201 Kariv Daphna Alan Kirschenbaum1999
 Spatial Boundaries of Labor Markets' Perceptions:@An Empirical Assessment
 202 Peleg Mor Dov Dori1999
 Modeling System Dynamics through the@Object-Process Methodology
 203 Volokh Svetlana Ido Erev

Doron Sonsino
 Cognitive Game Theoretic Analysis of Decision Making@In Auctions
 204 Liber Dmitry Reuven-Yacov Rubinstein (Deceased)

Arkadi Nemirovski
 Rare-Event Estimation via Cross-Entropy and@Importance Sampling
 205 Plotnik Alexandra Ezekiel Dar-El (Deceased)1999
 Computerized Assembly Process Planning
 206 Masin Michael Ezekiel Dar-El (Deceased)1998
 Performance Analysis and Design of Self Regulating@Productuin Control Systems
 207 Snir Raphael Rafi Dov Zohar1998
 Workaholism: Description, Definition, Measurement@And Validation
 208 Haramati Hadas Daniel Gopher1998
 The Effect of Differences in Attention on Performance of@A Complex Task by Individuals and Teams
 209 Barkan Rachel Dov Zohar1998
 Learning Processes in Signal Detection Tasks with@Probabilistic Penalty: a Model for Safety Behavior
 210 Weiss-Cohen Miri Dov Dori1998
 Graph-Theoretic 3D Object Reconstruction@From 2D Engineering Drawings
 211 Reisin-Fournier Fabiana Reuven Karni1998
 Scheduling with Learning Capabilities
 212 Barnett Ofra Ayala Cohen (Deceased)1998
 Exploratory Analysis and Diagnostics for Fitting Parametric@Models to Lifetime Data
 213 Liu Wenyin Dov Dori1998
 Algorithms for 2D Engineering Drawings Recognition:@Implementation and Evaluation
 214 Itkin-Webman Tali Daniel Gopher1998
 Information and Utility as Determinants of Dynamic Decisions
 215 Tsibulevsky Michael Arkadi Nemirovski1997
 Penalty/Barrier Multiplier Methods for Large-Scale@Nonlinear and Semidefinite Programming
 216 Bereby-Meyer Yoella Ido Erev1997
 On the Relative Value of Reinforcements: The Effect of@Pay-off Framing on Learning in Binary Choice Tasks
 217 Shachor Tal Benjamin Eden1997
 Inflation and Market Power in Israeli@Agricultural Industries
 218 Drach-Zahavy Anat Miriam Erez1997
 Difficult Goals: A Challenge or a Threat? The Effects of@Situational Conditions: Goal Setting and Stress,@and Personal Disposition - Hope on@Cognitive Appraisal Processes
 219 Alon-Domb Menachem Dov Dori1997
 A Generic Framework for Definition and Implementation@Of Cooperative Information Systems
 220 Goldenshluger Alexander Arkadi Nemirovski1996
 Nonparametric Estimation in Linear Dynamic Uncertain Systems
 221 Steiner-Lavi Orna Albert Goldberg1996
 Organizational Marketing Strategy in High-Tech Organizations
 222 Bar-Nahor Ronen Chanoch Jacobsen (Deceased)1996
 Introduction of a Computerized Information System as@A Planned Organizational Change
 223 Mytnik Leonid Haya Kaspi

Robert Adler
 Superprocesses in Random Environments and Related Topics@--
 224 Asscher Jacqueline Paul Feigin1996
 Design and Analysis of Robust Design Experiments@With Two Components of Variance
 225 Sela Aner Dov Monderer

 Learning Processes in Games
 226 Rosen Ori Ayala Cohen (Deceased)1996
 Computer Intensive Methods for Inference on a Functional@Relationship between a Dependent and an@Explanatory Variable
 227 Gal Avigdor Opher Etzion

Dov Dori
 TALE - a Temporal Active Language and Execution Model
 228 Greenshpan Yaakov Daniel Gopher1995
 The Effects of Mental Workload on Behavior@Choice and Efficiency
 229 Blum Yosef Uriel Rothblum (Deceased)1995
 On the Stable Marriage Problem
 230 Even Samuel Abraham Subotnik

 The Dynamics of Economic Resource Allocation@In Jordan, Syria and Egypt
 231 Schweitzer Eithan Arkadi Nemirovski

Mordecai Avriel (Deceased)
 Multi-Stage Mathematical Programming under Uncertainty
 232 Negrin-Mano Rikoula Alan Kirschenbaum1995
 A Comprehensive Turnover Decision Making Model of Labor@Force Dynamics: a Macro-Micro Perspective Analysis
 233 Sagy Shosh Chanoch Jacobsen (Deceased)

Gideon Weiss
 A Genetic Algorithm for Selecting the Optimal Combination@Of Initial Values, and Its Use for Testing@Models of Sociological Theories
 234 Bukchin Yosef Jacob Rubinovitz (Deceased)

Ezekiel Dar-El (Deceased)
 Group Oriented Hierarchical Design of Mixed@Model Assembly Systems
 235 Mayersdorf Doron Ezekiel Dar-El (Deceased)

 Research and Development Quality and Productivity :@Measurement and Improvement Process
 236 Patz Genadi Avishai Mandelbaum1995
 State-Dependent Queueing Networks:@Approximations and Applications
 237 Gadrich Tamar Robert Adler1994
 Parameter Estimation for Arma Processes with Symmetric@Stable Innovations
 238 Badihi Yehuda Daniel Gopher1994
 The Formal Structure of Thinking and Its Implications@To Communication and Performance Errors
 239 Yuzefovich Yzabella Aharon Ben-Tal1994
 Modified Barrier Methods for Minmax Programs
 240 Roth Gil Aharon Ben-Tal1994
 A Truncated Log Barrier Algorithm for Large Scale@Convex Programming and Minmax Problems
 241 Somech Anit Miriam Erez1994
 The Social Loafing Phenomenon Compared to Extra Role@Behavior (Pro-Social Behavior) as a Function@Of Culture and Goal Setting
 242 Barzily Orly Daniel Gopher1994
 The Effect of Knowledge on Compensatory Behavior@During Malfunction Conditions
 243 Bayer Nimrod ?1994
 Closed Queueing Networks with Branching Populations
 244 Abigadol Noemi Paul Feigin1993
 Fore Casting Demands of Public Utilities
 245 Hofshtater Hila Bilha Mannheim1993
 The Relation Oh P Between Organigational and Lndividnal
 246 Eiger Gideon Aharon Ben-Tal

Uri Shamir
 Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks
 247 Sachish Arie Ya'akov Roll (Deceased)1992
 Progvctivity Functions in Israel's Sea Ports
 248 Doveh Ettie Paul Feigin1992
 Testing for Monotonicitiy in Regression
 249 Sharabany Shoshana Benjamin Bental1992
 Optimal Search for Investment Opportunities and Growth
 250 Budescu Gila Bilha Mannheim

Miriam Erez
 A Cult -Ecol Anal of Service & Quality Cont in Orgs
 251 Baruch Yehuda (Deceased)1991
 Career Planning and Managing in High Technology Organiizatio
 252 Rom Meir Ayala Cohen (Deceased)1991
 Polychotomous Logistic Regression An Alternative Fffifien
 253 Arzi Yohanan Ya'akov Roll (Deceased)

Reuven Karni
 Scheduling Regimes in a Flexible Manufacturing Cell Within
 254 Rosenblatt Zehava Bilha Mannheim1991
 Cutback Strategies and Organisational Proceses in
 255 Rousso Esther Yeshayahu Rim (Deceased)1990
 Family Constellation Parenting Style and Personality Variab
 256 First Zvi Ury Passy1990
 Projectively Convex Functions
 257 Kopelman Chaim Chanoch Jacobsen (Deceased)1990
 Budget Excesses by Local Authorities in Israel

257 abstract theses title found in the Department Industrial Engineering and Management
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